If you will for a moment shortly before 9pm EST, Monday December 21st,
join with me in a celebration of old. Long before organized religions
were forced upon our people, we celebrated life and nature together, 
the changing seasons marked times that we would live in different ways. 

What will you do during this period of darkness, will you make an effort to
help our people, will you see to the needs of our own kindred. 
Reflect for, but a moment, on the ways of old,
this past we have lost, lives still in our hearts. 

Draw together, for none but your own, need you, more than ever. 
Do not waste this time before the re-birth of nature. 

Let, but for a moment, Odin speak words of wisdom to your heart,
fear not any harm through this moment, for your blood and heart and soul,
know more than most of us have experienced in this life.
Let this knowledge touch your spirit and guide you back to the ways of old. 

- from Jo Kinder


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