H. Millard  
by H. Millard (c) 2019

The revealed commands in The Teachings are from the Divine Source and are not suggestions or things to be voted on or to be agreed to by committees or by consensus and they are not subject to human wishes and desires in any age and they are not to be minimized or ignored in any age when human trends may go counter to them. They are to be obeyed. Period. Even if humans can not understand why they are required.
Among these are the commands for Whites to not miscegenate and to have as many White children as possible.

These commands against miscegenation and to have as many White children as possible, and the other commands, only apply to Whites.

These two commands are given as examples here because they are considered to be two of the most important commands following the command to survive no matter what it takes and to not be a misguided and dead hero.

That which started existence and in some way maintains it is unknowable. Some say it was the Big Bang and that it created or sent forth everything we know about in the universe. But then the question arises as to what was before the Big Bang. Surely, from nothing can come nothing. So, there must have been something in existence rather than nothing or the Big Bang could not have happened.

Speculations such as these have been around in one form or another probably since man became sentient, and still there are no complete answers. That's why we say what started existence is unknowable.

Some ascribe existence to God or the Divine. Some say it is the natural ways of existence--the known and unknown laws of physics simply doing what they do.

Because we are dealing with the unknowable and because we are intelligent people and living in a day when science has removed many myths that tried to answer these questions, we say that it is more important how you live than the actual details of your beliefs. You can believe in a God or not. In either case, if you live your life as a good and righteous person and in tune with the Teachings that help you understand why we have the true answers to the big questions of existence you will be in good stead. Yes, some of us do believe that there is a God. We call Him/It The First Cause, most of the time and we envision Him/It as something like a cosmic cloud or fog or field composed of waves, forces, energies, vibrations, subatomic particles and so forth that is everywhere where existence exists. We say The First Cause is intelligence and will without the type of physical brain we see in animals (including humans) on earth. One visual we use is to think of trillions of pinpoints of light blinking on and off as matter comes into existence and goes out of existence in the field concept of the First Cause. You may not share the particulars of our beliefs regarding the First Cause and that's fine, so long as you share our beliefs in the DNA Code and other things that are in the Teachings regarding how we should live and act and what our purpose is in living.

How should you live your life as a good and righteous person? That's what ethics and morality try to address and there are many different views on these. Here are ones that some of us believe are right for us, but you have to be the judge for yourself.

We love life and honor it and in loving life we try to understand why it is the way it is. Thus, we discuss various aspects of evolution at great length; so much so that it almost (but not quite) makes sense to call our system Evolutionism.

Some of us believe that each person should take care of one's own self-interests. Each of us is important. Without a you to experience it, what does it matter to you if anything even exists? Clearly, you are central to what is truly important to you.

Individuals should act in a rational self-interested way and should reap the benefits of their actions. It is not rational to do things for others if there is no benefit to you. And, you are the judge of what constitutes benefit. If you give something, you should get something in return. It is up to you to decide if what is given in return is fair or not. You may get something material in return and consider that adequate, or you may get something such as love or friendship in return and consider that adequate. It is completely subjective.

Each person should struggle to survive--to BE and to BECOME more--to be the best you and to strive for the ideals.. No one else will do it for you. You must look out for yourself and you must not put yourself second. Strive to live as long as possible to follow nature's law to make more like yourself. Do not put false ideas of honor or bravery or false allegiances above your survival. If you die young before having children, you have failed nature's most important duty for you--make more like yourself. Expand your DNA code and never contract. We do not put heroism or bravery above survival. Dead heroes cannot make more like themselves.

