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by H. Millard © 2006

John Stossel of ABC News had a column with the above title in newspapers recently.  Although the column was about black/white matters, the basic principles that are discussed also apply to illegal immigration.

In his column, Stossel points out that some black intellectuals, such as Shelby Steele (who has written a book on the subject of white guilt), are now saying that many people are stuck in old thinking from the '50's and that big discussions on so-called "white privilege" simply mask what blacks themselves are doing and that when whites go along with supposed white guilt and try to compensate blacks with things such as affirmative action that this is actually a subtle form of racism.

"They [whites]," writes Steele, "make the argument that whites can solve [black people's] problems. ...The problem with that is...you reinforce white supremacy all over again. And black dependency."

Steele gets it right.

However, both Stossel and Steele could have saved a lot of words if they had simply used a term that I coined and have used for several years in some of my  columns and in my own books: "Noblesse Oblige Racism."

This term covers what these two are saying, and then some. I've also broken down this term into three major subcategories, but there is no need to discuss them here so I'll simply name them: Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers, Lord Jims, and Mother Teresas.

Why is any of this important for a discussion about illegal immigration? The answer is that the same subconscious attitudes held by whites apply. 

If we want a deeper understanding of some of the white guilt psychology at work in our country that is harming non-whites as well as whites, we need to understand a little about the way we are.  

In the U.S. today, we have a whole slew of white noblesse oblige racists (whose neuroses are often masked with phony compassion). You can see obvious examples of the type in public places being polite to non-whites when the non-whites are rude.  You know the whites would snap at their fellow whites over the rudeness.  So, what's going on is that the whites are treating non-whites more politely than they would treat their fellow whites. At the heart of this is noblesse oblige racism and its tangential effects in our society. People are treated differently--either better or worse--based on their skin color.

Because we now have millions of brown illegal aliens in this country, the recipients of white noblesse oblige racist largess (yes, in case you missed this above, racism can be positive for the recipients)  are often illegal aliens instead of blacks. Brown skin just substitutes for black skin in many cases with these neurotics if the demographics of the area dictate this.

Some of these noblesse oblige racists act as though illegal aliens are escaped slaves in the old south and they treat them like helpless children incapable of taking care of themselves and who have to be hidden and protected by the noblesse oblige racists. This dehumanizes people and puts them in an inferior position to the noblesse oblige racist whites.

Some noblesse oblige racists don't want  local cops to check identification or to turn illegal aliens over to ICE. Unfortunately, some of these noblesse oblige racists may even be in various police departments. We see such racist cops looking the other way when quality of life violations are reported by citizens. This is helping ratchet down the quality of life in cities all around this nation.

Look around your own city.  Does it seem that some cops are looking the other way when suspected illegal aliens violate minor laws?  

Could it be that some racist cops are treating citizens more harshly  than illegal aliens and that some cops may be racially profiling white citizens (maybe also black and yellow citizens)?

Consider: If you're a cop and you don't want to turn illegal aliens over to ICE and if your department has some brass who send down subtle messages that illegal aliens are to be given a pass, and if you have to prove that you're doing your job by writing traffic tickets, then who are you going to ticket for minor infractions? Right. White, yellow and black citizens.

After all, if you ticket browns, the odds are higher that they may be illegal aliens. And, if they're illegal aliens they may not have drivers licenses, car registrations, auto insurance and this may put them in line for deportation.

So, if you're a cop and you see browns breaking minor traffic laws, what do you do to keep them from being discovered as being illegal aliens? You don't ticket them.

But, that gives you a problem. Remember, you have to show that you're doing your job by writing a reasonable number of traffic tickets each day. This means that you're going to go after whites, blacks and yellows and ticket them, because you know that most of them are probably citizens.

Is the above going on in your city? Got me. You could ask your City Council or City Manager or Mayor for statistics on who is ticketed, and this might give you some clues. Don't count on them to be forthcoming, however.

 In fact, they'll probably treat you as a second class citizen--especially if you're white.  After all, it's just your money that pays them and you shouldn't expect to be treated as well as an illegal alien--who many of noblesse oblige racists treat as first class citizens.

Yes, it is topsy turvy, but you're probably getting used to this nonsense if you're a white citizen.

The next time you get a traffic ticket for some minor offense, you might just try to get the records from your local police department to see if there is any indication of white profiling going on.  And, if there is, you might submit the records to the court as part of your defense. 


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