Mau Mauing America
Copyright © 2005 by Seán Carroll

It’s a daily crap shoot to figure which colored gang will get its ass kissed first by race pandering white politicians. In many places it’s usually the Amerinds. (A sovereign and noble race of drunks). But, judging by news reports, the past few days it happens to be the Negro savages pillaging New Orleans. Although you’ll never hear the race pimps in the print media, the talking heads or talk show hosts (Limbaugh, Hannity or Hedgecock in particular) mention the word "negro," the photographs and video footage of black savagery speak for themselves. Even by CNN and NPR standards, these beasts are definitely not Norwegians. But mark my words, before this is over Wolfowitz, Perle, Chertoff, Rove will be investigating Irish nuns for shooting at relief helicopters.

But then again there are not enough Caucasian males around to fill a phone booth who actually care about what’s happening to America generally and their race in particular. They are busy shopping at Wal Mex, watching baseball, football, basketball, hockey, MTV or pornography. While white women are just there for the taking to whatever gang happens by. And as long as their kidnappings and rapes don’t inconvenience anyone, it’s no problem. Actually Caucasian women don’t seem to be terribly concerned either. In my town they are snatching up Negro males faster than they become available. Actually, if FEMA thought creatively, it could begin relocating the Mau Maus from New Orleans to small communities across the country where there seems to be shortage of self-designated African males for the available Caucasian girls. Thereby accomplishing the dual objectives of government sponsored miscegenation while bringing rural America into the whirlwind of African tribal savagery. What more could you ask for? Baseball, Beer and Boobs have replaced Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the pillars of popular American culture.

In the meantime the treacherous moron from Texas, Presidente Jorge Arbusto, is tirelessly surrendering as much of America as he can to the race of mestizos. Descendants–as they boast with pride–of the barbarous murderers known to history as Aztecs. What a hell of a legacy–Bullfights, dog fights, cock fights, human sacrifice, cannibalism and tortillas. This is what Americans have fought and died for over the past 230 years?

Obviously, with 12 million illegal aliens here, Bush is creating the poisonous conditions that will allow him to invite the UN to enforce international law on American soil. With Bill Clinton as Secretary General, that will be a walk in the park. In the face of this invasion, the only thing the Caucasian male seems worried about is the length and texture of Jay Lo’s pubic hair, Daisy Duke’s tits and whether or not he’ll be able to purchase season ‘bitch seats’ that permit Negro millionaires to leave the floor or field long enough to come into the stands and slap the shit out of him. Absurd you say? Consider that the court already can kill your babies (Roe), murder the handicapped (Shiavo) and take your house (Kelo). Not only that but for the past three years the U.S. Navy has been publishing recruiting pamphlets in Mexican. Are we in the process of turning our military over to the Mexicans as well as the border states? Faced with the increased likelihood of white backlash, how much longer do you think the troika of Bush-Fox-Sharon is going to let you keep your guns? Do you really believe any power on earth will prevent Bush from surrendering us to Kofi Annan and Vincente Fox? Who’s going to stop him? The Democrat perverts and traitors? The Republican whores and thieves? Not friggin likely!

Unless America’s white boys get their collective head out of rectal enfilade, we will most certainly lose this race war. It could already be a done deal. I’m afraid what we are living through now is the lull that precedes occupation. Still, I realize that this condition of subjugation is what the majority of Americans want–as long as it’s convenient, entertaining and the soccer uniforms fit. In spite of that, I simply can’t warm to the idea of voluntarily submitting to the shackles of slavery while the Bushes-Clintons-Kennedys put us to the sword of globalization under UN mandate.

If anyone doubts what a hideous servitude that will be they should acquaint themselves with the barbaric history of UN "peace keeping"operations since 1961. Recall the savagery of Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumuumba and the Mau Maus, the UN was even worse. What we are headed for is the rape (literally and figuratively) of our nation along the lines of New Orleans and Watts but writ in massive letters. Just imagine Ugandan and Mexican TSA thugs at work in every neighborhood in every community across America with less accountability than air passenger screeners are presently subject to. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you then you are a lot tougher–or dumber–than I. Maybe I’m wrong, but I know I’m not.

But, then again, maybe the Cubs will make it all the way this season.



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