Brown, black and blender
by H. Millard (c) 2004
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Can't get a handle on why President Bush is leaving our borders open and why he wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens and why he's allowing in more and more people from all over the Third World? Here's a just-right-porridge theory on this. Maybe you'll think this has some merit. Maybe you won't. See what you think.

Before proceeding, however, we need to understand that the massive immigration, legal and otherwise, that we see happening in America is also happening world wide and we need to fearlessly tell the truth: what is going on is that the non-white Third World is invading the white First World--often euphemistically called the Western World. This is happening partly because the white First World is less populated than the non-white Third World and has a low birth rate. In other words, the white First World is creating unfilled societal niches and a vacuum that are being filled by others who find white First World nations more desirable than their own non-white Third World nations. Think: "nature abhors a vacuum," but in human terms.

It is also a simple fact of existence that all living things tend to gravitate to where they are more comfortable, and the white First World is more comfortable than the non-white Third World. In addition, living things, no less than electricity or water, seek the path of least resistance. Immigrants will continue flowing into white First World nations so long as these white First World nations remain more comfortable than the non-white Third World nations and so long as these white First World nations present an ersatz human vacuum, and offer only minor resistance to the immigration. If white First World nations become more uncomfortable, if their populations rise, and if the resistance is increased, massive immigration will slow down and eventually stop.

The invasion is being facilitated by our modern mass transportation and is being enabled by white people who have been conditioned and brow beaten into a collective aracial state of mind where they believe, or are forced to pretend they believe, that race doesn't exist and that all people are fungible. Replace this white person in Holland or Denmark or France or Germany or the U.S. or any other traditionally white nation with this non-white person, and those caught up in aracial race-doesn't-exist thinking won't say anything. And, if they do say something, it'll usually be couched in PC terms about these others not assimilating. In other words, it's okay, to hear some people tell it, if these nations become non-white so long as the invaders become darker versions of the people already there. Thus, to those who think this way, the invaders are okay in, say, Germany, so long as these invaders wear lederhosen and speak German. Somehow, that's supposed to make them German and okay.

Let's not shrink from the truth. If we really want to be honest, we have to admit that we can't intelligently discuss the present immigration situation unless we also discuss race and ethnicity. The reality of the human condition is that genes matter as much with us as they do with birds or ants or plants or any other living things. People build their societies in certain ways depending on their genes as surely as birds build certain types of nests depending on their genes. The so-called Western World is the way it is because of the dominant genes that built it. And, the rest of the world is the way it is because of the dominant genes that built it also. Maybe we humans are too close to ourselves to see this or maybe we're just too arrogant and give so-called free will too much credit for our actions. If we could see us as we can see ants, we'd realize that this type of human ant builds this type of ant hill and this other one builds this other type.

With the above as background; say you believe that the cause of most human conflicts is the result of what you think are not real, but just "perceived" differences between races, religions and nations. In other words, your senses are lying to you. White people are the same as black people and yellow people and brown people and red people. And in religions, why, they all believe the same things when reduced to their basics. Nations? Artificial fences to separate people who are all the same.

Say you further believe that the way to avoid conflicts is to eliminate what you (wrongly) think are these false perceived differences between races, religions and nations and blend all races, religions and nations together.

Say you're President George W. Bush or any of a number of other leaders who appear to believe the statements in the two prior paragraphs. I call people with these views: Blenders. In their purest, most radical form, Blenders want to blend away all human differences in favor of a one size fits all plain wrap human type.

As a powerful Blender, what steps might you take to try to make our world a peaceful place of milk and honey (at least in your mind)? Right. You'd probably use your power and influence to try to blend away differences--remove the extremes--and end up with a conformist average. You would try to eliminate the too hot and the too cold porridge and end up, like Goldilocks, with the just right porridge in the middle--the bland and conformist Tan Everyman clustered under the center of the bell curve in all characteristics. He's not too dark. He's not too light. He's just right. He's not too tall. He's not too small. He's just right. He's not too smart. He's not too dumb. He's just right.

