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    Mat 7:6 Mat 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

  "While we were sleeping the Supreme Court burnt the Constitution of the United States of America.
This is no longer the country I was born in and grew up in.
What I learned about the United States Constitution in high school and college no longer applies.
We weren't conquered, we elected our conquerors and they in turn appointed Supreme Court Justices
that instead of interpreting law, mandated law.
The covenant is broken between citizen and government.
We are toast."
- Tyrone N. Butts
Homicide by race chart

    Parents Arrested for Child Neglect - accused of locking up their adopted teen son in a cage
Wilson and Brenda Sullivan
Florida - a local couple Wilson and Brenda Sullivan are under arrest, accused of locking up their adopted teen son in a cage. Dr. Bruce McIntosh with the Children's Crisis Center evaluated the children's medical records. He says the teen is suffering from psychosocial dwarfism and starvation. The couple have at least three adopted children. They are all in protective custody at this time. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Antonio Lavelle KennedyRichland County investigators say a man wanted in connection with the December 21, 2000 shooting of a motel owner has been arrested in Memphis, Tennessee. Antonio Lavelle Kennedy, 33, was arrested February 13th by the Memphis Police Department after being stopped for driving without headlights. Kennedy was wanted in Richland County in connection with the death of Art Mullet. Mullet was the owner/operator of the Scottish Inn motel on Morninghill Drive in Richland County. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    St. Petersburg Police looking for short pockmarked Black with Afro who tried to rape 16-year-old girl
St. Petersburg rapistPolice are looking for a man they say tried to rape a 16-year-old girl while she was on her way to her school bus stop Feb. 25. He grabbed her from behind and ripped her shirt, but she broke free and ran. The man ran after her, caught her and pushed her to the ground, all the while managing to get his pants down. The attacker was described as black, in his early 20s, about 5-foot-3, with a medium build. He has a short black Afro and pockmarks or scars on his face - (Tyrone N. Butts)


    Suspected serial rapist's past unveiled
Johnny Moffett Johnny Moffett is charged with 2 rapes so far.  The Mobile Police Department says 10 of 11 victims in the West Mobile attacks have either seen a photo spread, live line-up or heard a voice line up.   "We have other elements and other aspects of the investigation that we're looking into. "He's had burglary arrests, marijuana and cocaine arrests." Mobile County District Attorney says Moffett has 2 misdemeanor convictions and 2 felony convictions.  He's done time for illegal possession of a credit card and possession of cocaine.  Now the 37 year old faces more time. This time it could be life. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Student charged with rape - Woman reports sexual assault in Norse Hall
Michael Dwayne PowellA 20-year-old, male Northern Kentucky University student was charged and arrested Feb. 24, with raping a 19-year-old female acquaintance, also an NKU student, in his dorm room Feb. 23, according to a police report. Michael Dwayne Powell, a resident of Norse Hall, was charged with first-degree rape and transported to the Campbell County jail by an NKU police officer. The woman said she and Powell exchanged phone numbers Feb. 23, and later that day he invited her to his dorm room. According to the police report, Powell pinned the woman to his bed and raped her after she repeatedly told him to stop. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Police capture suspect in beating, kidnapping of Palm City woman, 82
Timothy Joe OwensHe said he was going to have to kill her. The frail 82-year-old - brutally beaten for hours and then snatched from her tropical home in an apparent robbery Tuesday - told him not to get in trouble over her. Authorities arrested Timothy Joe Owens, 40, a career criminal once convicted of homicide, who allegedly kidnapped the retired senior citizen in a crime that horrified neighbors in the St. Lucie Shores area of Palm City. "He beat her to a pulp. She can't even open her eyes," said a neighbor "We're outraged." - (Tyrone N. Butts)


  • Quincy Allen pleds guilty to killing four people in two states
    Quincy Allen
    (Columbia) - Quincy Allen, 24, who was to go on trial this week for two murders in Richland County, has pled guilty in the killings. Quincy pled guilty in connection with the shotgun deaths of 44-year-old Dale Evonne Hall and 22-year-old Jedediah Harr in 2002. After those killings, prosecutors say Allen took off to North Carolina where he killed a convenience store clerk and a customer. He's been sentenced to life in prison for those murders. Allen will be sentenced on Monday, March 7th at 10 a.m. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