It is not wise to help opponents defeat you in life's struggle for existence. All who do not have your DNA code are opponents whether you or they know it or not--this is nature's way of finding the best genes for every niche--eternal gene competition--but those who share your general DNA code are allies when there is an external threat to your general DNA code. This is so on the evolutionary level and in your self-interest because when there are more like you, you have a greater chance of surviving. This struggle for existence is inherent in nature and has nothing to do with anyone having a conscious hatred of you any more than germs that can harm you have a conscious hatred of you. Individuals must protect and expand their DNA codes from being replaced if they wish to continue to exist. The gene struggles are completely natural and are part of evolution. Live consciously and intentionally and always know that you must expand your kind and not help other kinds expand their kinds to replace your kind. The most dangerous threat to your continued existence are those who are not like you but who can breed with you and produce viable children. This is miscegenationism and it corrupts your family line's DNA Code and takes it off the righteous path to improvement and purity. A wise person does not have false compassion for those whose very presence is potentially harmful to his or her DNA code. Do not interfere in the fates of those unlike you but be indifferent to them. Whatever fate befalls them--natural disasters, wars, starvation, diseases, etc. are for them to handle by themselves. Do not intervene, no matter how old or how young they are. They are not your business. Let nature work as nature works.
1. A wise person's ethics, values and morality can be summed up by saying that he or she should be a good person and should not do evil. The Golden Rule is a good guide. Be polite and kind and do not harm others no matter who they are. Do not interfere in the destinies of other kinds of humans and try to stay indifferent to them and mind your own business. But do this with kindness and respect. You have your destiny from your DNA code and they have theirs. Live and let live.

2. A wise person's ethics, values and morality should be shaped by what is true and in tune with the ways of existence and the natural laws of existence. Instead of positing feel good ideas about the nature of life and of man a wise person looks for the truth in all things. The eternal gene struggles that are a necessary part of the fundamental forces of evolution are completely natural. A wise person does what is right for his DNA code to survive, prosper, expand and evolve along the best possible trajectory for our kind. Misplaced compassion and even seemingly benign interference in the destinies of others is harmful to you and to them in the long view of history. A wise person realizes this and minds his own business and lets others mind theirs.

3. In the eternal gene struggles, all organisms that can breed with each other are constantly struggling to have their version of the DNA code replace other similar DNA codes. This is the way it is with humans as well. The non-White DNA codes are trying to replace White DNA codes and this should not be allowed to happen. If you are altruistic toward others who are not your people, you mistakenly help them survive and prosper and their very presence is a danger to our continued existence as a distinct people. A wise person will only practice altruism toward his own kind and this is not truly altruism because helping one's own kind helps oneself. The eternal gene struggles happen right in our own bodies as genes for our various characteristics struggle for expression against each other. And, the person you see in the mirror shows which ones won. All of your features, your eye color, your hair color and texture and so on show which version of the DNA code in you was expressed. You may have siblings who have different features, say, different hair color and eye color than you. They also show which DNA code for those features prevailed. If your parents are of one type, then you are also of that type. Other types who enter the gene pool can replace your genes with theirs and transform your family line into a different type. This is a form of genocide.

5. The best ethics, values and morality are based on doing what is right for yourself and your kind not only as you see yourself in the mirror but also for the DNA code that is uniquely yours and which is the hidden structure and foundation for the person you see in the mirror. We call this DNA code that makes us the distinct people we are: Code A, just to make it simple to discuss. But just as you help your own, you must not harm those who are not our people. Nature or the Divine sorts things out.

6. We are individuals and this planet and all planets are ours as much as they are anyone else's and no one has any more right to any of them than we do. Everyone has that right by being born. Our reasonable happiness must be at the top of any lists of our ethics. Life is too short to be unhappy. Seek your happiness but be reasonable and do it in a mentally, spiritually and biologically rational and righteous way by understanding that your DNA Code A that you carry inside you must survive, expand, purify, evolve and that you have been given life to pass it on. Do not be a dead ender. Do not die childless if you are healthy and are physically able to have children. But do not miscegenate, for that is the same as having no children of our kind.

