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fylfot"Man, you're gonna say I've fallen down a voodoo hole, but I'm telling you there are invisible connections--subatomic particles, waves, rays, things unseen--in the universe and it is these unseen things that are behind the law of karma and many other things that we don't yet understand. Why do you think that Arman says we always have to have sacred symbols--especially Arman's fylfot--on us and why some are tattooing them on their bodies so they'll never be without them? These symbols are like buttons and knobs and levers to the ultimate.

"How do they work? Hell if I know. Look, if we take apart an adding machine from the '50's we can pretty much understand how it works because there are visible levers and connections that we can see. However, if we take apart a computer we don't see those things. How can it be possible for us to touch a computer screen and have something happen? Where are the levers? It's something like that with these symbols and other stuff. Do this, or look at this, or pray this way, and this happens, but we don't see the levers and don't understand, but I'm telling you the levers are there.

"There's some kind of logic to all this, but it's too complex for us to figure out. I figure that we can sometimes tap into these unseen forces, if we have the right stuff inside, by using the right words and symbols and prayers and wishes and curses and thoughts and actions. Of course, there's nothing new in that. Many religions have similar beliefs about such things.

"Sometimes when strange things happen, some people say they're just coincidences. I say those who think this way are just superstitious fools. Coincidence, my ass. When the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated in 2003 over Palestine, Texas, was it a coincidence that Israel's first astronaut was on board or that George Bush is from Texas? Israel, Palestine, Bush? I think some sort of cosmic connection was made and that the destruction of the shuttle was a karmic act or message of some type.

"What about the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother? For several days after the murders, the name most often mentioned in connection with this horrible crime was that of Matt Hale who headed up a church that doesn't believe in a god or other hidden things. Hale's religion seems to be rational and logical and not at all interested in the things unseen, and he and his followers would probably be the first to say that such things are nonsense. Yet, the murders and the alleged murderer, Bart Ross, whose birth name was Bartlomiej Ciszewski, seem karmic given the background of Hale, Lefkow and Ross.

"And what about the state screwing Hale and not letting him practice law because they didn't like his religious beliefs? Yeah, I know they don't put it that way, but that's what it seems to amount to. More bad karma against the legal system.

"Look, all I'm saying is that there is a higher power and if you put out good vibes and if you treat all people fairly and honestly and don't try to take advantage of them and don't try to screw them over, or smear and destroy them, then good things come back to you, but if you mess with people and treat them like dirt as has been done to Hale, the hidden forces of nature or the higher power may send bad things back to you to balance the scales in some way that may not make much sense to us, but which make perfect sense to nature or the higher power.

"This past week we also witnessed a feeding frenzy of white haters who seemed to want to outdo each other in their blood libel of aware white people.

"As soon as the murders were announced, the creeps started shrilly screaming that it was probably the work of "white supremacists" sent by Hale via secret coded messages.

"Oh, they're a clever lot, these creeps. They know better than to smear all white people, even though it's probably all white people that they really hate, so they were careful to narrow their smears to "white supremacists"--read, any white people with some awareness of their whiteness.

"Anyone with half a brain realizes that this is just a trick to keep white people in line and from thinking for themselves about the big questions of existence, which must, of necessity, deal with genes, race, religion, ultimate meaning, and, along the way, with the hidden forces of nature.

"Some things are just cosmically wrong. You don't need to know a lot about the law to know right from wrong in cases such as Hale's or in the attack on Waco and Ruby Ridge . These things are just wrong. They cry out to the heavens for justice because they're so wrong. Maybe when some things are cosmically wrong, no one has to curse or wish harm on others. Maybe the hidden forces of nature just move all on their own. Then again, maybe it really is just all about coincidences."

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