  • Task force created for unsolved string of rape cases by black man, 6 feet tall with kinky hair 
  • Mobile, Alabama: Gun dealers say more women packing heat because of kinky-haired black serial rapist
  • Kinky-haired black suspect arrested in West Mobile rapes
    37 year old Johnny Moffett is charged with burglary and Chief Sam Cochran with the Mobile Police Department says, the February 9th rape of a 68 year old woman who lived on Burnham Woods Place.  "Our detectives do feel this is the suspect we've been looking for in this string of attacks." Police say Moffet's criminal history includes Domestic Violence, Burglary and he's been charged as a peeping tom. Cockrell's Body Shop is where Moffett worked and Police say, it's where he ran from them.  Police caught up to Moffett at his lawyer's office.
    Police Chief Sam Cochran said Johnny James Moffett, 37, of Mobile, was arrested as part of an investigation into the 11 reported rapes in west Mobile over the last 15 months, investigators with a task force were questioning past sex offenders. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
  • Sports: Former prep track star accused in multiple rapes - (Zip-reg required)
    MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — A former high school track star and father of nine children has been arrested in an investigation into 11 rapes in west Mobile since November 2003. Johnny James Moffett, 37, of Mobile, was arrested about 5 p.m. Friday on charges in the Feb. 9 rape of a 68-year-old woman. "He has more women than he can shake a stick at," Cockrell said. Since 1996, nine women have sued Moffett for child support in Mobile County, according to court records. After graduating from Davidson, Moffett went to college in Sacramento, Calif., only to drop out

    Chattanooga Police Sergeant Charged With Extortion, Bribery   
Sgt. Gerry M. Davis
The FBI said Friday it had arrested Chattanooga Police Sgt. Gerry M. Davis on charges of extortion and bribery. FBI agent Clark said a long-term investigation "revealed multiple incidents where Davis used his official position of authority to extort individuals and businesses in the Chattanooga area." The FBI is asking that individuals "who have been affected by these acts of official misconduct" to come forward. Clark said it is believed that some people "have been hesitant to come forward for fear of reprisals from Davis." Investigators said they are seeking information on an incident at Club Voodoo in downtown Chattanooga. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Two Arrested on Terrorism Charges
Lamont Ranson and Cedric CarpenterU.S. marshals have arrested two people in what is being described as the first case of terrorist charges filed in Mississippi. It is a case of two Afro-Americans allegedly willing to provide false identification to members of a foreign and dangerous terrorist organization in exchange for money and drugs. Lamont Ranson and Cedric Carpenter made their initial appearance in U.S. District Court after being arrested. Ranson faces three counts: conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists; conspiracy to defraud the united states and attempt to provide material support to terrorists. Carpenter faces those same charges plus possession of a firearm by a convicted felon; conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute and criminal forfeiture. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Black Man Arrested in Murder of White Grocery Store Owner
Tommy TaylorFred Hill The Sheriff's Department has made an arrest in the murder of well-known Gadsden store owner. Deputies say Tommy Taylor shot and killed Fred Hill on January 31st as he opened his Bluff Road grocery store. nvestigators say Taylor had previously worked for Hill and knew his hours and his movements well enough to plan the crime. Through their investigation they also learned Taylor owned a handgun and had disappeared shortly after the murder. That, coupled with forensic evidence and Taylor's own incriminating statements led to his arrest Wednesday morning in Lee County. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Sports: Former USC football player sought in connection with Weds. credit union robbery
Marco Terrell HutchinsonAuthorities in Richland County are searching for a former University of South Carolina football player accused of committing an armed robbery Wednesday morning and holding a teller against her will at a Two Notch Road branch of the South Carolina Credit Union . The Richland County Sheriff's Department is searching for Marco Terrell Hutchinson, 24, on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping in the robbery after witnesses picked him out of a photo lineup. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (more sports)

    ID Theft Probe Snares Ex-IRS Worker - Feds Pledge Vigorous Enforcement of Law in Case
A federal grand jury has accused a former Internal Revenue Service employee of providing acquantainces with tax records that allegedly were used in an identity theft scheme. Michael Sapp, 44, of Douglasville was charged with unauthorized access of a government computer, U.S. Attorney David E. Nahmias said Tuesday. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. He is currently in jail on a probation violation involving a first-degree forgery charge. "We're particularly concerned when any federal employee is the one whose stealing identity information..." - (Tyrone N. Butts)


    Black youth gets 27 years for murder 
David HarrisAngela Harris, mother of David Harris
The youngest person ever convicted of murder in Hamilton County will spend the next 27 years behind bars. On Tuesday morning a judge sentenced David Harris for robbing and shooting David Hutchinson to death in Over-The-Rhine in May 2004. Earlier this month, Harris was convicted of killing Hutchinson but acquitted in the death of George Vance. Harris was just 14 at the time of the murder. - (Tyrone N. Butts)


