Rosario Marin
by H. Millard (c) 2003
H. Millard

The GOP buzzards have begun circling over the Golden State again. They've been sniffing for some dead Democrat meat ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger showed that Republicans can beat the Democrats in crazy post-American America California again. They think they've found some.

We're coming up to an election year and these buzzards figure that Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer may be on her last legs and is dragging her scraggly carcass across the wasteland that this state has become. So, they circle and watch and slobber as they wait to taste more decaying Democrat flesh.

Unfortunately, these buzzards aren't a very bright lot and they don't really know why Schwarzenegger won, or if they do, they're ignoring the real reason: he got the white vote.

It appears that these dumb buzzards have been blinded to reality by focusing their beady little eyes on their own press releases about Hispanic this and Hispanic that and figure they need a Hispanic buzzard to win in the state. Enter stage left, while pretending it's stage right, professional Mexican Senora Rosario Marin. Senora Marin has apparently also gotten a whiff of this decaying flesh and has decided that she is the right ethnicity at the right time for the pandering GOP bigs and has thus announced that she wants to be the GOP candidate to take on Boxer. Before she can do that, however, Marin has to win the Republican primary by defeating former California Secretary of State Bill Jones, former Los Altos Hills Mayor Toni Casey, and former Republican state Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, who all also want to go a few rounds with Boxer and who haven't gotten the message that the GOP bigs want to anoint a Hispanic.

Marin probably figures she'll get White House and Bushpublican support because she served for a time in the do-nothing-minority-in-the-window job of Treasurer of the U.S. under the present Presidente Bush. Great White Father Bush always knows how to put his pet minorities in the front window, and what more visible place to put a Hispanic than in a position where she signs our moolah. Check some of your folding green stuff, if you still have any left after the pro-Third World immigrant, fiscal liberals, including Bush (yes, he is), grabbed most of it from you to pay for freebies for illegal aliens, and you may see Marin's signature. Are you impressed? No? Well, let me lay it out the way the Bushpublicans want you to see it:

Poor little Mexican immigrant girl--sort of a brown version of the matchbox girl--who came to the U.S. when she was fourteen years old not knowing a word of English. Then, because of her hard work, she made good. "Why, boy, that's the 'Merican dream. She just pulled herself up by her boot straps. Then, when President Bush needed someone for that most critical job of signing our money he realized that Marin was the most qualified person in the whole country, by gum, so he convinced her to go to Washington." "Ah," ask the cynics, "exactly what qualifications are required to put your name on a block of metal used to print money?" "Well," answers the choir, "if you're a Bushpublican, the most important qualification is apparently that you be a member of a racial/ethnic minority group, and, these days, it doesn't hurt to be a Hispanic immigrant." Say, did we mention that Presidente Bush's brother JEB, who is the governor of Florida, is married to a Mexican woman and has kids who the first President Bush once called "those little brown ones over there"?

Marin's web site milks the immigrant angle even more as it tries to stretch Arnold Schwarzenegger's halo over Marin based on the fact that they're both "immigrants," as though the essence of Schwarzenegger is his immigrant status--it isn't. "Golly, Mrs. Cleaver, it makes you want to puff up your chest, pledge allegiance to the flag, and sing a verse of America the Beautiful, doesn't it?" Well, maybe not. Of course, Schwarzenegger did use the Spanish expression "Hasta la vista" in a movie, so maybe Marin's campaign can claim that both Marin and Schwarzenegger are alike because of that.

Before being put in the front window signing our money, Marin also served as the Mayor of illegal alien infested Huntington Park, California, a cockroach of a city if ever there were one, and it is this Huntington Park connection that may tell more about Marin than any of the sanitized flan being churned out by her campaign machine that seems to be pushing Marin as a sort of Mexican immigrant combination Ronald Reagan and Horatio Alger in drag. Of course, this is just nonsense but the PR types probably figure most so-called conservative Republicans are so afraid of being called racists that they'll quickly embrace any Hispanic or other minority who sounds conservative, just to show that some of their best friends are.... And, then, these so-called conservatives can be expected to begin salivating and become eager to vote when certain code phrases and words are used. "Free-market economy." (slobber, slobber). "She's an immigrant and we're a nation of immigrants." (slobber, slobber) "She supports President Bush." (slobber, slobber) "She's a conservative." (slobber, slobber).