7. Our most fundamental and basic value should be to survive as Whites so that we may multiply our kind and only our kind. This trumps all other values. This is the way we spread the spark of the First Cause and improve the planet so that it becomes a better place for life. It is a heavy burden upon us, but we have been selected to do this. And, whether this selection was divine or via evolution, we cannot say. This selection does not make us superior or better than other kinds, it just makes us different. And, do you doubt our differences? Look at yourself and your kind and look at other kinds. Can you not see the differences with your own eyes? Do not deny what your eyes tell you for they are the king of your senses.

8. By understanding that Code A--that which is one with us and which is inseparable from us, but which is within us and which is part of the genetic program we carry--is what must survive, expand and evolve, we step back from the person we see in the mirror and get a better sense of what is important and what is not important.

9. If we just put ourselves as we are in our everyday lives--the person we see in the mirror--first and foremost, we may make the wrong ethical and moral decisions that actually harm our internal DNA code, but if we put our DNA code first, we are more likely to make the right decisions. Clearly we must pray or meditate on these things to get the proper guidance in our lives.

10. As individuals, we might say that we can't afford to have children and that to do so would impact our lives and cause us to lose our personal freedom or make us poor, or in some way disrupt our lives as individuals. To believers, however, this is immoral. Believers know that having our kind of children is the only way for Code A to survive, expand and evolve and is thus good. This is also the way we have a stake in the future. If our DNA Code A does not go forward, why would we even care if the whole planet blew up? We would not be here in any part except remotely in the DNA Code of other life forms at more basic levels of existence.

Another example is that an individual may feel, for whatever reason, that life is not worth living. One who is wise however, would say that it isalwaysworth living to further the survival, expansion and evolution of Code A. Even those among us who are physically unable to have children have a purpose. If they have our sense of ethics: they can help others who do have children so that these others can help Code A survive, expand and evolve. And, remember, Code A in its wider circle is the same in all White people. It then becomes more specific in different groups of Whites and finally right down to the individual where it becomes most specific and particular. But, the wider Code A circle can be helped by all of us, whether we are physically capable of having children or not.

Our belief is that we must survive at all costs and the reason we must survive is to further the interests of Code A that we carry within us. Some of us believe that this is the Will of the First Cause and we need no more justification for it.Death before dishonor is not a phrase that we support. Graveyards are full of "heroes" who died for false causes and who never had children. To us, they are not heroes; they are deadenders. They are the extinct. Their lives had no meaning in the long view of history and we must often take the long view to understand our purpose and the meaning of life and existence itself.

And what about those of our kind who find themselves in prison? They can still help Code A survive, expand and evolve by teaching other White prisoners the truth. And, when one is released from prison, one can have children. If one can never be released from prison, then one can teach other Whites who will eventually be released, to have children. And, even while in prison, wise people must try to find a way to have children with those on the outside if possible.

Non-Interference--We believe that we must not interfere in the fates and destines of peoples unlike ourselves. We are not to help them in any way, and they are to live and die without interference by us and we do not expect help from them. We let nature run its course. Each distinct people must take care of their own kind just as each individual must take care of himself or herself. Nature doesn't give any organisms a free ride. This does not mean that we are to be unkind, mean or rude towards other kinds. It just means that they have their destinies and we must not interfere in them, just as they must not interfere in ours. Interference in the destinies of others can harm them and us. We have seen many examples of some of our kind interfering in the destinies of others such as White missionaries and their supposedly good intentions with Native Americans that essentially destroyed their self-esteem and even their will to live along with their culture. Let people be is the best rule of thumb.

Golden Rule--We believe in the Golden Rule. That is, that we will treat others as we want to be treated by them. And, we try to be fair, reasonable and polite to everyone so long as they treat us the same way.

Everything is either good, neutral or bad. We believe that we must weigh all things as they relate to Code A. A thing or decision may be good, it may be neutral, or it may be bad. We must act accordingly and righteously when we determine this.

