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Have you noticed that never Trumpers Mitt Romney and Mike Lee suddenly support President Trump as he seems to be leaning toward naming Amy Comey Barrett  to the Supreme Court?  Wonder why?  Are they suddenly Trump fans? Nope. Not likely. Instead, it might be because they believe that Barrett is really a closet lefty, like them, and in her case hides her true beliefs behind a fig leaf of "conservative" bona fides based on little more than her Catholic upbringing position that abortion is bad.

But more than possibly being a closet lefty, Ms. Barrett may suffer from a Great White Mother complex.  This is a term I coined years ago to describe White women who do things such as going out of their way to help non-Whites over the interests of Whites.  

You'll see many of them among the rioters in the streets these days, and who in some cases adopt Black children instead of White children.  Ms. Barrett has done exactly this.  Why didn't she adopt a couple of the many White children right here in the U.S. who need adoption?  Why did she go out of her way to adopt two Black children from Haiti?

In my definition of the Great White Mother (also Great White Father) complex, I see a usually subconscious feeling of superiority on the part of the GWM or GWF that has them believe that they are saviors of non-Whites and that since Whites, even White orphan children, are superior they don't need help. 

In their mind's eye the GWMs and GWFs are something like the character Lord Jim who is carried on the shoulders of the "inferior" non-Whites who praise them as saintly but suffering for racial justice human beings who try to protect non-Whites from evil White racists who are, in their minds, mostly all other Whites except the GWM or GWF. *

So, if I'm right, what happens if Barrett becomes a Supreme Court Justice?  Well, she may become a very liberal vote on issues involving so-called social justice issues, forced integration, putting projects in the suburbs, slavery reparations, castrating the second amendment, and the like.

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*Trivia alert: I appeared in the off-off Broadway stage version of Lord Jim when I was acting in NYC years ago.
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