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"So, Jack," I said to Homeless Jack, "this religious or philosophical stuff from Arman is all about spreading his philosophy or religion, right?"

"Not exactly," said Jack. "That's part of it, but there's more. Arman says that God or nature wants us to spread our fleshly religion--our blood, our DNA, our genes. The stuff on paper--the religious and philosophical stuff is mostly just telling us how to proceed. What's on paper is just the explanation of what is real and isn't the real thing itself. Get it? Anyway, Arman says that his religion is much bigger than genes, but on our human scale, genes are one of the major things we need to be concerned about in our sphere of existence. Our struggle in our sphere is just like the struggle of entire galaxies in their sphere. Arman says that it is our religious duty to struggle to spread our genes so that they become the only genes. He says that we have to take over the gene pool.

"See, Arman says that we have a certain ideal type that we should be moving toward. The ideal type is us when all our genes are right and are purified. It's like an image or picture in our genes, but none of us are this ideal type right now and our struggle is to become the ideal type and then move beyond it. Right now, the image of the ideal type that we carry within us is being blurred as though we're seeing it through a dirty window. It's polluted. We need to remove the pollution to let the ideal type emerge. Arman says he knows that none of us are the ideal type right now because none of us are living to our potential 1200-1500 years and being pretty much disease free for all of those years. Even those among us who have the ideal features and attributes--the external signs--don't live to 1200 to 1500 years, not even close, so that proves they've not reached the ideal type. See, that's one of our goals; to become the ideal type.

"The ideal type is the type that has been considered the ideal of beauty for our people for thousands of years, but more. Look at the art work of Michelangelo for a clue. Michelangelo understood the external signs. Now, all of these external signs in his idealized human representations are the products of genes and most of them are the products of groups of genes.

"To help us visualize all of this, we might think of it as though we're sending an army of us to conquer the universe, but this army is made up of platoons and companies and divisions of genes.

"The sergeant can be heard yelling: 'Ok, all you genes for white skin, line up, Forward, March! You genes for blue eyes line up, Forward, March! You blond hair genes line up, Forward, March! I want all you genes to take that gene pool and force out the other kinds of genes. We're the good genes and they're the bad genes. They're trying to destroy us. Don't let 'em!'

"Later, we might hear the sergeant talking to the gene soldiers: 'Troops, the brown skin genes are massing for an attack. You white skin genes haven't reproduced enough of yourselves to fight them off. It's just a matter of time before you're overrun unless you follow my orders exactly. Do not fight them head on. You'd be slaughtered. Instead, retreat to a safe place where you can rebuild your forces. Breed trillions of you, and then and only then come back and fight the brown skin genes. Overwhelm them by your sheer numbers.'

"Now, the external signs are there for all of us to see. But, we also have internal signs. and one of the most important of those, as I think I already mentioned, is living from 1200 to 1500 years. Another one is to be free of most diseases that afflict other humans. It isn't that we'll be disease free, but when we've reached the ideal we'll have internal defenses against most regular human diseases."

"So, Jack, are you saying that we'll reach a golden age and all will be well?" I asked.

"Nope. There is no golden age. There is only the eternal struggle. Once we reach the ideal of our type, we must force our further evolution beyond that type and become a new type as far above that type as we are above apes. And, then when that is reached, we must move even higher. It will never end. We are born to struggle. Love the struggle and you'll be happy. Hate the struggle and you'll be unhappy."

"It sounds nice," I said, "that the genes should reproduce themselves by the trillions, but how do you propose that be done?"

Jack was ready with his answer. "We need to seek out mates and mate as often as possible. We need to rid ourselves of false religious rules and mores about marriage. We need to bring in polygamy and all other things that will cause us to breed to our maximum potential.

"I saw this news report this week about a guy who lives out in Utah, who is being persecuted because of his religious belief and practice of polygamy. The news report said the guy is believed to have 14 wives and more than 100 children. I say the state should leave this guy and his family alone. What business does the state have in butting into his religion and his marriages?

"The news report said that his clan has an estimated 1,200 members and has a $150 million business empire. I say, leave them alone and prosecute those who are persecuting them. Look, it should be clear to everyone that our marriage laws are really just religious laws dressed up in secular clothes. So, what's happening is that these polygamists who have their own religious views and rules are being persecuted by those with other religious views and ideals. This is just plain wrong, man. This guy and his people aren't hurting anyone. From all reports, they're minding their own business and living their lives according to their own lights. Isn't this supposed to be a free country? Aren't we supposed to have the right to believe and practice our religions as we see fit so long as we don't harm others? What's happened is that haters have gotten into government who want to force their will on others. Remember from your history how this is what happened in England and that's why many religious people came to America in the first place--so they could practice their religion? Now it's happening all over again.

"All religious people need to demand the right to believe as the, themselves, choose and to practice their religions. We need to start pointing fingers at the religious haters and bigots who are trying to stop others from believing as they want and following their religions as they believe is right.

"Remember Waco? The government came in with a bunch of comply or die types and a whole bunch of little kids were burned to death. Remember Ruby Ridge? Same sort of thing.

"I'll tell you this, polygamists and others in smaller religions need to become as militant as homosexuals or the state and the religious bigots are going to wipe them out and force a religious conformity on them that is evil.

"In my religious beliefs, we must protect, purify and propagate. We must have as many of our seeds and eggs bring forth more of us as is physically possible. To us, that's the highest form of prayer and our highest human duty. The holiest among us are the ones with the most children. They're the beloved of God or nature. The intentionally childless are worthless dead ends."

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