Our laws and ways are for ourselves alone--We believe that our laws and ways are for our kind only. There is a special burden and special responsibilities put on us to remain separate and to live righteous lives. We must remain free of gene flow from other kinds. This takes effort on our part and strong minds.

Self-reliance--We believe in helping ourselves first, and then those closest to us in expanding circles,

Stay within our own community of believers--We believe that we should handle problems, crime, etc. within our own community as much as possible and we must try to avoid going to outside authorities to solve our own internal problems.

Particularist ethics rather than universalist ethics are our way in most things.

We are a distinct and different kind and we must stay so and rely on ourselves and divorce ourselves from the larger secular world that is harmful to us.

Our true ethics and morality flow from our responsibility to survive, expand and evolve our kind alone. Thus, it is not our belief that we must hold off having children because we can't afford them and don't want to take charity. It is also not our belief that we should sacrifice ourselves so others may live or be helped. We do not believe in risking our lives in any cause that would possibly risk having our DNA code not expand and evolve as much as possible. This means, among other things, that we must live as long as possible to breed and if, for some reason, we can't breed, then we must live as long as possible to help others of our kind who can breed. This means we must offer financial and other support if we are able to do so.

This is Our Way for Ourselves Alone. We believe we have the right to shuffle our DNA code so that we can evolve as we think is best for us. We also believe that by purifying our DNA code and evolving it that we will become better receivers and transmitters in tune with the infinite and all the cosmic forces and vibrations and frequencies that our DNA code can interact with. We must be in a pure state both internally and externally--both physically and spiritually--to be at our best and in the greatest state of being in tune. This means, in part, that we must be in pure physical places and lands without interference from the DNA of other peoples, who because they are similar to us, but do not have our particular DNA code, can cause us to not sense the cosmic forces, vibrations and frequencies. It's like two radio stations interfering with their transmissions--you get static.
If you harm yourself or others, then you do not understand the Teachings.

If you are loud boisterous and obnoxious, then you do not understand the Teachings.

If you seek wealth over all else and for its own sake, then you do not understand the Teachings.

If you miscegenate or do not have many children of our kind, then you do not understand the Teachings.

If you put your life at risk for those who are not our kind or for false causes, then you do not understand the Teachings.

It is important to understand that we hold that our DNA code that is uniquely ours is the most sacred part of us and it is the Code that must be protected, preserved, expanded and improved.

It is important to also understand that we see the DNA code that is uniquely ours manifested in our interior and exterior characteristics and that our White skin is absolutely essential to this faith and it cannot exist without it. Our White skin can be thought of, in one regard, as being similar to an antenna, but it is far more than this and is necessary for our evolution.
Lying, Deception and Dissimulation

You do not owe honesty to anyone or any authority or group that would or could harm you or yours in any way, physically, emotionally, financially or in any other way including harm to your reputation. Your religious views, your world view, your philosophy of life and your opinions are as private or as public as you alone may choose to make them, and you can be public when you want and then switch to private the next minute and that is up to you alone and will often depend on your personal analysis of any situation or individuals with whom you are in contact. You can completely deny your religious beliefs while strongly holding them. This high ethical position is based on our laws that we must survive as long as possible as individuals to expand our personal DNA code and to help others of our kind expand their personal DNA code and their wider DNA code that we share with them. We do not believe in putting ourselves in danger and we see nothing noble or brave about doing so. We see graveyards full of heroes who have sacrificed themselves and who have had no children or too few children and who are now personally extinct. You must never forget that you are commanded to live as long as possible and in circumstances as good as possible to allow you to personally have as many children as is physically possible for you whether you are male or female. All else is secondary.

