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"You want to know what the greatest and highest form of worship is?" asked Homeless Jack. "It's having as many babies as we can who are our kind. I mean we should be popping out so many babies that they cover our floors and are like monkeys swinging from our rafters. If you're us, you can't have too many children.

Lately, Jack seemed to be getting more into the religious teachings passed on to him by Arman, and I could see a change in him. He's more sure of himself and less tentative about what he believes. Maybe it was just a matter of being "enabled" to believe by Arman's teachings that did the trick.

Jack went on "We don't own our genes, man. God owns them. He's sort of leasing them to us. We are just the caretakers, the protectors and the propagators of them. It's like God says, 'I'm letting you use these genes that I own. I'm giving them to you the way a human might give another human a hundred bucks with an order to go out and see what that hundred bucks can be turned into. Some will squander their time and the money and lose it all. Some will just keep it as it was given to them. The best among you will turn that hundred bucks into a billion bucks. No matter what you do with what I've given you, there will be an accounting.'

"See, we must be good stewards of our genes by multiplying them as much as physically possible. That's why God told Arman that men can have many wives. Each one of us is in a competition with everything else that is alive to see whose genes will dominate. The only way to be the dominant type is through having vast numbers of your type that outnumber all other types. Now, don't get me wrong, man, this doesn't mean that we're not supposed to cooperate with our kind, in fact, Arman says that we are to re-tribalize, but as one big white tribe.

"Listen, you and I look somewhat alike--we're the same race. We have the same skin color, the same general bone structure, similar shaped and color eyes, similar hair and on and on, but there are differences. No one would think that you are me and that I'm you. These differences between us are genetic. The genes that make me look like me and the genes that make you look like you "want" to make more of themselves. To do this, they need to have us mate with women who are as close to looking like us as possible. That's the only way we're going to have children who look like us. And, the closer our children look like us on the outside, the more they'll be like us on the inside. And, the more children we have who are close to us, the greater is our immortality and the number of our genes in the gene pool.

No matter what else any of us does in life, if we have not multiplied our genes when we could have, then we have failed and we are dead ends. This means that we have not obeyed the higher laws.

And, what about these higher laws? I'll tell you where you can look them up. They are written throughout nature. By nature, I don't just mean in some woods or fields some place, but in all of existence. Most of them are right in front of you if you have the eyes to see them and the consciousness to understand what you're seeing. One of the things we should do in life is to try to discover these higher laws and make sure we truly understand which laws we discover are major laws that we should not break and which are minor laws that depend more on certain situations. Yeah, it's like God has written felonies, misdemeanors, infractions and rules into everything. There is an order. It is a natural order. We also have to be careful not to get into the old trap of saying things such as "If God wanted us to fly, He would have given us wings." Actually, He did want us to fly. He gave us brains to figure out how to fly. Because not everyone has the consciousness to see and understand God's laws in nature, God has revealed these laws in words and that's what's in Arman's teachings. They explain the difficult to understand things and make them plain.

"Arrogant humans have come along and made artificial laws that run counter to God's laws. Take having babies, for example. When should we start having babies? Human laws put a calendar age on this. In many countries, the human laws say that 18 is the age when you can start having babies. This contradicts the higher law which is written in our bodies. God wants us to have babies as soon as we can. He has set the right age within us. It's in our genes and in our Essence. The age at which we can physically have babies is the right age under God's laws. If we break God's important laws, we eventually pay the price. That's what we're seeing now with our dropping birthrates and our march toward extinction.

"Hey," said Jack in that tone of voice indicating that he was changing subjects, "did you read that stuff recently about some scientists saying they've discovered a God gene or a religious gene, by which they mean a gene that predisposes some people, maybe most people, to have religious feelings? Well, that's what Arman has been saying for years.

" I don't remember putting it directly in terms of a religious gene, but he mostly uses the term Essence, which he says is genes, and spirit and soul and much more and that it is our Essence that connects us with God. Her also says that our Essence is impure and must be made pure. Many of the things he teaches are about purifying the Essence so we can know God. Now, personally, I'll use the term God sometimes, but I often think of God more as nature or all of existence, and I think that God can manifest Himself in people and things in order to communicate with us and that we can communicate back by having the proper symbols and doing the proper things. Sometimes, Arman speaks about God as though God were sending out something like radio waves and that only by having the right receiver--our Essence--can we pick up these God waves.

"Some of our people think all religion is superstition. I think they're too smart by half. I think that we need to believe in the right things in order to get our juices flowing. Even, if our logical minds don't believe, we must put aside that type of logic and just accept what Arman says as true. Religion is not logical.

"We have to open our minds and let things flow in or we'll never understand. Having this simple belief in a God does that. In other words, Arman believes that the human psychology that we are born with needs to be used in the proper way, even if it has to be fooled into believing something that our conscious minds don't believe. It's a little like method acting, I guess. A famous example of this is how a method actor might be able to find the emotional memory to convey being shot when he has never actually been shot. What the actor does is remember back to a time when he may have stepped into a very cold shower. By thinking of this, he can recreate how his body reacted which is very much like when a person is shot. In other words, if we are skeptical and don't really believe, we need to fool ourselves into believing to get our physical bodies doing the right things and when our physical bodies do this, it causes our subconscious to release certain hormones. It's a little like hypnotizing ourselves into believing in order to open our minds. Why must we do this? Because our bodies work certain ways, and we need to push certain buttons and pull certain switches in our subconscious to get the right things flowing.

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