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by H. Millard (c) 2005
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The Great Battle for California has started. That's Governor Schwarzenegger's name for it, and it's a good one. It is only one battle in a war, but it is an important battle. Some anti-illegal immigration activists may not realize it yet, but they need to saddle up and ride to Governor Schwarzenegger's side because there is more to this great battle than meets the eye. No one should be fooled by the main plot that doesn't involve illegal immigration or think that this is just a California issue. The subplot is definitely about illegal immigration and it will be more important than the main plot in the long run and it may have effects throughout the nation.

Governor SchwarzeneggerThe first shot in this Great Battle was fired by the Governor when he took to the field this week and called for a special election on November 8. As soon as he did that, the slack jawed knuckle dragging haters and drooling bigots started crawling out from under their slimy rocks to spew their hate speech toward the governor and by association anyone else who believes that Arnold is right and that it is time for the citizens of California to step in and do the necessary things that the screwball legislature won't do.

Some of these hate filled creeps heckled the Guv at Santa Monica Community College when Arnold gave the commencement speech. You know the types. They call any white person they disagree with a racist in an attempt to bully the white person into collapsing into a mewling blubbering pile of protoplasm begging for forgiveness--usually for doing nothing more than having been born white. That's what the haters tried in Santa Monica. A gaggle of them chanted: " Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Schwarzenegger, Go Away." Ho Hum. Given the radical lefty and illegal alien enabling nature of the state college system in California this was no surprise.

My guess is that the particular chant used by the creeps was expected by many aware citizens who know that the haters don't want to argue facts and figures. They never do. They just want to call names to try to intimidate people into submission. That's their game. They want to put good people on the defensive and scare the fight out of them. No matter. The times have changed. More and more good, decent people see the haters for what they are and refuse to play by the haters' rules. Fewer and fewer people are thinking "Please do anything but don't call me a racist." The term has lost its sting as it has been misused a thousand ways from Sunday.

So, what's this Great Battle about? On the surface it's about letting the people do what the legislature won't do on a few very narrowly tailored issues. But, below the surface it's about taking back California from the evil forces that are turning it over to illegal aliens.

"The Comeback"In the November election, voters will, in essence, become the legislature for a day, and they will have the opportunity to pass bills that the regular legislature won't pass. Although there may be a longer list of initiatives that finally make it on the ballot, the three that the governor is officially behind right now are: 1. A law that would make automatic cuts in state spending if state revenues fall below projected income [Don't spend what you don't have]. This measure would also eliminate the present minimum funding for public schools [If they don't perform, don't fund them]. 2. A measure that would have legislative and congressional districts drawn by a panel of retired judges instead of politicians [Stop the politicians from drawing the lines so that they and their pals stay in office forever]. 3. A proposal to give tenure to public school teachers after five years instead of the present two years [Makes it easier to fire them if they're lousy].

Other initiatives that may appear on the ballot include ones that will ask voters whether or not minors seeking abortions need parental approval; whether or not the state should re-regulate the electricity market; whether or not to lower prescription drug prices; whether or not to force unions to get written consent from members before using dues for political purposes.

See anything in the above measures that would cause the haters to foam at the mouth so much? Of course not. They're all common sense things. The state can't keep spending more than it takes in and it needs to break the stranglehold that the special interests have on the state and its citizens. These measures are reasonable steps in the right direction.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with illegal immigration. Turn now to the subplot which is more subtle, but still a reality. A win for Arnold's measures in November should have a backdoor effect in helping curb illegal immigration because these three measures will cut into and weaken the illegal alien friendly establishment that has developed in California. In addition, and most anti-illegal immigration activists know this in every cell of their bodies, Arnold can't fix California unless and until he takes illegal immigration on with both fists. He can't do that if he's weakened by having the voters reject the three things that he wants passed in November. A loss may turn Schwarzenegger into a political eunuch who can see what should be done, but who is impotent. A win for Arnold, on the other hand, will weaken the enemy and strengthen Arnold's hand for the rest of the War. Arnold has once again shown that he has gonads. Those opposed to him--mainly the bloated education establishment and the unions that now pander to illegal aliens--usually put millions and millions of dollars into advertising when they are for or against something and they send many troops into the field to talk up their side to everyone who will listen.

Have no doubt about it. This really is a battle of good against evil. And, because this isn't a movie, evil may not look like evil to those who lack critical thinking skills. In the real world, evil is often cast against type. Don't be fooled with the evil doers tell you that Arnold is anti-teacher or anti-children or some other nonsense.

ConanHere's the simple truth in this Great Battle no matter what anyone tells you: Arnold is on the side of good in this battle. Evil will try to fool people and it's already begun its campaign with expensive and slick TV ads and push polls to try to confuse voters. I got a push poll call at my house this week from the evil doers. It was clear to me that in addition to trying to build anti-Arnold support, the phony "pollster" was also subtly trying out one line advertising phrases to see if they work or not, and she was also using a script that was written in such a way so as to confuse voters and leave them so perplexed that they might face a classical avoidance-avoidance conundrum and not vote. And, the evil doers would like nothing more than to have activist citizens confused so much that they don't vote. If that happens, the evil doers' own evil minions will be able to carry the day even if they are in a minority.

As the TV ads continue, the evil doers will try to have citizens believe that a grandmotherly Nurse Auntie Bee, or a dedicated school teacher June Cleaver are going to be hurt by meanie Arnold who hates them. Hopefully, enough voters will see through the crap and will vote as Arnold wants.

I mentioned the state college system above. In theory, it's a good thing, and California has an extensive network of colleges--from junior colleges to four year ones--that were once the envy of the nation. The envy has died, however, now that the state colleges are flooded with illegal aliens and people who are accepted based on how high they score on a skin darkness chart instead of intellectual abilities. Indeed, it seems to many anti-illegal immigration activists that too many of the state colleges have been taken over by lefty extremists who are working against the citizens of this state and for illegal aliens. Maybe Arnold's experience at Santa Monica Community College will help open his eyes to the fact that the system has problems and it needs to be fixed. And, as governor, he has the power to fix it by appointing the right people at the state level.

Some of these extremist kooks in the state college system are using tax payer money to fund their hatred of citizens and love of illegal aliens and kooky lefty causes that are mostly anti-European American. I know of one state college where a high ranking official of the college called an immigration activist a "racist" during a telephone conversation that had nothing to do with immigration or race. When the activist then went to the next meeting of the college's Board of Trustees and publicly asked the big mouth to repeat what he had said, the goofball sat there silently squirming as though he had a bad case of the piles and was sitting on a chair full of nails. At this same college there is a weekly illegal alien "swap meet" that has morphed into a tax free third world bazaar that competes with local stores. More English is spoken in Tijuana that at this place that citizens are paying for with their taxes. One of the officials involved with the event complained about racism after the local police set up a weekend driver's license check point on a street that runs to the swapmeet from a nearby city that is chock full of illegal aliens who use the swapmeet. The cops and the tow trucks towing away unregistered, uninsured cars driven by unlicensed illegal aliens had a field day.

Another college in the state college system and a black associate professor are presently being investigated after a white student said the black professor used racially charged anti-white terms against the white student.

"Terminator"If I had Governor Schwarzenegger's ear I'd suggest to him that it probably wasn't a fluke that creeps at Santa Monica Community College heckled him. Radicalism is now part of too many of our community colleges, and it's time to clean out these nitwits and replace them with conservatives who know that they work for citizens, not illegal aliens.

If anti-illegal immigration activists are smart they'll connect up the dots, use some common sense, and help Arnold get his measures passed.

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