How to live the Ideal in everyday life

If you do not believe in the First Cause (God), then believe in Nature and the ways of existence. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't be boisterous or loud. Think before you speak. Try to be fair and just in all your dealings. Try not to harm others. Avoid trouble. Avoid danger. Seek your survival before honor or heroism, bravery or other similar concepts that are often used to manipulate you into dangerous situations. Be polite to those who are polite to you. Love your fellow believers as brothers and sisters. Be self-reliant. Never apologize for who and what you are. Try to method live as given in the Teachings. Don't use substances that will harm you. Have as many children of our kind as possible. Respect all others who respect you and your faith. Do not interfere in the business of those who are not our kind, neither help them nor harm them as individuals or as groups. Their destiny is theirs, yours is yours. Do not mix destinies or genes or societies. Stay as separate as you can while still living in the ordinary world, if this is where you choose to live. Do not mix or mingle with those unlike us. Be honest. Do not criticize fellow believers or Whites who are awakened and aware even if they are not believers in our ways. Do not criticize religions of others unless it is necessary to make a point about our faith or unless they criticize our faith. Be happy and seek happiness for yourself and yours. Have a pleasant and happy outlook. Love life and seek to prolong yours and the life of your kind as long as possible.
Take great joy in the simply pleasures of nature and existence. Live consciously and intentionally and do not simply drift through life with no direction or no purpose. You have direction and purpose and it is found in this faith. Whether you are rich or poor, you have a purpose so long as you practice this faith. Material wealth is nothing if you do not have children in our image. The richest men and women are those who have the most of our kind of children even though they be paupers and take public assistance and charity. Those with the most children of our kind are the richest and the holiest of all. The poorest men or women are those who are childless or who have too few children even though they may be have great material wealth. Do not follow the intentionally childless. Do not respect those individuals who say they would have children but their mates cannot have children. Having children is an individual responsibility that is on all of our shoulders both male and female. Find a way to have White children, no matter what, and do it before you ever put yourself at risk for death.
The moral person is the one who is Code A self-interested and who holds that an action is right if it maximizes good for the DNA Code A of the self. In other words, love life and the morality of self-interest and live your life to be happy and to further your reasoned self-interest while keeping in mind that what is most important about you in the long view of history is your particular DNA Code. Do right by your DNA code and you do right by yourself and do right by yourself and you do right by your DNA code--so long as you truly understand that we are to live to multiply our DNA code, to improve it, to help it evolve it and us ever higher into a new species.
The purpose of the opposite sex it to help you multiply your DNA Code. Your personal responsibility and the responsibility that you owe your ancestors all the way back to the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life is to find and mate to multiply your personal and unique DNA Code and in searching for mates you must find those as much like you as possible if you are healthy and are close to the ideal for our kind and if you are not these, you must still find mates but you should try to find mates who can correct your DNA Code by combining theirs with yours.

Your purpose in life is to make more like yourself, but this purpose is deeper than just making more children and this deeper purpose is making more of your DNA Code A, which is only done through having children with another person of the opposite sex who also has DNA Code A.

If you are male, you need females to provide their eggs so you can expand your DNA Code A. We are not born as couples and the command to expand is individual and upon each one of us both male and female.

If you are female, you need males to provide sperm to fertilize your eggs so you can expand your DNA Code A.

One should always have as many children of our kind as possible to increase the odds that our DNA CODE A will survive and carry on into the next generation. At the same time, we need to teach our children our ways so they fully understand their duties and obligations to our DNA Code A and so they too will have as many children of our kind as possible when they reach child bearing age.

Nature screams out to every kind of living thing: Make more like yourself.


God's Laws are written in nature (meaning all of existence). They are generally the default rules of existence and are mostly very general. By having our large brains and our ability to reason we are naturally empowered and obliged to investigate the natural laws and determine which are minor ones that can be ignored by us for the most part and which ones we must always obey. Ones that we must always obey generally involve aspects relating to our DNA Code A. Thus, keeping our DNA Code A as pure as possible and working to purify it even more, having many children but only with other Whites--in order to expand the DNA Code A--and doing all things that are a benefit to our DNA Code A and avoiding all things that may be harmful to it and us are laws that we must always obey. This very much flows from the basic principles of evolution.

