Gene wars

by H. Millard © 2007

"The gene wars are continuing as they always will," said Homeless Jack. "If you don't see the battles, or the war as a whole, then it's probably because you haven't reached a certain level of genetic consciousness. 

"Other genes are fighting for survival with your genes. The Gene Wars are mostly subconscious, but they're a reality.  Arman is saying, man, that we should be conscious of these Gene Wars. When we're conscious of them, we can better defend ourselves and survive.
"Why will the Gene Wars always continue?  Because that's the way things are. They're part of the big struggle of existence that starts right in the sub-atomic level of things where all of existence is created. 
"Nature constantly changes things, man.  It cannot be any other way for existence to exist.
"And, how is all of existence created and maintained?
"By the forces that cause all to spin.  It is the spinning that is the engine of creation and destruction.  Without the spinning, existence would not be. Matter is made by the spinning. The whole friggin' universe is just one giant particle accelerator, man. As above, so below and as below, so above. And, because of the spinning, everything changes. What was here is spun over there. You get the picture, man. The spinning is the big shuffler and sorter of existence. It never tires and it never stops.
"But, if we understand this, and if we know what to do, we can then struggle to have things shuffled and sorted in a way that is best for us, man. That's what Arman teaches.
"Also, we need to understand that there is no primary part of existence that is different from the rest of existence. It's all a giant spinning, twirling, turning, rotating, spiraling web, man. Try to find the primary part of an onion that is essentially different than the rest of the onion. You can't do it.  Peel away layer after layer and you'll only find more onion. So is it with all things. Sure, things differentiate as they manifest, but they're all part of the same thing. An onion is just part of the onion plant that is modified to be as it is to serve a function for the plant so the plant can live to reproduce and spread its genes, but it is not different on its most basic level from the rest of the plant.
"Anyway, enough of that for now. That's just deep background behind the spinning in our daily lives, man. Today, we're being spun toward extinction by those who want to blend all peoples, religions and nations into one undifferentiated samey-same mass.  And, the blenders might win if people don't wake up to the reality of blending.
"Man, in the '50's people were all practicing ducking and covering for fear of nukes.  Nukes?  They're nothing compared to the death and destruction that blending can cause. We're talking about the wholesale extinction of entire peoples.
"I'm hopeful, man, that people will wake up and see the genocide that is coming their way under various nice sounding phrases such as "diversity," "multi-culturalism," and "multi-racialism."   And, maybe some people are already instinctively fighting back without really knowing the deeper reasons for what's going on.  So be it.  Anything that stops the genocide is welcome.
"We talked before about the Cherokees and how they're trying to regain who and what they were. But, they're not alone.
"The Hawaiians are doing the same thing. Seems that it's difficult these days to find any Hawaiians who are truly more than 50% Hawaiian.  Yup.  They've been so blended that even the so-called native Hawaiians are mostly not very native and not very Hawaiian. 
"How many more generations of blending will it take to completely wipe them out, man?  Not many. The Hawaiians started toward extinction in 1778--a mere 229 years ago--when Captain James Cook arrived in the islands bringing diseases that the Hawaiians had no resistance to, and sailors who mated with the Hawaiian women.
"Today, the Hawaiians are finally starting to struggle to become more Hawaiian once again. And, as with us, man, they're fighting against blenders who pretend that genes don't matter. The Hawaiians want to be sure that the Hawaiian Kamehameha Schools are just for native Hawaiians, while white blenders on the islands are saying that they should be open to all people.
"I agree with the Hawaiians, man. They have a natural right to separate themselves out from other peoples--even from our people; maybe especially from our people.  Why should they become brown skinned white people?  Why should they blend themselves away into our white gene mass? 
"You know, man, this brings up something that Arman has alluded to before that is something of a twist on this whole genocide thing. This is the fact that as various peoples come into contact with us and as "we" push for blending with them, these other peoples seem to disappear into our gene mass after a few generations.  Can it be, man, that we white people are the phagocytes of the human species?  Can it be that while some of us argue that we should be allowed to be separate from others to protect ourselves from extinction, that what we may really be doing is protecting the others from extinction?
"I mean, do we whites just absorb other genotypes and phenotypes the way we also absorb other cultures?  Do we absorb black, brown, yellow and red genes and go less white for a generation or two and then bounce back as white people, while the non-while genes become extinct? Something to think about, man.
"Here's another twist. In Israel, a top Rabbi is still preaching against intermarriage, but he's getting heat from secular Jews who mostly have bought into the blending nonsense.  Orthodox Jews are worried that Jews will be bred out of existence, man. They understand that being Jewish is not just about saying that you're a Jew.  It's about being born a Jew.
'Meanwhile, about 7,000 people from India who claim to be the descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel are moving to Israel. If you look at photos of these people, man, you see people who look completely Asian with very wide set eyes.  They don't look at all Jewish. But, they claim that they have been following Jewish customs in India for centuries.
"Suppose millions of Arabs or Black Africans suddenly claimed to be members of one of the lost tribes of Israel and moved to Israel?  What do you suppose the result would be in a few generations?  Jews as we know them, would probably become extinct. We're talking about a real holocaust, man.  A genetic holocaust.
"You see man, the big struggle in our time is whether or not the blenders will be able to convince everyone that genes don't matter and thus be able to blend us all away, or whether  those who know that genes do matter will prevail and remain out of the melting pot and pursue their destinies as they alone see fit as distinct and separate peoples.
Future history will tell the tale.  If, in a couple of thousand years from now  there are stories in the most advanced societies, or maybe on colonized planets, about great heroes in the past--our present time--who withstood the pressures to blend and who kept their people as separate people, then that will be an indication that our present day blenders lost. But, if those future stories are about how all of humanity became the same through blending and how wonderful this is, then those who don't want to blend in our present day, will have lost. 
"Whoever exists in that day will probably believe that they are on the side of right. That's just the way history reports things, man. But whatever happens, the Gene Wars will go on.  Count on it. That's the way of existence.
"Live long and multiply right.  May your 23 chromosome join with 23 like chromosomes as often as possible so that your family becomes a tribe and then a nation."

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