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SUMMARY: No intent is needed to harm you on the part of some other organisms, including non-White humans, as their very presence may harm you.

We all know that certain germs can harm or kill us and we also know that they have no intent to harm or kill us. 

Well, the same principle applies to non-White humans. They don't have to have an intent to harm you and may actually be great people who are fair and honest and who always try to do the right things according to their lights. They may be fun to be around, to socialize with and to live near.  However, because they are non-White but can mate with Whites they pose an existential danger to Whites. To be White one must have a White father and a White mother.  There is no other way.

Beyond the mating danger, some of us also believe that there is a danger to Whites who are around many non-Whites from the discarded genes that the non-Whites leave behind. [Note: Everyone discards genes in the environment simply by being there.] Touch a light switch or a table or a wall or a pencil and you have left your genes there in your DNA.

And, there are those who believe that genomes transmit and receive signals or vibrations in the sub-atomic realm which are picked up by like genomes but when Whites live among non-Whites, the non-White genomes give off discordant signals that interfere with the purity of the signals by and between White genomes, much like radio stations will sometimes interfere with the signals of other radio stations. This leads to many problems for Whites and few understand the source of these problems simply because they are at the sub-atomic level below our ordinary consciousness.

For all of these reasons, our tradition teaches that Whites must separate out from all non-Whites and not mingle or socialize with them as best they can.

However, what about the ethical and moral issues of separating out from all non-Whites? The simple answer is that there are no genuine issues in this regard and you have not been put here to live with those unlike you. It is your individual and group choice to live near or far from anyone else for whatever reason you may have. It's your business exclusively. Unfortunately our present culture seems to want to force Whites to live with non-Whites.  Our present culture is very wrong and is harmful to Whites and for White survival and White happiness.

Our tradition says that we must survive and that we are selected for a special destiny but that we have to make it so by living right and by breeding only White and by being a separate people for all times.

As we look around us we see many Whites ensnared by the evil and who are miscegenating and are thus using their White seeds or White eggs to produce non-White children instead of breeding only White and producing only White children. This is a great evil and those who do this are to be avoided as much as possible. They are helping with our genocide by their actions. It must always be remembered: It takes two White parents to produce a truly White child. 

Remember, too, life is short.  You must make more like yourself before you pass on so you will be part of the future and remain alive within our collective White genome. Accidents and early deaths happen and many are taken from us well before their time. If they had White children, the deceased are are still with us. Taken understanding from this and seek to have as many pure White children as soon in your life as possible. Don't be a childless dead-ender.

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