And, if there are conflicts between these God given laws that we must always obey and man made laws, you as an individual must decide and weigh what you must do. This may test your faith, as there are evil humans who will try to persecute you. Remember, we put no stock in being heroes or in being persecuted. We do put stock in living long and happy lives full of life and with many children of our kind. You must meditate or pray for guidance and decide the right way. There is no need to flaunt things or broadcast your decisions to the world. You can quietly do what you must do, and remember doing anything to survive and fulfill your duties comes first.


You have a right to believe as you wish and to practice your beliefs so long as they do not harm others. Do not let haters bully you out of what you truly believe.

Be a good person. Do no evil. Treat others with respect and be polite. Do not speak loudly.Do not be belligerent. Do not disrespect others.Help other believers as best you can. Practice the Golden Rule. Be honest. Do not steal. Do not kill. Do not hate.Treat other believers as brothers and sisters. Be kind. Respect all life. Do not harm yourself. Do not remain childless. Do not miscegenate. Do not mix and mingle with those not our kind unless necessary for work and to help our DNA Code politically or socially. Be moral. Be ethical. Devote yourself to study and follow true science and this true faith. Use your reason and be rational. Do not brag or hold yourself above others. Choose plain clothes suitable for physical labor and other kinds of work. Do not be ostentatious. Be frugal. Respect your parents and your elders. Say a short prayer upon awakening each day and before going to sleep. Bear the sacred symbols next to your skin every minute of every day. Do what is necessary for you to survive so that you may multiply your DNA code. Put the expansion of your DNA code above other considerations. Do not be a foolish hero. If in danger choose wisely between fight or flight and choose the one that is most likely to help you be unhurt and which is best for your survival in every instance. There is no cowardice in living to survive; there is only ignorance in being a dead hero. Honor and respect your DNA code both as it is particular within you and as it is more generalized among our kind, but do not honor and respect the DNA code of those who can harm us intentionally or unintentionally. Know, every minute of every day, that nature has established the way for organisms to evolve higher and part of this involves the eternal gene wars where the genes of closely related types can infect the genes of similar types and cause them to go extinct. The gene wars are often subconscious and no evil conscious intent is required anymore than an evil intent on the part of dangerous germs is required to kill us. Avoid gene flow from all who are not out kind. Breed true, breed pure.


Do no harm.
Do no evil.
Do not lie.
Do not cheat.
Do not steal.
Do not slander.
Do not kill.
Do not do anything to shorten your life.
Do not do anything to hold down the number of children you can have.

Do good.
Do to others as you would have them do to you.
Do be honest, fair and just.
Do respect your parents and care for them when they are old.
Do be kind and gentle to all.
Do respect all life.
Do take personal responsibility.
Do be forgiving.
Do have self-respect.
Do have self-control
Do be moderate in all things.
Do have many children.
Do respect the rights of others.
Do the right things always.
# # #
We say that the First Cause is unknowable, but some of us believe that science (many disciplines) is getting us closer to a better understanding. What we now know about subatomic particles, waves, energies, vibrations, forces, computer science, biology, evolution and much more may finally be allowing us to understand a little about how there can exist a disembodied intelligence (God) without a physical organ such as our brain, and which we have usually thought is necessary for intelligence, personality and will and without a physical body as we usually define it. It is more important how you live, than the specifics of what you believe or don't believe.
# # #
--Mind your own business and let others mind theirs.
--Have a strong sense of your identity, both external and DNA.
--Reject emotion and accept logic and reason.
--Have your rational happiness as your ultimate value.
--Choose you actions, values, goals and beliefs.
--Do not deny your own rational self-interest.

Rational happiness and your rational self-interest mean do no evil or harm, let others live and do not interfere in their business, and know that your rational happiness and your rational self-interest, as well as being for the person you see in the mirror also include your DNA Code and even as it extends to others of your kind. If others of your kind survive and prevail and expand, this serves your rational self-interest both in your everyday world but also in the fact that there will be more mating choices for your offspring to pass on your and their DNA Code to those like you and them in pure form.

