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God, the eternal tinkerer of life looked down on the Earth and saw that the first humans he had created were not good, so he tinkered with them some more to produce White people. And God was satisfied and said, now I have the ones who will evolve on their own and in the fullness of time to ever higher states of consciousness and closeness with me as they do my will. They shall become a new species of man replacing the older species as is natural.

Thus might it have been said in an earlier day. Today, we say something similar but we speak in terms of science, and the tinkering with genes apparently happens all on its own to produce mutations of the what went before to become something new.  And, something new in terms of  humans is White people.

Variants of the genes SLC24A5 and SLC24 are responsible for white skin and HER2/OCA2  brought us blue eyes and also appear to be connected to blond hair and also are implicated in light skin.  

Anywhere from about 8,000 years ago to about 5,000 years ago, the above genes mutated and transformed people in Europe to make modern White people and in doing so they made major steps in making White people a separate human species.  But, the job is not complete and since Whites can still bear viable offspring with non-Whites we are not generally considered as a separate species.  It is our purpose and our job to help Whites cross the threshold to complete specieshood by any rational definition of the term.

We as individuals must let the Great White Genome do its work in evolving us further toward specieshood  by supplying the raw materiel it needs--more White people. The higher the birthrate the higher the number of mutations. It's just math. And, remember it often takes just one tiny mutation in one individual to make a massive change in a people.

How important is just one mutation in just one individual to our White kind?  Well, consider, at present it is believed that a lone individual who lived about 5,000-8000 years ago in Europe was born with blue eyes and this apparently never seen before mutation quickly spread so that today about 40% of Whites have blue eyes.  Actually, the number among Northern Europeans is probably much higher.

We often use the term Aryan to mean non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live. Thus, this term pretty much means all non-Jewish White people regardless of hair or eye color. 

Within the broad Aryan group some of the usual subcategories are listed as Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean, East Baltic, Dinaric.

The Nazis believed that the Nordic type was the ideal Aryan type and this type was described as being of tall stature (average 5'9"), and having long faces, prominent chins, narrow and straight noses with a low bridge, lean builds, skulls that are longer (front to back), straight light hair, light eyes and fair skin.

Today the most blue eyed countries are Estonia and Finland with each having a bout 89% of their population having blue yes. Finland also has the highest blond population of any nation with approximately 65% of the population being blond.

By contrast, the  U.S. today is only about 16% blue eyed and that number is dropping as the increase of non-Whites in the U.S. increases largely as a result of the genocidal 1965 immigration act that has had the effect of  closing the door to White immigrants while throwing it wide open to every type of non-white on the planet.   

No matter the struggles we face to survive, thrive and evolve as we must, doesn't our past evolution speak to the right direction for us?  White skin, blue eyes, fair hair, particular face and head shapes and nose ear and lip shapes and much much more both internally and externally scream out that these are the direction our highest possible evolution must take.  These must be improved and perfected. Our path was set before we even had to think about it.  But now we have to think about it to stay on the path because today we face the greatest threat we have ever faced in history as we can be easily wiped off the planet by miscegenation.

Too many of our misguided kindred mix with non-Whites and this injects into our genome discordant elements and is a step back from the path of Whiteness and upward evolution and is, in fact, devolution...returning to an earlier form prior to our White mutations as mentioned above.

Become MORE White, not less so.  This is the path to your highest destiny.  It is what God wants for you.  

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