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"You may believe in God or you may not," says Homeless Jack.  "I don't care. That's your business and the existence of God can't be proven, so it's up to you to believe or not.  However, you should believe that you are the  product of your DNA and that your DNA provides the code that makes you who and what you are and it also makes you part of a group of similar people that we call a race. This is scientific, and to not believe it is to be ignorant. You are not born tabula rasa. You are born with an operating system right off the shelf, as determined by your DNA Code,  and this operating system has some plasticity so that you may download software as you go through life and seek wisdom to adapt and survive so that you may make more like yourself by breeding only with your own kind."

Those who want to blend all humans together into a Tan Everyman want to convince people that race doesn't exist.  This is Dark Age thinking.  But, you'll hear people say stupid things such as "We all bleed red blood," or "There is only one race, the human race."  As though these silly nostrums prove that race doesn't exist. The reality is that "race" is a word we use to describe real differences in humans.

Your eyes tell you that such differences exist and science also tells you the same thing. Denying the differences is not only ignorant but it denies different peoples the natural identity that they have as a result of their DNA Code that makes them different, and it  tries to dump all humans into one basket. This is part of what those who are trying to create a Tan Everyman are doing. They want you to deny your eyes and your intellect and believe there are no differences so you will mate with those who are different than you and eventually create a one size fits all human--the Tan Everyman.

Some will even say "Race is a made up word."  Well, yes. In fact, every word in every language that has ever existed or which will ever exist is a made up word. Nothing comes into existence with a label.  Humans see things and name them.  And, when they see differences, they give them different names indicating they are different. This is the proper way to do things. We must always study and define and name things if we are to be intelligent people.

We cannot simply have one general word for, say, mushrooms, and then lump all mushrooms in this general category such that we consider poison mushrooms the same as edible varieties and then say something silly such as "There is only one variety of mushroom the mushroom." We'd soon die if we took such a ham handed approach and just ate any mushrooms we could find thinking they are all the same.  The principle here also applies to humans and everything else in existence.

The intelligent way to look at existence is to study everything and notice differences and  constantly refine  definitions and give different names to properly define everything including humans. Race is a word we use to describe major differences among humans just as breed is a term we use to describe differences among dogs.  Race is a proper concept to describe different types of humans because there are different types of humans just as there are different types of mushrooms.

In truth, however, race is really not a strong enough term to describe the major "races," of humans. These major races are really sub-species.  But, whether you call them races or sub-species, what they are is a divergence of types and each is on their way to being different species incapable of bearing viable children with other species of humans--so long as there is no gene flow from other kinds.  For Whites, full separate specieshood is a desirable goal.  Just to be safe from extinction by not being able to bear non-White children is a positive, but many of us believe that full specieshood also moves us closer to the Ineffable Divine. 

Full specieshood, as we define it here, is a total biological inability to transfer non-White genes to Whites or White genes to non-Whites so that Whites can breed pure White and evolve along a purely White path to ever higher and better states--more consciousness, more intelligence, healthier bodies, longer lives, etc.  To so evolve to these higher states, one must be free of the pollution of non-White genes.

Black, Yellow, Red, Brown people are different from White people. Thus we properly point out the differences and correctly put them in a different-from-us-as-Whites category. This is scientific. This is the intelligent way of doing things.  But, the differences are more than just color. Color on humans is not like paint on identical automobiles coming off the assembly line and then almost as an afterthought some are painted this color and some this other color while under the hood and everyplace else they are identical.

Skin color on humans comes from within the DNA Code.  It is not like paint.  Skin color is essential to who and what we are in many, many ways. Whites must remain white or we are no longer who and what we are.  Changing colors in our family lines changes essential elements of the DNA Code and makes a different type of human who is not White. When the color changes, so do many other elements. The brain changes, the hair changes, the eyes change, the bone structure changes and to those of us who are religiously inclined, we believe the Essence contained in the DNA is contaminated and our contact with the Ineffable Divine is then blocked by non-White gene frequencies that interfere much like static on a radio .

How does religion enter this picture?

Religion is that which deals with values and ultimate meaning.

Some of us awakened Whites do believe there is a God but that It is far different than most religions conceive of It.  We often (but not exclusively) use "It" instead of He or She when referring to the Ineffable Divine, as it does not have human form. Some of us believe it is a mistake to  anthropomorphize God, as this lessens Its true nature and gives It fallible human qualities.  We believe It exists in the quantum level of existence--in the place where non-matter is made into matter in a constant process of creation and destruction and where everything in our everyday existence is underpinned. We also believe that It has revealed Itself to Arman in this day to help us get on the right path--the White path--and that we are selected for special things by It and among these are to help It  with Its own goals to expand always and contract never and to make everything holy and good.  We further believe that the primary way we do what It wants is by breeding pure White to the maximum that our bodies allow and to remain as separate from other kinds of humans as we can so the natural processes of evolution and natural selection can work on us to evolve us into the new prophesied species.  But, again, if you don't believe in God, no problem. Your belief in the special place of your White DNA Code in existence is fine.

The new species

The prophesied species that we are to become will look like the the way the best of us now look. And, as written before, one need only look at some of the statutes produced by our ancient White geniuses in Greece and elsewhere to see what this means. So, while we will look like the best of us, we will be stronger, smarter, healthier and more holy. We will live much longer lives and we will fill all worlds with our kind. But, our evolution will not stop.  We will continue to evolve ever closer to God at a much faster rate, spiritually and, more importantly, biologically and genetically since we will no longer be able to be contaminated by gene flow from other types of humans.

Our highest possible destiny requires that we become more White and never less White, but we must make the right decisions to make it so.



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