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I walk silently on and my heart is full of the spirit of the Divine who has selected us to do His will. What great love must He have for us and what great expectations in our ability to shake off evil and seek the truth and do what is right and good as He determines. I am drunk with emotion and entranced with the true knowledge of the Creator. No fear is in me as all around me are those who call me names and wish to attack me for my White skin and my living Whiteness every day of my life and feeling a strong identity with all other Whites who are awakened, nor is there fear of those who plot behind my back for He is with me and walks with me and permeates me. Your sacred spiral and fylfot, O Lord, spin without end and create and destroy and make existence work and in this we are selected as Homo Novus.  O Lord of all that exists we praise you and thank you by living our lives as you command. White is the way it must be for white is light made solid, and is the color of the Divine, as It wishes to be. Who knows the mind of the Lord of all the Universe, who can have such a mind? The Creator is the smallest thing in existence and the largest thing in existence.  Only by being small, can It be large. Thank you Lord of all that exists for letting us know a little of your plan and of you.  You have sent forth the seeds of life to all the universe to land and grow and evolve or not as fate would dictate. We are the result of a seed landing on Earth and unfolding all life here and we owe our existence to you who has created us from a seed from Yourself. That seed was full of the concept of life and it took the form of RNA and DNA on this planet and evolved all life. We are your children, your servants, your army in our sphere of existence and we stand ready for any commands that you give us.  Your enemies are our enemies and our enemies are your enemies. We are your hands to do with as you wish. We see you in the whirlwind and in the distant spinning galaxies and in all that spins and turns and creates more energy in so doing and we see you in all that is good and just and we see you in our kind selected by you over the eons through your plan of evolution to arrive at this time to witness what you have in store for the evildoers--may their evil be eradicated according to your justice and your ways so that they may never again harm your people. I am intoxicated by the knowledge of your presence and I do your will with all my mind and heart. Bathed are we in the light of the Lord it is received and taken within by our White skin and it blesses us and gives us mercy, forgives us and spurs us ever on to ever more light and white for this is the way it is eternal.  And we are humbled by being selected to do the will of God of all existence.  No one knows O Creator of all when the sacred splits shall be complete and pure ones shall arise and increase.  No one can tell you O lord of history who planned this but we know you are the Lord of evolution of all and that you have evolved us from lower kinds and always toward the Light and the White and the pure and the good so that we may be Your servants to do your will in our own sphere of existence small though it may be compared to all of existence. Why have you selected us we do not truly know but we are grateful and humbled by your selection and we are imperfect and weak in many ways but we shall strive to be strong and we shall try to perfect ourselves in the manner and way which you have determined is right for our kind. We are the White kind and we strive to purify ourselves in all ways to be better servants for you O Lord of all existence. O Lord of the universe who has blessed us so by  sending your seed to ripen and bring life to all its forms in this world for selecting our kind to rule in your Holy Name and for your benefit as you O Lord and we are weak and imperfect but with your help we shall improve and continue to evolve along a trajectory of your choosing. Let us know in no uncertain terms what you wish us to do and we shall obey. We shall pray to you for advice before all major decisions. O Lord of light and existence I bow to you and honor you for my life and for the opportunity of furthering your plans. You are all good and righteous and are the progenitor of all life. The seeds that began life are from you and thus were our kind created first by the seed that became ever more complex forms until we because as we are, the White People.O, Lord of evolution help us to evolve more so that we can no longer bear children with other kinds and thus can breed pure and evolve faster You are the God of evolution and life and goodness and you are the only God there is. All other gods are not real and are made up by men for their own purposes, you are true and divine in all the worlds and all ages you are the One GOD behind all the spinning spiraling forces; all praise to You. Help us O Lord to stay on the narrow White Path that is the Path of Light that you have laid out for our kind alone. We know, O Lord, that you will not do for us what we must do for ourselves, but we are weak and imperfect and we sometimes cannot see the clear way and get confused and lost.  Lead us out of the confusion and let us see the pure White Path always. We know O lord that you have caused our seeds and eggs to evolve to a threshold where we can move beyond ordinary humanity and move closer to you but that we must breed pure to make it so.  We know that you O Lord do not treat us as tiny children incapable of taking care of ourselves and that you expect us to act as adults and to follow your guidance and stay on the Pure White path, for it is the only way for our kind and it is what you want.  We seek the Divine Essence and the Divine Presence in our daily lives.  O Lord we know that you are watching over us and that you are hopeful that we will do what is right and will reject that which is wrong and we know that you will only guide us in gentle ways and that you expect us to obey and do for ourselves what we must do.   You have shown us the door to our highest possible future, but we must open the door ourselves to prove that we are the ones you sought as you guided many births and deaths of many kinds over the centuries since your seed landed here on Earth. O Lord, you have taught us that Light and White is good and that Light is life and that Dark is not good and is not life. We are the people of the light, our White skin is a version of Light. O Lord we know there is a link between us and You and that it comes from our Whiteness and that our White skin is essential and without it we can not reach you. Thank you Lord for letting us see a little of yourself for we live in a cynical age but also an age where science is learning more and more about Your Universe.  