Bugs, Pope, Bin Laden

by H. Millard © 2006

"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, "Pope Benedict XVI recently indicated that, in his opinion, Christianity has it over Islam partly as a result of Christianity being more flexible because the Bible is capable of being 'adapted and applied to new situations,' while the Koran, which Muslims believe contains the literal words of God, isn't so easily adapted.

"Did you get that? The pope thinks this adaptability to suit ever changing human tastes and fashions is a plus for Christianity. Good grief! Put that way, Christianity is less about God and more about humans. Now, in fact, religions are about ultimate concerns and they don't require a god or gods, but did I miss something here? You know I'm not a Christian, man, and that I follow Arman's teachings, but doesn't Christianity believe in a God? Isn't God supposed to be the big guy in charge? Didn't God give some rules so humans would do what God wants and not what humans necessarily want?

"How flexible is Christianity, man? Geez, you just have to pick up the daily newspaper for examples. Homosexuality was once a sin in Christianity. Now, homosexuals can be married in many Christian churches. Maybe bestiality will be accepted next. Hey, if enough people want something, the Bible can be interpreted to allow it because, again, it can be "adapted and applied to new situations.

"Now, why do you think homosexuality would be outlawed by God, man? I'll tell you why. I figure that God, for His own reasons, and it has to do with the spinning and evolution and other things I told you about, wants life to multiply. And, homosexuality doesn't cut it man. It satisfies the mating urge, but bears no fruit. No life is given to so-called lifeless minerals.

"I'll say it again, man. The most important part of all living things, including humans, is our genetic material. That's where the spark is. That's where you'll find the Essence. We are our genes and our genes are us. Everything else is secondary and should serve the purpose of preserving, protecting, and propagating our genetic material. Cynics may say that life is no more than dirt in another form, man, but even if that's true, we're still self-replicating dirt and we can think about what we are, and that's cool. Homosexuality doesn't lead to propagation of our genetic material. It's a dead end. It logically leads to fewer humans. It makes no more of us. That's why the Big Guy has banned it.

"Christianity has become a yuppie consensus religion. Whatever is wanted by the majority of tiny humans clustered under the Bell Curve while being manipulated by those who control the mechanisms of conditioning--the government and the media--is okay with the new Christian God.

"Anyway, man, I also wanted to give you my thoughts on this controversy about cartoons of Mohammad that first showed up in a newspaper in Denmark and then spread to other European nations. Those who don't know anything about Islam might be excused if they think the outrage of the Muslims is primarily caused because the cartoons ridicule Mohammad. In fact, the controversy is more basic than that. Mohammad could have been pictured as looking like Mel Gibson and he could have been seen protecting little children and small animals, and Muslims would have still been outraged. You know why? Because it is a major taboo in Islam to ever show the face of Mohammad. Muslims believe that doing so is a step on the path to the development of a personality cult around Mohammad and takes the focus off God.

"But here's what really got me about this whole thing, man. Some of the Europeans are screaming about free speech rights. French and German newspapers also published the offending cartoons and the German newspaper Die Welt even ran a smarmy editorial defending the cartoons by saying 'The protests from Muslims would be taken more seriously if they were less hypocritical.'

"Actually, the elites in France and Germany are the ones who are hypocritical. Do you suppose the French and German newspapers--Die Welt, for example--would run cartoons with caricatures of Jews and the Holocaust? Of course not. They won't touch the subject. It's off limits, but screwing with Muslims about something that's very important to them is not off limits. Man, someone should check on the religion of the publishers and editors of these European newspapers. In 'free-speech' Germany, you can't even read certain books or raise your arm a certain way, and now some Germans are saying it's okay to publish these smears of Islam because of free speech rights. Hypocrites. I'm for real free speech, man, but I'm not for free speech when it is not even-handed.

"The unhypocritical French and Germans and even those unhypocritical English are too busy persecuting intellectuals and non-Jewish whites with some white consciousness who are asking questions about the Holocaust and about the nature of man and who are rejecting the blending mentality of this Dark Age.

"Because the current orthodoxy in our world is all screwed up with values being turned upside down and with people believing the stupidest things, we live in a Dark Age. We're in an age of ignorance, man. We're in a time when material things are valued over what really matters and where lies are said to be the truth. We're in an age when genes are said to not be important and where transient things are said to be important.

"What do I mean? I'll tell you. The Europeans are pissed off at Muslims for invading their lands, but they fail to see that the real long term problem isn't so much the religion of Islam, but the genes of the invaders. That's where their extinction really lies. Now, beliefs are important but they are secondary to genes. Would the Europeans be happy if all the non-European Muslims converted to Christianity but then bred the European genotype away? They probably would be, because they're so blinded to reality. And, as they head toward extinction, few would even understand that without their genes going on into the future, their faith or belief systems moving forward are meaningless in the bigger picture of existence.

See, the European Whites have so identified with alien Christianity that they think they and Christianity are one, when they're really not. Because they believe this, some of them want to have the Muslims all assimilate into their populations. It's false thinking man. We see that in America also. It's a total rejection of genes, which are what is really important. and a false belief that even if someone is genetically not like you, so long as they have your language, your religion, your whatever, they're just like you. Big mistake, man. The truth of nature is that no one is just like you unless their genes are very much like your genes.

The real way for Europeans to stop their own genocide--and when you strip all of this back to its core, that's what this is really about--is for them to increase their own birth rates by all means possible and to stop accepting non-Europeans into their midst. Where the hell is it written that every single foot of earth has to have people of every single race? Screw this multi-cultural and multi-racial nonsense, man. It's time to retribalize. It's time for the White Tribe to start expanding again.

"It's friggin' madness, the way things are going, man. What idiot thinks he's done the right things in life if his philosophies or religion or nation go forward but his genes do not? It's insane. 'Oh, I'm so happy. When I die, America, will still be here.' Why would that make someone happy if America has none of his genes, man? It's absurd. Nothing, and I mean nothing, goes forward from us if our genes don't survive.

"Live long and multiply right, man. If you want to send prayers to God, have kids. Many, many, many, kids. And then, have some more."

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