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Evolution is an integral part of existence. Its simplest definition is "change."  Evolution exists because everything in existence moves both internally and often externally. Evolution is everywhere. In the larger spheres we call it cosmic evolution and this involves all the changes throughout all of existence with galaxies, stars and planets.   Cosmic evolution writ small is organic evolution. And, this is what most concerns us as human organisms.

We Whites have evolved from earlier types of humans just as they evolved from even earlier types in a chain going all the way back to the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the minerals that we call life.

Many of us believe that we Whites are the new model human on this dark planet and that we are selected to be the ones to move humankind higher and holier by being the ones who can make the leap across the threshold into full specieshood and become more than human--the Ubermensch.  And, for some of us, this is more than just an idle thought, it is an essential, central, and foundational part of our religious beliefs that can never be changed.

Organisms are always diverging and splitting off as nature automatically works to modify organisms so they are better adapted to ever changing conditions. This often leads to creating new species out of the old and also is  often the elimination of the old  species if they are no longer as capable as the new ones. 

Race (called variety in some other species) is a major step on the path to specieshood. Different races of humans show the divergence caused by evolution.  If a race (or variety) breeds true and is isolated and if some other conditions are met, it will often evolve into a new species.  This is what happened with the well known finches on the Galapagos Islands that Darwin wrote about.

However, the move to being a separate species is not pre-ordained.  if there is gene flow via miscegenation, between the nascent species and the one it is diverging from, the speciation process is stopped and reversed and the ones heading toward speciation are often reabsorbed into the main population and speciation does not occur.  This is what Whites face today if we breed with non-Whites.  If Whites mate with non-Whites, we will be absorbed back into the larger population of non-Whites and speciation along our pure White path will not occur and we will disappear from existence.

We Whites came into existence and became the dominant and virtually only race in Europe because we evolved with adaptations that make us better suited for conditions there.  We believe that some of our adaptations are general ones, which are usually better than specific ones because general adaptations allow us to live in many different environments and thrive, while specific ones tend to limit an organism to one type of environment and will often lead to their extinction when things inevitably change.

But, there is a problem for our White path evolution. Too many Whites are pathological altruists and they rush off to non-White lands and help non-Whites survive conditions of various types that would naturally hold down their populations. And when this happens--due to this unnatural intervention by pathological Whites--the non-Whites live to breed more like themselves until they overflow their own lands and then invade our lands and enter our gene pools where they spread their genes.  Then, similar to the way  sexually transmitted diseases spread, these non-White genes spread through the population and "infect" Whites and destroy White family lines.

Such pathological altruism by Whites towards other kinds of humans that can breed with us is insane and is helping them win the struggle for survival against us.  Have no doubt about this, they can and will destroy us simply by mating with us. They will, in effect, love us to death as a distinct type. And, it bears repeating that they don't need to hate us or mean us any harm.  Their very presence is harmful to our White genome whether they are good, decent people who mean well or not.   

Those of us who try to live good, decent, peaceful and righteous lives always looking to improve and better ourselves and to love justice, mercy, wisdom and compassion in accord with the best ways of our people believe the above about our selection and the evolutionary path we are on from revelations and from our knowledge of the way existence works.  And, we believe we are commanded to work for our evolution and transformation, both as individuals and as a people.

We Whites are not here to harm other kinds or to be mean spirited or hateful toward any kinds of organisms including other humans.  But, we must protect ourselves and our kind and we must follow the Divine commands we are given to separate and seek our evolution for ourselves alone.

We know that not all of us or our descendants will reach full specieshood.  That is not the way evolution works.  It usually starts with one who has genes that gives him or her a survival advantage of some kind, and this person then tends to produce more offspring and these offspring inherit the advantageous genes and spread them through the population. In time, if all goes right, the whole population has those genes. This is one of the reasons why we believe our revelations command us to have as many White children as our bodies will allow. We need great numbers of us to help our evolution along.

As we struggle for our survival, our expansion and our evolution as Whites along a pure White path, we ourselves must open our own doors and step through on our own.  The Divine help that has been given us has two parts. The first part got us to this point where we carry the genetic potential to move higher. The second part is to reveal the truth to show us the way.  Now, it is up to us to choose wisely.

We have reached the point where school is out and we must consciously move ourselves forward.  There are no free rides.  If we fail and do not heed the commands to stay White in all ways, we may fail and go extinct.

One way of thinking about all of this is to think of automobiles as though they were races of humans.  Some are earlier models, some are later models.  We Whites are the latest model and we have some different engineering in us, but the automobile that is us won't drive itself.  We have to take the wheel and make all the right moves.  If we prove ourselves incapable, the contest will still go on and the Divine Plan will work with others to achieve what the Ineffable Divine wishes to achieve.  It is up to us to make sure we win the struggle for survival, expansion and evolution.