We see you, Lord, in the subatomic realm and we find that our logical minds can now worship you even more than when people had false ideas about You because their science had not contemplated the subatomic realm as it truly is. O Lord you are even greater than people of old thought and more deserving of worship the more we learn about the ways of the universe and the subatomic realm. O Lord, science does not eliminate you, it illuminates You and proves you are the One God of all the universe. We gladly bear your sacred marks upon our skin lest we forget who we are and what we must do to please you. We are the White Kind and we are becoming more as we leave behind those who are polluted and evil and who are dumb to who they are and who you are. We are becoming, with your blessing, a newer kind and we are few but we will grow with your blessing into a mighty people who shall rule over all worlds where we can live and prosper and we will fill all of existence with your sacred essence which we carry within our flesh, for we are a little of you made flesh as you have willed. With your desire O Lord, we shall survive and we shall thrive and we shall become ever more close to you and fulfill your wish for us as we leave childhood behind and become much, much more. O Lord to serve you better we must be better and we seek your guidance by praying to you throughout our days and nights when we are looking for such guidance. O Lord, we have heard your command to go forth and make more like ourselves and we who are true and respectful and doing this and we are welcoming more and more children to grow up and serve you and to help further your goals.  O Lord of the Universe, we sense you in the breeze and the whirlwind and in all things that we see that spiral and turn on an axis and we know that this is part of your way and that these things have power even in static representation. O, Lord, we understand your command for us to remain separate from all other peoples but to be kind and polite to those who we come into contact with and to never suggest that we are superior to them, for we know that we are very flawed and not perfect ourselves. O, Lord, we know that we must study and pray and follow your commands and that we must strive to understand your will so that we may better serve You. We thank you O, Lord, for selecting us and we look forward to being the new species of mankind all in due course as you have ordained. You are the Eater of the dark, Lord, where you are, dark cannot exist. But for you and your Sacred Light there would be nothing.  All would be dark, cold and motionless for without you there is nothing. You are the enemy of the nothingness.  You bring light, heat and motion to the nothingness and you push it ever back. You bring somethingness to the nothingness and there is joy in the universe. O Lord, thanks to you we were born with the potential to evolve faster and higher but that potential is dormant in most of us because most of us have not activated it by true belief in you and in proper thinking and proper living with the good values you wish us to adopt and live every day of our lives. O, Lord, give us comfort when we need it and give us strength mentally and physically when we need them to do your work. O, Lord, let our families live in peace and be contented as your forces of evolution work automatically on us to make us the new people who you wish to emerge. Give us wisdom to look upon our own failings and those of our kind and to treat ourselves and our kind with gentleness so that we may improve. O, Lord, we see your spirals everywhere and we know you are near. O, Creator, some say you do not exist and that everything is part of the natural order of things and that there is no personality and intelligence within the natural order.  I say they are mistaken and I choose to believe as I believe.  Some others also choose to believe in you and if they are mistaken, so what? O, Lord, I praise you for revealing a little of yourself to me on that rainy day when I was very young.  I was awe struck as you caused the clouds to part and to hear the singing of your holy chorus and in seeing your pure light shine through on to me. Truly I was changed at that moment and my life course was sent in a new direction to be your humble servant. O, Lord, we pray to you for your continued love of our kind and we ask that you send us the strength to stand in the face of our many enemies and that we continue to grow and separate as a new people born in the midst of White people but starting to separate even from our own genetic kind who do not believe as we believe and who do not live as we live and who do not share our values given to us by your Holy Blessing. O, Lord of All, thank you for letting us understand that we can change our DNA for the better through the use of our minds and by correct living and that we must do the right things in order to evolve ever higher with greater intelligence, higher consciousness, stronger more beautiful bodies, longer lives, happier attitudes, and a greater joy in helping you. Dear Lord of the Universe, the most devout among us shall look different on purpose so that they and the world will know they are devoted to you. They shall cover their heads and wear plain clothes and bear your sacred symbols boldly. And, when some say that they should just try to blend in with everyone else but still have the same strong religious faith, they shall reply that blending in in such a manner robs them of the sense of community and creates weakness.  No, the most devout will wear different clothes, cut their hair certain ways, bear the symbols and they will be proud of their differences as signs that they are not afraid to profess their faith in the one true God. And, God willing, they will be protected for he shall look over them and repay them for their loyalty to him in times easy and hard. And, dear Lord, we shall each of us who is awakened try to produce as many children from our bodies as is possible for we know that each child of our kind is worth a thousand prayers. Give us the strength, O Lord, to keep our blood pure and to make it ever more pure.  Lead us in your righteous and pure ways, O Lord of the Universe.  You have selected us, O Lord, and we chose to believe in you before all else.

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