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Black Holes

"Ha!" said Homeless Jack. "Scientists have just discovered that so called black holes not only destroy but that they also help stars come into existence. Arman has been saying that for years. So, once again, science gets on the same page as Arman. Arman says that the black holes are just one version of the spinning and spiraling that is the basis for existence. He says they're a little like the mythical cornucopias and that they're the engines of creation and destruction and cause the shuffling that has led to life.


"Do you want Immortality? Well, you can believe in the things that most mainstream religions teach about some fancy digs in the sky, and which they have never been able to prove, or you can stay agnostic about that belief and at the same time you can accept the fact, as taught by Arman, that you can find genuine immortality right through your genes.

"Arman points out the simple scientific truth that when we mate, our children get half of our genes and half of our mate's genes. He says that if the two halves are in tune with each other, which means that they come from two people who have the same general genotype and phenotype, then the fusion that takes place creates a harmonious whole and both parents live on through their children and their children's children. This will go on until the chain is broken by someone in the line mating unwisely. If any of your descendents break the chain, then your immortality is ended in their branch of your family. They may continue on with your family name, but they won't really be part of your family or your line. Those who mate unwisely kill you, man. They wipe you out. That's when you really die. You see, two similar halves are necessary for immortality. Two dissimilar halves don't create the right fusion.

The Scales

"When your life is over and when all the things that you have done in your short life are weighed with black tokens thrown on the left pan of the big scale for the bad things you've done and white tokens thrown on the right pan for the good things, you will come out a lot better if you have multiplied to your maximum and have had many children. Children count for a lot on these scales, and they can outweigh many bad things. Also, this isn't on point here, but don't forget that Arman says our real life span is between 1,200 and 1,500 years and that our descendents will live that long if the teachings are followed.

Eggs & Sperm

"It is believed that a woman is born with all the eggs she'll ever have during her lifetime while a man constantly replenishes his sperm. Arman says that even if it is eventually shown that women can replenish their eggs (as seems to be the case in mice), that it will be proven to be a very slow process. Arman says that the eggs are supposed to be relatively constant and stable and not subject to fast changes and that's why women don't replenish them the way men replenish sperm. He also says that sperm, on the other hand, are capable of picking up changes from the inner and outer environment relatively quickly and that this allows for necessary adaptations in the line in a fairly short period of time and helps the line survive changing circumstances. In other words, the eggs change very slowly to maintain sameness and continuity of type and the sperm change so that children can be better adapted to changing conditions. According to Arman, this is one of the mechanisms of evolution and that by understanding this, we can better understand the process of willed evolution that was revealed to him.

"I'll tell you more, man. Look at how human eggs are fertilized. It's all part of the big struggle. Anywhere from 200 million to 500 million sperm head out to try to fertilize a single egg. Weak ones are left in the dust. Strong ones move forward and struggle mightily to be the one. Only one makes it. And, the one that succeeds does so because it may be better adapted to do so given a wide variety of circumstances including what the weather in the world outside is like at the moment. The sperm and their seminal fluid environment are affected by many things. Is the male providing the sperm sick or under stress? What is his diet? What has he done in life up to this point? Has he used drugs? Has he used or been exposed to any harmful chemicals or medicines? And, yes, his sperm is affected by whether or not he is a believer in Arman's teachings.

"But, look at the bigger picture, man, because it related to all of existence. Why should all the sperm cells struggle so hard to fertilize the egg? What's in it for them?

"They struggle because that's built into existence. It's part of the spinning. And, they struggle because they want to survive. Just as in the world of humans, existence is a winnowing process with the sperm cells. Why is the struggle built in to existence? Because that's the way we improve and evolve and move higher. That's the way we move to ever higher consciousness. The struggle goes on whether we're aware of it or not, man. Arman says that once we are aware of it, we can accept it and use it.

"We should all love the struggle and not hate it, because it is important. If you let the struggle get you down so that you just want to give up, you are like those sperm cells that don't make it, man. The struggle is eternal. When we reach the time in our existence when we are surrounded by fellow believers, the struggle will still continue among the believers. That's as it should be. There is no rest. There is no sleep. We must struggle on. The struggle never ends; it never will. If it did, existence would not be. Arman teaches how to struggle righteously and in the right direction.

"The sperm that wins the struggle to fertilize the egg is, by definition, the most fit under the circumstances because it prevailed in the conditions that then existed while others did not. Maybe the sperm that won the right to fertilize the egg was more adapted to the cold or heat or whatever other conditions existed and the resultant child will carry the genes brought to it through that sperm that was so adapted. Get it? It's part of what Arman calls Willed Evolution. We can will our own evolution by controlling internal and external environments to that we move as a people in a certain evolutionary direction that has been revealed to Arman as the best one for our people. And, is there a big mystery in what this means? Not really. Arman says that we are to evolve toward the ideal for our kind. How do we know we're going in the right direction? Our eyes will tell us, man.

"If you've been following all these things I've been telling you for months, you can start to understand that everything is connected from black holes to sperm to you name it. Arman has it all wrapped up in his teachings. There are no loose ends. It all makes perfect sense.

A few basic things to know:

"Here are a few more basic things you should know," said Jack:

1. Everything is simple, it is only the explanation that is complex.
        2. Seemingly minor changes in things often result in major differences.
        3. The struggle is eternal.
        4. It is not the similarities between different types of humans that are important but the differences.
        5. Evolution requires that we be different and remain different and that we not allow ourselves to be blended back into the masses of humanity.
        6. The spinning is the creative and destructive force of existence. At different times, the spinning looks like a swastika or a wheel or a circle or a spiral. We see it throughout nature in storms and in water draining from our sinks and in galaxies far away in space and even in the way our bodies develop or trees grow.
        7. There are forces, links and correspondences throughout existence that affect one another. Some are seen and some are not. Some of these forces are behind synchronicity, karma, coincidences and luck. 8. We can will our evolution.


"Also this week, man, there was a poll showing the effect of the blender brainwashing. According to the poll, Americans now overwhelmingly favor interracial dating. Arman says that's to be expected and it, too, is just part of the struggle. Arman says that not all our people are going to move forward with us and that it is part of the job of believers to try to awaken as many of our people as possible through all means possible, but that those who can't be awakened are probably like the sperm cells that don't fertilize the egg. They will die off and their lines will be destroyed. Winnowing, again, man. The big spiral is winnowing us just like it winnows sperm cells. Only a few will survive. They will be the next ones. They will be the ones above; who are born out of the believers. Have no doubt about the fact that there is a separation going on even as you read these words. The chaff is being removed from the grain. Those who are coming to these and similar beliefs--no matter what these beliefs are called--are the ones who will go forward."

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