# # #

The natural and righteous code of ethics and morality for Whites:

1. What is good for Whites is good.

2. What is bad for Whites is bad.

Simple enough, but as might be expected, it is necessary to explain more for a fuller understanding of these two rules.

Too many Whites are caught up in universal religious ethics and morality and mistakenly live their whole lives thinking this is the way things should be. It is not. Universal ethics and morality generally teach that one should treat all humans the same and that one should serve others--pathological altruism--no matter who the others are. This false idea is the progeny of the more basic false idea that all humans are basically the same except for different paint jobs and that underneath those different paint jobs the engines are all the same. Big mistake. Humans are not all the same. Not by a long shot. In fact, the races are so different that Charles Darwin correctly wrote:

"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin

In believing the falsehood that all humans are the same and in internalizing this flat-world nonsense, one then thinks that all people are fungible. So, in such false thinking, if the White ones die off one wrongly believes it's no big deal because there are still plenty of humans around. Well, the reality is that if you are White and all the White ones die off including you and your family lines, you are extinct. You have no place in existence. The fact that other kinds of humans are around is essentially meaningless to you and other Whites. Those general parts of your DNA code that read such things as mammal and human still exist in other kinds of humans, but the parts that specifically read "Whiteness" are gone and it is the parts that read Whiteness that are most important and meaningful for your existence. Without these right parts that read Whiteness, a human is like a radio that is missing some parts and can't receive the "radio waves" aimed at Whiteness that are all around it. This is not to say that Whites are superior to other kinds of humans, but it is to say that we are different as they are different and it is also to say that our continued existence requires our White difference.

To maintain that White difference we must only breed with our fellow Whites. Miscegenation is a great evil and must be avoided.

The reality of existence is that we Whites can only find our most complete existence and identity as Whites. This is so, because we are most fully us in the White DNA code that makes us and all other pure Whites the people we are. If the White DNA code continues to exist, even when our bodies die, we are still existent, even without consciousness in other Whites and most fully, of course, in direct descendents of us as individuals. There is, however, something of us in all pure Whites. In other humans and other organisms, some of the more general DNA code exists (after all, DNA is DNA no matter which organism it is in) but we are such a small percentageusin all non-White organisms, including non-White humans, that it is meaningless. Whites must exist for us to exist and this applies to the future long after we are gone. And, speaking of all DNA being the same, we just remember it is the shuffle--the order--of the four chemicals of DNA that matters in what type of organism is created, not the raw chemicals.

Our morality--the morality that some of us follow, and which you may also wish to consider--is based on the truths of nature and evolution. We have a solid and unshakeable understanding that what is right and good must be based on what is right and good for usasWhites. This means what helps us survive, expand, evolve and be happy is good and right. If it is good for Whites, it is good. If it is bad for Whites, it is bad. But, herein lies something that must be understood. Good and bad for Whites does not just mean what is good and bad right now and for the person we see in the mirror. It also means what is good for our DNA code that is inside us and which makes us who and what we are and which also makes us part of all pure Whites.

Of course, there are universals, but there are also particulars. And we must, as White people, look out for ourselves as White people first and always, and put nothing in front of or above Whiteness. This means, in part, we must not put false universal religions above Whiteness.Everythingmust be for Whiteness. Our lives, our religions, our world view, our philosophy, our culture, our nations, our beliefs, our politics...everything...must put Whiteness above all else. There must be no fragmentation of ourselves-no alienation from our most essential selves--our White DNA code--all must be integrated into Whiteness and flow from it.

To understand why across the board universal ethics and morality are wrong with respect to us as Whites, one needs to understand the reality of the gene wars (you may prefer the terms gene struggles or gene contests), which are eternal and necessary for evolution to work.

