by H. Millard © 2007

"Look man," said Homeless Jack, "all this crap about that radio guy Imus is stupid. Most people miss the whole damn point of what's really going on here.  This isn't about some grumpy white guy on the radio saying something un-PC. It's about the death throes of a genetic civilization.  

"Christ, can't you see that when a people begins contracting instead of expanding it creates a vacuum that others rush into?  Streets and schools get their names changed from dead white guys to dead non-white guys, and whites are sent to the back of the bus. Whites start electing aracial boobs to important offices and these boobs bring in millions of non-whites to further dilute the gene pool and destroy whites.
"It's a gene tsunami that got Imus, man--a friggin' non-white gene flow came rushin' down them there gray canyons of New York like a flood and washed him away.  And, what's the sap do?  He whines and apologizes all over the place to just about any black he can find. 
'It was like that stuff with Trent Lott or Jimmy the Greek and who knows who else, man.  The non-whites know they have whites on the run. They smell blood in the water.  They smell fear.  And, they're lining up to kick any and every white they can find. Are whites fightin' back. No sir. They're like a bunch of masochists. They're lining up and asking to be kicked. 'Me next, me next.'
"And, you want to know somethin' man? It ain't really the non-whites who are to blame.  This is nature.  This is part of the big struggle.  This is part of the spinning, man.  Whites have no one to blame but themselves.  We've become an effete race of empty husks.  We're out doing the yuppie thing instead of reproducing. As a people we're full of death instead of life.
"So, when you see guys like Imus get bitch slapped and you hear the white mumbling class talk about this as though they're at a friggin' little tea party in the English countryside and they've got their little pinkies up in the air all dainty like, ask yourself if this sissy group looks like the people who conquered the whole damn planet in the past.  Ask yourself what went wrong.  Ask yourself where life went.   
"You can't be on top as a people unless you got a whole bunch of people just like you reproducing all over the place and making more little white ones who will grow up to be big white ones. You got to multiply your genes, man.  There ain't no other way. If you don't do that, the gene flow is going to get you, man.  We're in the gene wars and most of our people don't even know it.  We're on a garbage planet, man, and we should be maggots, not friggin' prissy butterflies.
"And, when Imus apologizes, you know what he's really sayin' even if he doesn't know it?  I'll tell you. He's sayin' 'I'm sorry I'm white in a world where we whites are now contracting and are on the road to extinction. I'm sorry I'm alive. What I said should have been no big deal and it wouldn't have been except we whites are now so much like whipped curs that we must start at every friggin' shadow and we must walk on eggs lest we be our selves and offend some non-white group that knows we're down and just beggin' to be kicked some more. What I said was an  off the cuff stupid joke. Yeah, it was rude. But that's all it was. Big deal. My shtick is to be rude. Hey, I got a ranch and I got a whole bunch of non-white kids there that I'm showing how aracial a white guy I am. And, truth be told, I'm afraid to be myself and be really white. Hell, I was thinkin' the bros were gonna git jiggy wif me if'n I ebonized things I said.  Hell, like most beaten down white people today, I don't really know I'm white--I mean I can see it in the mirror, but I figure that ain't nothin', so you can imagine my surprise that the bros do know I'm white and got pissed off 'cause I called them chicks stuff like in the 'hood.'
"See, man, that's sort of what I think he was sayin'. Trent Lott did a similar thing.  Man, we've become a race of sissies. Whites ain't gonna hack it, man, until we have a genetic spiritual rebirth and start makin' more of ourselves and start gettin' back in touch with our true selves and nature and start taking part in the struggle and using all our natural gifts.  Too many of us are walkin' around and not being ourselves.  We have a mass inferiority complex.  We're afraid to shout out, so we whisper, and even then we apologize for it.  Too many of us have no self or group respect.  Too many of us have low self-esteem, man.  Real low. 
"Too many of us also just don't understand how to act around non-whites.  We patronize them in our attempt to show them that we're not racist.  It comes across as stiff and stupid.  We need to just be ourselves and treat others with the respect we also want and we need to stop acting like we got hot pokers up our rear ends but at the same time we gotta stop lessening who and what we are in crude attempts to be one with the bros.
"We're in a struggle for our existence, man.  It ain't about hate. It's about continuing to live as we were made.  It's waking up and liking who and what we are and not being afraid to be who and what we are no matter who doesn't like it. 

"I told you before, too many whites today are like the American Injuns a hundred years ago.  They have no pride in self or group.  They just want to die.  And, they're doing it.  See all those white couples with no kids--because it's not the right time, or because they want to find themselves, or because they don't want to curtail their life styles?  They're shallow and empty, man.  They're worth less than the dog poo on the bottom of your shoe.  They might as well have never been born. And, we have too many like that among us, man.  Way too many. 
"We've got to become vibrant and unapologetic and expanding again, man.  We've got to stop apologizing for being ourselves and for being alive.
"We'll just have to watch to see in this Imus guy slinks off and disappears or if he tries to rehabilitate himself by pandering to non-whites or if something snapped in him and he's going to decide he doesn't like being a gelding and maybe, if that's the case, he'll say something  like that guy in the movie said: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."
"Live long and multiply, man."

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