But, how do you get people to blend together genetically in a so-called free society? First, you might "educate" the public to believe that there are no racial differences worth spit. You might also enact laws promoting integration. Then, you'll always deny that any differences exist. Your big lie, that you'll repeat over and over again is that race doesn't exist. You might even go so far as to run people out of town on a rail if they indicate there are racial differences. Remember Jimmy the Greek? Poor Jimmy was praising black athletes, but he got fired because his praise indicated that blacks have different musculature than whites. A physician in France received similar treatment when he started lowering the black infant mortality rate by delivering black babies earlier than he would deliver white babies. His theory is that blacks have a slightly shorter gestation period than whites. Now there's a controversy over a new heart medicine that doesn't seem to work very well in whites, but saves black lives. Darn racist pill. There are those who are trying to hide the fact that this black heart pill works on blacks and not on whites. Such racially specific medicine just gives evidence to the notion that people aren't just different because of different skin colors but that they are different from the blueprint on up. To understand that there are such differences starts a whole cascade of ideas that the Blenders don't want to happen.

Anyway, your goal, if you are a Blender, remember, is to convince everyone that there are no real racial differences. The second thing you might do is to look at the racial demographics of your nation. Is it too white? Let in more blacks, browns and yellows. Is it too black? Allow in whites, browns and yellows. Then, try to keep the various races from finding their identity in their race, and constantly throw them together in all sorts of social situations so that the mating instinct will take over and they'll tend to meet and mate. It's really no more complicated than that. If you are a Blender you don't have to know much about genetics. All you have to do is work with percentages of various racial hues to come up with the result you want. This is so, because as most aware white people know, skin color is more than just skin color. It is an outward marker for a whole host of differences. Work as though you're mixing paint to help arrive at a blended color, and adjust the percentages of different peoples you allow in to get the color you want. Soon, most people will carry genes from all racial groups and will find it difficult to identify with any race. Your hope is that this will help end racial conflicts. Since you don't believe that people are different, it doesn't matter that your children or grandchildren don't look like you. This brown one is the same as this black one or this white one or this yellow one.

What about religious conflicts? Same principle. To accomplish religious blending, you would encourage ecumenism and outreach efforts by different religions to "understand" each other. In fact, what you really want to happen is for those who are meeting and talking to abandon those parts of their religions that may conflict with other religions. As a Blender you probably don't mind that our various religions carry different names so long as their rough edges are filed down so that all religions are "tolerant" and accepting of other religious views. What you are aiming for is a consensus religion and you'll using well known psychological principles to bring most people on board and find consensus. You'll have a religion that is not too this and not too that, but just right. And, what about those religious believers in various religions who really do believe that God is in charge, not humans, and that they must obey God even if what they think He wants isn't PC? As a Blender, you will try to discredit these people as fanatics so that others will avoid them and accept your mild, middle of the bell curve beliefs.

What about national conflicts? Promote globalism, which is just Blending in the area of economics and social structures.

If you, dear reader, have trouble understanding why Bush is motivated to have the U.S. have open borders, ask yourself if the above, or some variation of the above, might explain his words and actions. If you still don't get it, take a look at the next George Bush on the scene--George P. Bush, of Florida--who is half Mexican. The Bush family is blending itself. That's right, folks, the next George Bush is a mestizo.

I know the views contained in this column aren't ones shared by all who are concerned about illegal immigration, and I know that it is de rigueur to try to run away from race and ethnicity by saying things such as "We don't mind legal immigration, we just don't want illegal immigration." However, if this is the case, then why are so many people upset that Bush wants to legalize all illegal aliens? If they're made legal, would that make them okay with those who focus on legal versus illegal?

Unless we understand the world wide dynamic of what's going on with the movement of populations and related issues, we'll never be able to solve our problems and the United States will fall to Third World levels.

The above can be summed up this way: Behind many of the troubling things we see going on in the world today is a philosophy or world view of Blending, even though few people call it that. Some might call blending by another term: soft genocide.

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