Of course, given recent election history--in Houston, a white Democrat beat a Hispanic Republican in the mayoral race, and in Louisiana, a white Democrat beat a Republican non-white in the gubernatorial race--you'd think some of the GOP bigs; even though they're a generally dopey and surly lot who mostly seem to be behind the times, would catch on to the fact that the days when their unspoken strategy of ignoring white voters in favor of non-white voters may be over. You can know that you're in the presence of some of these GOP bigs when you hear self-important white guys in suits saying things such as "groovy," and "hey bro' let's rap."

Anyway, if you're not one of the slobbering set, be careful not to confuse Huntington Park--Serf City--with Huntington Beach, which is known around the world as Surf City.

The two Huntingtons are only 33 miles apart as the '55 Chevy drives, but they're a million miles apart in other things. Huntington Park is a high crime, Los Angeles County, Third World slum city. Huntington Beach is a low crime, Orange County, First World non-slum city. About the only thing the two cities have in common is "Huntington" as the first part of their names.

Demographic reports show that Huntington Park is about 98% Hispanic and has an average household income of around $ 27,000. According to a report in the Orange County Register on Dec. 11, 2003, 56 percent of the adult residents of Huntington Park are illegal aliens. Because most of the voting age residents of Huntington Park aren't citizens and can't vote, and thus have no official voice in how their city is run, Huntington Park is now being used as an example to push the stupid notion that non-citizens--including illegal aliens--should be allowed to vote.

The sad reality of Huntington Park is that just a few years ago it was a nice city and was mostly full of white citizens. And, yes, that's exactly what I intended to write. Nice and white do go together in cities, and most nice cities are white. Then, most white citizens were run out of town by Mexican illegal aliens. Could this be the future of all cities in California under a Senator Marin?

The other Huntington--Huntington Beach-- by contrast, is only about 15% Hispanic and has an average household income of around $ 81,310.

The following from the September 24, 1999 Dallas News may help flesh out Huntington Park and Marin for readers:

"HUNTINGTON PARK, Calif.--Rosario Marin is mayor of what she proudly calls 'the most Mexican city outside Mexico.'"

"[S]he [Ms. Marin] took joy in pointing out the unbroken ranks of Spanish-language stores and restaurants. Huntington Park, once a white stronghold, is 98 percent Latino. More than eight in 10 of its residents are ethnic Mexicans, many of them undocumented immigrants.

"'Can you believe it?'" said Ms. Marin, 41. She was wheeling along Pacific Boulevard, past a long row of bridal shops that cater to Latinas. 'Look at all those bridal stores. Look at them!'"

On her Web site, Marin is now whining about "Senora Boxer" (yep, she actually calls Boxer "Senora"), because Boxer is trying to reach out to Hispanics. It seems that Senora Marin wants to be the authentico Taco Belle in the race and doesn't want Boxer to cut into her Hispanic franchise. This attack on Boxer and other things put out by Marin's campaign seem to indicate that Marin's overall strategy is to try to get most of the racist Hispanic vote while still appealing to Bushpublican, neo-conservative whites. Marin's fear, apparently, is that Boxer, as a liberal Democrat, may naturally appeal to enough citizen Hispanics and will take many Hispanic votes away from Marin. And, don't forget, about the only thing Marin has going for her is that she's Hispanic. And, also don't forget that Marin's base is in Huntington Park where, remember, 56% of the people of voting age are illegal aliens and can't legally vote for her even if they wanted to.

My guess is that the GOP will lose ground it recently gained by the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger if Marin becomes the Republican candidate to take on Boxer. And, should Marin actually win the election against Boxer, the state of California will have taken another step toward becoming more like Mexico and less like the United States.

If the GOP buzzards hope to make a meal out of Boxer next year, they'd better start watching their flanks, and they'd better start making friends with the birds of prey who are eyeing them. There's a new Son of 187 petition now being circulated that may energize the same raptors who brought down driver's licenses for illegal aliens and former Governor Gray Davis. These hunters aren't passive scavengers waiting for something to die a natural death. They grab their political meals out of the air in full flight (as they did with former Governor Davis). Senora Marin and GOP buzzards who support her are as much prey to the talons of these winged avengers of America as was Gray Davis.

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