    Life Without Parole for DeAnthony Germaine Griffin
DeAnthony Germaine GriffinConvicted triple murderer DeAnthony Griffin will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Both families know each other and say they understand each other's pain. Neither side believes Griffin got what he deserved. Griffin was sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing David Cribbs, Sr., his 28-year-old son David Cribbs, Jr., and his 18-year-old daughter Ashley Cribbs. Police found their bodies on Ebeneezer Road on October 25, 2002. Ashley Cribbs' mother, Connie Zenpiska, isn't satisfied with the sentencing either . - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Religion: Cops collar con man posing as preacher
James Bernard BrownPolice nabbed a man Thursday they believe to be the talkative, Bible-wielding "preacher" who often tells the story of his broken-down church van before asking people for $40 for a belt to fix it. A Thursday story in the Post about the phony preacher apparently led to the apprehension of James Bernard Brown, 48, of East Spencer. He was carrying a Bible in his back pocket and said he was affiliated with a church in Kannapolis. - (Tyrone N. Butts)


    Settlement of "reverse discrimination" against Airforce by White males
includes payment of approximately $880,000 to former and current white male Robins Air Force Base workers.
"A lot of people - base employees especially - didn't think white males had rights and that white males couldn't beat the government, but we did win," plaintiff Willie Barber of Warner Robins said Thursday. "We did not just beat Robins Air Force Base, we beat the entire Air Force and the U.S. Justice Department." Workers claimed that the Air Force gave female and minority workers preferential treatment in annual performance appraisals based on an outdated affirmative action policy, Coffman said. The Air Force was caught "red-handed," Coffman said. - (Tyrone N Butts)

    Franklin Middle School Teacher Charged With Rape
Clinton SmithAn art teacher at Franklin's J.P. King Middle School was arrested last week and charged with rape. Clinton Smith, 49, was arrested Friday after officials say a DNA analysis of forensic evidence in the rape case came back positive. The alleged rape happened in April of last year and involved a young adult under the age of 21. Police say the alleged victim was not a juvenile. Officials say Smith only recently became a suspect. Police say they did not let School administrators know about the possibility of charges against Smith until the day he was arrested. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    New Orleans Homeless Man Sought In Sexual Battery, Beating Of Tourist
Frederick WestNew Orleans police are asking for the public's help in finding a man wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a tourist in the French Quarter. Frederick West, 47, whom police say is homeless, faces one count of sexual battery and one count of aggravated battery in an Oct. 2 attack on a 19-year-old woman from California. The attack occurred at 4:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Decatur Street. According to investigators, the victim was sleeping behind a business when she was awakened by West, who molested her and hit her repeatedly in the face, head and torso with a 4-foot wooden dowel. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Lawsuit Claims 'Grand Theft Auto' Motivated Black Teen Gunman - Moore Allegedly Killed Three Fayette Police Officers In 2003
A lawsuit claims Devon Moore was encouraged to kill three Fayette police officers after playing the video game "Grand Theft Auto." Attorneys for two Fayette families have filed a 57-page, $600 million lawsuit against Wal-Mart, Sony, Game Stop video game stores and Take 2 Interactive.
The lawsuit alleges that a video game created and distributed by these companies trained and motivated 18-year-old Devon Darnel Moore to kill three Fayette police officers in 2003. An attorney said Moore acted out “Grand Theft Auto” move by move, including grabbing Strickland’s gun and shooting him and two other officers in the head. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
Google: Fayette police officers Arnold Strickland and James Crump and dispatcher Leslie "Ace" Mealer were shot to death
Police officer Arnold Gunther Strickland memorial page
Ref: Corporal James Crump memorial page


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 This has been pretty good Coontint of Character month.
Five or six years ago the newsmedia saturated us with negritude 24/7 during February. The American people aren't as dumb as they look; we can only take so much celebrating the inventions of the biscuit cutter, the door knob, the curtain rod, the door stop and the super soaker water gun. Many of these claims are seen for what they are and other negro claims of invention have been definitively debunked. It became buffoonish after a while and I believe that the newsmedia recognized that. As negroes grasp at straws to find any boost for their fragile self esteem, we simply look to modern Africa or our local newspapers to see the negro in it's natural state: murderous, self absorbed, vicious, incompetent, and always whining that white people don't like them. Well tell me this, what is there to like? Sure, there may exist certain individuals of color who are decent folk, but who has the time and energy to go through city busloads of negroes until you find one like that?

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