(Fictional treatment of the truth)
by H. Millard (c) 2005

Top Secret


Mr. President, far too many white people still believe that interracial mixing and dating are wrong and evil and that such practices will result in their genocide and complete extinction.

Although we've been trying to get whites to blend themselves away for more than 40 years, our success so far has been limited.

If we are to ever create a Tan Everyman through our unintelligent redesign of humanity, we'll have to step up our efforts.

It has been relatively easy to convince weak minded whites to blend because they have so little self-respect and so little self-esteem and so little awareness of themselves and the world around them that they are easily suggestible and easily conditioned to believe us when we tell them there's no such thing as race.

Once they accept and internalize the seminal but false premise that there are no different races, it's just a tiny step to then "logically"convince them that since different races don't exist, it must be an irrational hatred of skin color and ignorant prejudice that keeps some whites from freely mixing and mating with others of the one race--the "human race."

We've now got many of these weak minded ones thinking that skin color is as minor a thing as hair color and not what it really is--a basic genetic blueprint difference in humans. Even as you read these words, these weak minded ones are mixing and mating themselves and their lines out of existence.

We're suggesting with this memo, Mr. President, that we should now put more money into our efforts to make the Tan Everyman a reality. There is an urgency to this because, while the weak minded whites are committing their own genocide, the conditioning isn't taking with all whites. Some of the whites who we haven't been able to condition are speaking out and warning other whites of what is really going on. Once whites are warned and once they investigate and look into these things and begin questioning what we're doing, many of them are thereafter also immune to the conditioning. And, once they're immune, they're usually immune for the rest of their lives.

If we are to succeed, we need to continue to break down anti-mixing attitudes of whites by using both positive and negative reinforcements and programs. We have to somehow reach a critical mass of whites who have blended so that the pure white gene pool gets so small that few whites will ever find white mates and will therefore be forced to marry brown in order to fulfill their mating instincts.

Although in this memo we don't directly address red and yellow genotypes and phenotypes they will, of course, also be mixed in to the blending.

The major part of the funding will be used in two broad areas, as indicated below:


1. We'll encourage advertising agencies to produce more slick ads showing young, vibrant whites and blacks having fun together. Some of the ad agencies with experience in selling cigarettes can be a big help with this. The ads should be geared toward white sensibilities and norms because it is white resistance we're trying to break down. Especially good, in this regard, are billboards of healthy outdoor activities. For example, in the past, we might have seen billboards selling various products by having whites laughing and canoeing down a river together. Now, we'll start replacing a few whites in the canoes with blacks. We should always remember the ad man's adage: Sell the sizzle not the steak. We'll sell the fun and joy, and our race mixing message will seep into the subconscious minds of many who see the ads.

2. We'll fund more diversity training in schools. We need to get the kids when they're very young. In books for kids, we'll try to always show a mix of people and not just whites. We'll try to have the non-whites smiling as much as possible. Remember, once kids are in school, we have them in a perfect environment to condition them as we want.

3. We'll use more black sports figures in various campaigns.

4. We'll have more well known Christian religious leaders soften the anti-miscegenation parts of the Bible by saying that such things were just metaphors or were just stories and that God didn't really ban miscegenation. We'll also promote ecumenism.

5. We'll encourage TV producers to have more positive non-white characters on TV shows and also in cartoons and to put them in romantic situations with whites.

6. In partner type shows and films--cop shows for example--we'll encourage the producers to always try to have a non-white partner with a white. We'll also ask that they make the really despicable criminals white whenever possible.

7. With your help, Mr. President, we'll continue the Mestizo invasion of America. This has several effects. Two of the most important ones are: a. It makes whites, who as a race, seem to have a low tolerance for crowding, feel crowded. This will cause them to naturally limit the number of children they have. Meanwhile, the Mestizos, who don't have such a low tolerance for crowding, will keep having more children. b. It offers a brown step between white and black in the gene pool that whites might find more acceptable. c. It will help lighten up blacks as they mix and mate with the Mestizos.

Thus, the Mestizo invasion will tend to help eliminate the extreme white and the extreme black genes and, as time goes on, we'll see more and more people in this nation clustered under the center of the Bell Curve of skin color where light brown, or tan, will predominate. And, of course, this is what we want. It is in the center of the Bell Curve where the Tan Everyman lives.

8. We'll continue to promote homosexuality since this will keep down the white birthrate. While there are black and brown homosexuals, there aren't nearly as many of them as there are white ones; simply because there are more whites to start with.

9. We'll continue to roll out terms such as "multi-cultural," "multi-racial" and "diversity" to make it sound as though we're looking for a world where people remain separate but where they all cooperate. Of course, that's not what we really want at all. We want a blending of all races, religions and nations.


1. We'll continue to isolate and demonize whites who speak out against miscegenation. We'll encourage our media friends to use the terms "racist," "bigot," "hater," "white-supremacist," "intolerant," as much as possible when referring to whites with any white consciousness. We'll also continue to tell our media friends not to worry if the people they're smearing aren't technically what they're being called. The label becomes the truth in the mind of the public.

2. We'll have the major newspapers continue the policy of not publishing the race of criminal suspects when they're not white, but publishing them when they're white.

3. We'll continue to secretly fund and use "private" anti-hate organizations to act as our secret surrogates to attack whites who speak out against white genocide.

4. We'll enlist TV commentators and radio talk show hosts to portray whites who resist miscegenation as haters and bigots.

5. In all ways possible, we'll discourage white unity and try to keep whites from seeing themselves as different from other races. We'll continue our work to convince whites that their identity is found not in their genes, but in being a fan of a particular sports team, or as an American, or as a member of a particular church or political party.

6. We'll work to enact hate crime laws that define hate down so that almost any white who speaks out against white genocide can be portrayed as a hater and a criminal.

7. We'll continue to distract whites from the truth about our One World plans by making them think that what we mean is one "economic" world; not a one race, a one religion and a one government world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Mr. President. We look forward to increased funding from your black budget (apt term, that) and we can assure you that with the increased funding, we'll convince even more whites to rid their family lines of whiteness and to love being brown.



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