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"Look, man, don't get confused by what Arman teaches," said Homeless Jack.

"Arman says that our genes are our religion. What he means by this, I think, is that we are coexistent with our faith and it is coexistent with us. It is us and we are it. It is inside us even if we try to deny it. And, if we deny it, we'll never be happy. We must be who we really are. Our Essence--that "something" that is us and which is sort of like soul and genes and life force and inner spirit and more, I guess, is one with the higher power. It is that which makes us who we are and which does not exist without us and our genes.

"Of course, like most quick statements, there is more to what Arman teaches that can be conveyed in saying that "our genes are our religion," but that does convey an important and essential part of our faith insofar as living things are concerned. But, as we all know, existence is composed of more than living things with genes, and our beliefs encompass those things as well.

"I saw something the other day about the British National Party in England. It sounds to me like those guys understand some of the same stuff that was revealed to Arman.

"Apparently, what's going on in England is that those in power are persecuting members of the BNP and are causing some members to lose their jobs or to not be hired because of their membership in the BNP. Now the BNP is fighting back in the court of public opinion and in the law courts as well. They're saying things that Arman could have said with just a few changes to make them more inclusive of all European descended peoples. In their struggle, the BNP is pointing out that the BNP is more than just a political party.

"For example here's part of what the BNP web site has about one BNP member who was discriminated against in a job interview:

'As (the BNP member) joined the BNP in order to manifest his religious and philosophical beliefs to their essential religious and philosophical totality, he viewed the decision not to interview him both insulting and religious discrimination under the Employment Equality Regulations 2003.'

"The BNP web site also gives the following information about the party:

'BNP - Political, religious and cultural movement

' The BNP is not just a political party. The BNP is unique amongst conventional political parties as it has an ethno-specific membership and also explicitly represents the indigenous ethnic-religious communities of our British nation - from Identity Christians, Anglo-Saxon Identity Christianity, Celtic Druidism, Anglo-Saxon Odinism, Celtic Christianity to Wicca and other pagan religions including those that see their Race as their religion and the BNP as their Church. For many members of these religious communities the BNP is the only political party that explicitly represents their specific religious beliefs and interests as a religious community and membership of the BNP is the only way they can manifest their religious, philosophical and spiritual beliefs as a totality of their religion, their religious beliefs and philosophical duties. The BNP excludes only those religions or philosophies that are not indigenous to Britain and that are not part of traditional British cultural and British religious history from its ranks. We do not apologise to anyone for running an ethno-specific political party and a social movement that represents only our people and their religious and philosophical interests and beliefs.

'Just as it is racist and religious discrimination for an employer to deny an Asian, Muslim member of the Peoples Justice Party the right to work on the basis of his membership of a political party that explicitly represents the interests of the Asian Muslim Community in Britain, then it also racist and religious discrimination to deny the same rights of the BNP and its membership.

'BNP members whose individual religious beliefs mean that they have joined the BNP in order to manifest those religious and philosophical beliefs in their entirety will in the future be able to take any company to an Employment Tribunal which has refused to either employ them or interview them on the grounds of their membership of the BNP.'

"See, I figure that if the things being said by the BNPand Arman and many others of our kind around the world are any clue, then maybe our people are starting to awaken from their sleep-like state. Manifestations of this awakening are put in different terms in different places, but when you strip them back to their basics, it sure does sound like our essential nature--our Essence--is spontaneously springing out all over the place.

"Naturally, the forces of darkness and death are trying to snuff out the light, but that's just part of the eternal struggle. I don't know how the BNP folks or others feel about the struggle, or if they've even thought about it, but I do know that Arman says to love the struggle because it is part of the plan, and that there never will be a time when there is no struggle. The enemies of light and good will always try to harm the light and good. Don't whimper about it. Fight it, forever."

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