The gene wars are simply different versions of genes trying to replace other versions for the same characteristics, and the gene wars start in us during our conception. When the male sperm, carrying approximately 10,000 genes, meets the female egg, also carrying approximately 10,000 genes, the various versions of genes have to compete to build a new human. There are thousands of contests that have to be won. Which characteristics from the father or the mother will win in the new human? Which eye color, hair color and texture, nose shape, lip shape, body type, brain characteristics and on and on and on will the new human have? Now, these gene wars seem fairly benign within our bodies, especially when the mother and father are of the same race, but when they are of different races, the gene wars are not as benign and one race beats the other on various characteristics including one of the most obvious characteristics: skin color.

With the above in mind, you also have to understand thatyouhave a right to exist and to existas you are, as a White person. You have that right simply because you do exist. You are the most important person to you. Without you, nothing else matters to you since without you, you are nonexistent. And, as you think along these lines you must realize that no one is more important than you or has any more right to exist or to any part of existence of the planet than you. Kings, Queens, presidents, prime ministers, billionaires, religious leaders, whoever--no one is more important than you. You take no second seat to any of them. You are you, and you are important. Without you, there is nothing for you. And, as you have a right to exist you have the right to your freedom. You have a right to try to find happiness. You have a right to associate with or not associate with any other persons for any reasons you so choose. You are the King or Queen of yourself.

You are here. All of existence, for you, depends on your existence. Nothing matters if you are not here. It is the same with the rest of us. But, you also need to understand that you, as the person you see in the mirror, are created by your DNA code. Your DNA code has many aspects. In you, some aspects of the DNA code are absolutely unique and not like any other DNA code. However--and going from the specific you to ever more general levels--you share the next level of that code with your family and then your extended family and then with all Whites, and so on and so on and you can keep extending this right out to ever more general categories such as mammals, organisms, minerals, subatomic particles and energies because at some level they are part of you. However, it makes no logical or practical sense to go beyond Whites for your identity. Feeling one with all minerals, for example, because you are made of minerals makes no sense. And, feeling one with all non-White humans also makes no sense. So, we stop our identity train with all Whites. Whites look like you and think like you and act like you, as looked at statistically, because they are like you. They have the same DNA code that reads non-Jewish White person as you do.

Our ethical and moral code--what is right and what is wrong--flows naturally, in a secular sense, from the ways of existence as they really are, and informs our understanding of the primary importance of our DNA code and our genes to our existence as we see ourselves in the mirror and as the recipe that makes us who and what we are and for our future life within our offspring if we mate correctly with our own kind.

Just a few words here about some of what is immoral forus as Whites because we are White, and these are particular to us and are part of the extra burden we carry to fix the broken world. It is immoral for Whites to butt into the affairs of non-Whites or to let non-Whites butt into our affairs. We have our White trajectory and destiny and non-Whites have theirs. The different destinies should not be blended together or mixed. It is immoral for Whites to miscegenate, to have abortions, to limit our family size, to commit suicide, to practice celibacy, to not have as many pure White children as possible.

The highest morality for Whites is to be truly White. To be as we are born to be and to not hobble ourselves with false morality and false values which is what false religions do to us. We must be us. And the us that Whites are is a race (we're really a subspecies, but we'll use the term race here for convenience) that invents, explores, builds. We are scientists and engineers by nature--at least in our ideal forms. It is part of our nature. It is part of our DNA code.

Our happiness depends on us facing the world as Whites and in not trying to be less than we can be and in not trying to fit non-Whites into our genetic program or societies or us into theirs. They do not have our genetic program and they are a bad fit into Whiteness, just as we are a bad fit into their genetic programs.

*Whiteness, White, and Pure Whites as I use the terms refer to non-Jewish Whites of European descent no matter where they were born or live who are the children of two White parents who are themselves the children of two White parents. Used here, DNA code is the same as genetic program.




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