Northern California Republic - public service announcement
For anybody with a story to tell about the abuse of American workers
trying to get a job or trying to keep a job in the high-tech industry.

Leaders of American high-tech workers are collecting these stories
and sharing them with Members of Congress. Roy Beck is coordinating this.

Please e-mail your stories

FAX congress on immigration/jobs

Several new free faxes related to the H-1B issue have been added to

The faxes go to Congress, the vice president and the president.

Lobbyists for doubling H-1B visas for foreign workers are working at
their maximum now. They hope to win a vote by the middle of September. But
the GOP leadership may put off a vote if they think they could lose. It is
important to show as much opposition as possible during the critical time.

If you have a personal story of how companies are using foreign workers to
the detriment of American workers, write your own personal letter to
Congress and e-mail it to   where Roy Beck will see
that it gets distributed.

Date: 10:10 p.m., Wednesday, 16sep98

Dear friends of

Please go to and look at the new faxes related to the
H-1B bill scheduled to be voted Thursday night.

The faxes go:
* to Republicans from your state
* to Democrats from your state
* to Clinton.

These faxes try to emphasize the IEEE-USA poll results that show 82% of
Americans oppose the Republican leadership's HR3736 bill.

We want every office's fax machine to be churning out reminders of the
poll all night and all day tomorrow. Contact everybody you know. Thanks. 

since 8/22/98