23 Like + 23 Like = Like Human Life says Homeless Jack
by H. Millard © 2007

"Listen, man," said Homeless Jack, "let me try to clear up some of the confusion about what some of us believe and preach in Arman's religion.  

"First, look at this.  What do you see?  Correct. You see a piece of black paper with 23 white dots in a semicircle facing to the left and 23 white dots also in a semicircle facing right so that there is just a small space between them at the top and bottom. Two identical halves of 180 degrees each.  You know what those represent, man?  I'll tell you.  They represent 23 male chromosomes about to join with 23 female chromosomes to start a new life of one of our people and complete the harmonious white circle containing 360 degrees. Don't get it?  Never mind, just listen.
"We believe in life, and we see it as an evolutionary result of the spinning that started everything and which keeps everything from blinking out.  We also believe that we have reached the stage of our existence where we can and must will our own evolution.  We also believe that we must have as many children in our image as possible for this to be possible.  We believe that God has revealed his will and has given us instructions via revelations, but that it is up to us to follow the instructions. In other words, man, He gave us the furniture in a box, but we have to read His instructions and make the stuff if we want the final product to be assembled to suit us.
"Don't misunderstand us, man. We're not into eugenics where we try to hold down our birthrate to produce just the so-called best and brightest. We think that's a mistake in this day.  Instead, we believe that we must have massive numbers of those who carry all 46 of our people's unique chromosomes.  We'll evolve through quantity, man.  Quality will naturally follow as God sorts things out via the constant spinning. Our duty is to produce as many of us as possible. That's completely necessary.  We must teem and swarm, man.  We need our people to fill all niches of society from ditch diggers to scientists and every crevice and inch of land possible.  
"If every believer produces as many children in his or her image as possible, God will have the material to sort it out as He wants.
"Many things naturally flow from our belief that we are commanded to produce as many children as possible in our own image. For example, that's why we oppose abortion, suicide, wars that are fought for any reason other that to protect our genes, and why we try to avoid anything that would recklessly shorten our lives.  See, we live to breed and we breed to live.  Long lives for believers is what we seek because then we can produce more of us. Dead people don't have kids, man.
"Most of us take a live and let live view of all life and prefer neither to intervene for or against those unlike us. We do not believe that living things have a predetermined destiny either as individuals or as groups of like individuals and that those who understand this and who have the potential can help direct their destiny by their choices.
"We see our existence as being a little like we're on sailboats, man.  We're riding on an ocean with waves and currents and we're in the middle of various winds blowing different ways. If we have the right equipment and the right understanding and if we take the right actions, we can direct the boat to some degree. We believe that most people--including our own people--are asleep and adrift and are carried this way and that by forces that they don't even think about or which they think about incorrectly. Arman teaches that we are to awaken as many of our people as possible and expose them to the truth. Then it's up to them to accept or not accept them and either begin living consciously and willing their evolution or not. In order for free will to work properly, people need to know the choices.
"It's worth repeating, because this faith is always in tune with true science just as God is in tune with true science, that every human has 46 chromosomes and these carry our genes which are made up of DNA--the spiral of life or the spinning within, as we sometimes say.
"When a male and a female mate, each contributes 23 of his or her chromosomes to the new life that will be formed. So, the male's sperm has 23 chromosomes and the female's egg has 23 chromosomes--just half a human each.  When the 23 and the 23 combine, the reaction starts that creates a new life. That is the moment that life begins--when the 23 and the 23 combine.
"Now, if the male and female are of the same genotype (the blueprint within) and the same phenotype (the outward appearance of the blueprint within) the 23 chromosomes that they each contribute will combine to start a life that is in their image and is truly one with both of them and their people. It's pretty simple.  Mate like with like and your kids look like you and are like you inside. This completes the sacred circle.
"Anyway, that's enough preaching for now, man.  Just remember to breed often and right and things will always work out. Complete as many circles as possible."

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