It is important to understand that our selection does not make us better than other humans or even other organisms. There is no reason for arrogance or bragging and our selection is more a burden upon us, because we are expected to be holier and to not give in to things that other kinds can do with no restrictions from the Ineffable Divine. Our selection just makes us different as other kinds are also different from us and from others.  The term "better," really has no meaning in describing different organisms. There is no better organism across the board. Each different type is different because it is engineered a little differently and has advantages and disadvantages over other kinds. It is this way with White humans.  And, the question is whether or not our engineering differences will help us survive and cross the threshold.  We say that they will, but, again, we must make it so.

Many pro-White Whites think a lot about politics.  This is good, and some such thinking is necessary, but there is much more to existence.   And, we must never let politics or other secondary things--things that are the products of our minds--replace what is essential and primary about us--our White DNA Code (aka White genome) that we are born with.  If we wrongly believe secondary things are primary, we forget who and what we are and our purpose for being here and we substitute these secondary things for what is primary. That is the path to extinction.

You've no doubt heard some deceived Whites say that we must save western culture or western society or similar things, and you've heard some say that it is the nation that is most important or a political or economic system that is first and foremost..  These things just mentioned are all secondary.   Your DNA Code--your White genome--should always, always, always be first and foremost and the most important thing in your mind.  It is essential to who you are as an individual and to who we are as a distinct people.

To be clear, what is that purpose for being here?  It is to improve, to perfect, to purify, to be holy and to evolve ourselves and our kind so we move ever higher towards that which we can call by various names (none of which are really adequate) such as God, the First Cause, the Higher Power, the Ineffable Divine and hundreds of other names that humans have invented to try to describe that which we lack exact words to describe.

Our evolution--our transformation--is not just limited to the mind as is taught in many other religions, it is a physical and genetic change. Of course, it does also have a change in our minds--in our way of thinking about things. Our Teachings say there are three things required of us to take the path higher: Right Blood (aka White DNA Code, aka White genome), Right Belief, and Right Action.  Everything else is subsumed under these three headings.

This is something that most other faiths don't understand. Some of them believe that simply living right or praying right or engaging in the correct rituals or exercises is what is required for some sort of transformation, or getting to some sort of heaven or paradise, and that all humans can take the same path. They are mistaken.  A chicken can't become a cow just by doing the right things.  There must be a genetic transformation for it to happen.

For us to evolve higher there must be a genuine physical and genetic transformation.  The DNA Code must be changed for us to truly evolve.  Our White transformation does begin by doing  things such as living right, etc. but the goal is to cause a DNA Code transformation both in the here and now and in our offspring. Because we are born with a special and unique DNA Code--which is reflected both externally and internally in our White morphology--we have the potential that is found in these right parts to make it happen. We have the keys to the path upward within us as raw, sleeping potential that we must awaken.

We must think about the biology of who and what we are and in doing so we must go deeper than just thinking about the person we see in the mirror. We must always consider our DNA Code from which all else--politics, society, art, science, daily living, indeed everything that involves us as White humans--flows. What is essential and primary is our White DNA Code. It is the fountain head, the blueprint and the recipe that has made each one of us. 

Never forget this.  Never let the haters of Whites or those who simply do not understand the reality of the DNA Code tell you that your race doesn't matter.  Remember, your race is the direct product of your DNA Code and just as your DNA Code is primary, so too is your race as a White person. Your DNA Code, your race, and the person you see in the mirror are inseparable. They are one. 

Do not be deceived as are many who substitute things of the mind for what is of primary importance, your DNA Code.  Things of the mind can be changed as easily as changing socks.  Your DNA Code, that you were born with, is primary. Your existence does not depend on secondary things. It depends on your DNA Code now and into the future in your descendents.

And when we do think about biology--who we are as living, thinking beings--we should also think about the bigger questions of existence: Why are we here?  Does life have a purpose?  Is there a God? How shall we live our lives?  What happens when we die?

There is some psychological benefit in a belief that some part of us, usually called a soul or spirit, lives on after our bodies wear out.  We see no benefit in questioning this. Believe it if it gives you comfort.  However, do not put off living a full, good, kind and righteous life while producing many pure White children.  Live your life now as though it is all you will ever have, be fruitful and multiply yourself, but it's okay to believe the harmless things that give you comfort.

So, finally, we believe the Ubermensch and then all Ubermenschen will have these characteristics:

1.  Will be "Whiter," inside and out.

2   Can't  produce viable children with non-Whites.

3.  Will be very fertile and will have many White children.

4.  Will have a longer, healthier life and will be immune from some diseases that other kinds of humans can get.

5.  Will look much like the ideals of our people as represented in statutes from our earlier White history going back to Greek and Roman days.

6.  Will be more conscious, more intelligent, more intuitive, more shrewd.

From us comes the Ubermensch and from the Ubermensch come the Ubermenschen.

For all we know, the Ubermensch may now be walking among us.  If so, hopefully, he or she will multiply and spread their Ubermensch genes among all White families.

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