Commentary from Freedom 2000
Stop American Interference!

The American government (not the people) must stop interfering and meddling in the affairs on the African continent. They seldom achieve anything noteworthy and they only cause themselves to be hated in the end. Playing policeman to the world sounds noble and righteous, but the end result is what counts. 

What is really happening in Africa is invariably kept from the people by the American government. After pouring millions of US dollars into supporting the terrorists that now control South Africa, the patriotic whites of South Africa will never again trust any liberal American government. The deprivation caused by the US government action will be felt by the whites and the black masses for decades to come. 

One of our correspondents, returning from a trip which included Uganda, Rwanda an Kenya, said that the thing that struck her most, were the many American military aircraft parked at all the airports of these respective countries. The only conclusion that can be made, is that America is actively involved in the central African conflict which involves Uganda, Rwanda and the Central "Democratic" Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). We believe that the American people should raise this issue with their legislators and that they should demand honest answers. The people are entitled to know on which side they are fighting. 

The American government, as well as all other western governments, should stay out of Africa. Africa is a dying continent and the only semblance of order that ever prevailed, was when they were colonised by whites. Democracy and western civilised values and principles are alien to the people of Africa. The sooner this is realised, the better it is for Africa. The only hope for Africa’s survival would be for the white man to return and by colonising the continent again. 

In Africa it is the survival of the strongest, which usually means the most brutal one and the one with the guns. It is very rare that conflicts in Africa are resolved through negotiations. When this indeed happens, then it is usually results in rigged "democratic" elections, as happened recently in Lesotho. When any western government acts to resolve a dispute in Africa, it is usually only for a short duration until some little depraved savage acquires more guns than his opponents. In black Africa, you either kill or jail your opponents, or they kill you.

America should have learnt their lesson with their past experience and experiment with Liberia. They sent the American slaves back to Liberia and tried to make a model African State out of the country. The theory was that if they adopted the same American democratic constitution, then Liberia would be a role model for black Africa to follow. Not only did they adopt the American constitution, but the American government also pumped billions of American dollars, know how and technology into Liberia. 

After centuries of freedom and rife with theft and corruption, no lasting infrastructure or anything else was created with the American money, despite the wonderful constitution and the noble ideals of the American founding fathers. Liberia is one of the poorest countries on the African continent today. This, despite vast mineral wealth such as gold, diamonds, iron ore and other strategic resources. They don’t even have roads that are usable more than twelve miles outside their capital city, Monrovia. The only thing that is remembered about Liberia, is the fact that one of their most favoured leaders, Charles Taylor (note that he even has an American name) had his ears cut off by his opponents.

If we look at Africa objectively, we realise that the African is totally incapable of creating wealth for any country he rules. The leaders and their families invariably acquire wealth, by scavenging on the wealth accumulated over centuries by the country during their colonial past. In Africa, economics and politics are fused and the rulers regard anything that accrues to the State, as personal wealth. The leaders are not there for the people; the people are there for the leaders. 

Write Africa off; it can never survive without handouts from Western countries. If you write off Africa’s debt as they demand, the borrowing process will merely start all over again. Even in South Africa, immediately after the ANC came to power, they had their begging bowls out with Mandela and Mbeki touring the world looking for financial aid and handouts. In the short space of less than four years, they turned South Africa into a banana Republic by debasing our once strong currency. It has depreciated by 65% during this time and it is set to plunge still further. Not even Mickey Mouse will wear a Mandela watch these days. 

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