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By H. Millard (c) 2017


Before about 8,000 years ago in Europe, our ancestors seem to have had darker skin. Then, it seems we started getting noticeably Whiter about 7,700 years ago according to some research.*

 And the Whitening continued and we became pretty much as we are now--fully White people--about 4,000 to  5,000 years ago. This is to say that many of our ancestors in Europe about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago would probably have evolved enough along a White trajectory so that they would blend right in with any family photo of a pure White family today.

How did we get White skin and other common White characteristics? From the fundamental forces of evolution including mutations, isolation and natural selection. And, specifically, from variants of the SLC24A5 and SLC45A2 genes.  Many of us may have also developed blue eyes, and had additional help to develop light skin and blond hair from variants of the HERC2/OCA2 genes. These genes were apparently favorable in the European climate and quickly spread through the population as the Whitening continued.

But the story of our evolution is not just about skin color even though our skin is our largest organ and the most easily seen external characteristic that makes us the unique people we are.

 When we say we are White people with an upper case W, we mean that we also have the other characteristics of our people such as skull structure, bone structure, muscle types and so on. You could paint most White people a different color, but we would still recognize them as White because of these other White features. Nevertheless, White skin is our primary characteristic and without it, we are not us. So, if you found some non-White people with, say, facial features similar to ours and you painted them White, they would not be White because they lack our true White skin that, once again, is absolutely essential to who and what we are for too many scientific and religious reasons to state here.

 There is a widespread belief in science that for some unknown reason there was a rapid evolution of our kind about 5,000 years ago. (At this point, one may be forgiven for imagining the black monolith from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey as a visual metaphor for whatever the cause was for that rapid evolution and one may also be forgiven for hearing Strauss's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which was inspired by Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra).

That rapid evolution is seen in us suddenly getting very smart almost overnight in geological terms and inventing the modern world. And, once again, one may be forgiven for seeing in one's mind the ape men in 2001, suddenly, after being exposed to the black monolith, seeing bones, not just as bones, but as tools and weapons.

Of course, evolution never stops and we are still evolving, but evolution does not always lead upward and there is the other side of the coin called devolution in which the upward trajectory of our evolution goes in the other direction.

 Devolution for us is usually caused by mating with non-Whites and producing non-White children who then spread their non-White genes in the White population. A White who miscegenates can never produce pure White children. It is impossible even if the children may look White.  This is because a child of a White who miscegenates only receives about half of the 20,000 genes of the White partner and the other half comes from the non-White partner.  And, this also means that such a child will only receive 23 chromosomes from the White partner and the other 23 from the non-White partner.  And, to complete this numbers discussion, the child of the miscegenation will have only received approximately 1.5 billion bits of the DNA code from the White partner and 1.5 billion from the non-White partner.  And, add to this the fact that most White genes are recessive and are not expressed, which means they are colored over with the non-white genes, and you see why if Whites are to continue evolving along a purely White trajectory we must avoid all gene transfer from non-Whites.

Some of us, who believe that our biology--our DNA Code--has a religious significance in addition to a scientific one, believe that we are commanded to leave our present collective White low consciousness childhood behind and be adults and guide our own evolution along a purely White path to higher intelligence, consciousness and closeness to the Ineffable Divine.

 In other words, we must now help our Whitening along.  We must seek our speciation. This is an individual and collective responsibility for awakened Whites. We must leave behind those who miscegenate and those who cannot understand and those who wish for our extinction either by direct violence or by blending us back into earlier forms that we evolved from. They are no longer our kind and are a danger to our kind by their evil deeds, words and thoughts.

 And, speaking religiously, some believe those Whites who miscegenate have committed an unforgiveable sin and that the Ineffable Divine will judge them accordingly and punish them and will cause them and their lines to exist no more.

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