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Police in Orange County, California have questioned a black man who they describe as a possible witness in a case involving some ricin that was found in baby food jars in a local supermarket. "Hey, why did you say they questioned a "black" man? Are you some kind of racist or something? You should have just said they questioned a man...ah, that would be sexist. You should have said that they questioned a person." (Ho hum, yawn)

Ricin in baby food?! That does it! Ricin can be a WMD. Friggin' baby food of mass destruction. It's evil. And, get this, there are some Iranians living in Orange County. If you connect up the dots the way the Bush administration did in Iraq you'll see that evil Iran must be dealt with. Prepare the bombers for an attack on Iran buckos! Those terrorist fiends need to be wiped out. And, you can bet that while the bombers are flying and our fighting men and women are in harm's way, that flip flopping girlie man John Kerry will flip and say: "Poison in baby food is bad." And then he'll flop and say: "Why Iran? They didn't have anything to do with this." What a friggin' wimp. We gotta go kill some Iranian towel heads like we're killing those Iraqi towel heads right now. They need American freedom and democracy--not to mention string bikinis for their women. Be a good American and support George Bush. He isn't distracted with facts and complexity like that Kerry guy. And, while we're thinking about that flip flopping Kerry, you know those medals that he got while Bush was avoiding going to Vietnam? Hell, they're nothing. He probably wounded himself three times to get three purple hearts. And the bronze and silver stars? Nothing. Anyone could get them. Why, just look at George Bush's medals...well okay he doesn't have any, but look at the keen flight suit he wore when he landed on that carrier to announce that the Iraq war was over--several thousand deaths ago. We need a prez who looks good in a borrowed flight suit for a photo op, and who speaks in simple sentences.

Among the Bushies there can be no doubt about our need to bomb Iran. Remember 9-11? What more do we need? Never mind that the person in Orange County that the police have talked to about ricin is apparently not Iranian. I already told you there are some Iranians living in the county or who passed down the freeway through the county at some time or another. Hey, terrorists attacked New York. Besides, the Iranian leaders hate our freedom, just like the Iraqi leaders did. Geez, if we can put a man on the moon...stay the course...revile the Bush haters...eat freedom fries...say twenty-three skidoo...remember the Maine...and know that it's only pinko commies and Bush haters who would criticize the President when we're at war, then we damn sure can bomb those baby killing Iranian terrorists." (Ho hum, yawn)

Meanwhile, demonstrating that he can stumble and spit out his gum at the same time, Bush is also showing what a little of his administration's brand of Americanism can do in Afghanistan. Doctors Without Borders has announced that it is leaving that country after 24 years because the U.S. has made the country too dangerous for the medicos. That's right, they were there the whole time the Taliban were in power and didn't feel that they had to leave. But, the bumbling, blundering Bush administration has fixed that.

Never fear for your safety with the Bushies in power. The rest of the world all loves us. We know that because that's what the neocons are saying. And, hey, we're not the only ones in Iraq, you know. Some suck-up countries that rely on American foreign aid have a couple of their soldiers there too. You can also sleep secure in the knowledge that the Bush administration is still leaving no stone unturned in its search for WMD's in the Middle East--so long as those stones aren't in Israel which reportedly has nukuler bombs up the wazoo. Why does Israel get a pass? "Hey, are you an anti-Semite? Israel is a democracy. Israel is our friend." How do we know Israel is our friend? Why, they graciously relieve us of billions and billions of American tax dollars so we don't have to waste American money on helping American poor people right here in America and maybe do something about providing health care for our own citizens. And all the killing of Palestinians by Israel? "Hey, they had it coming, besides most Palestinians are Muslims. And, you know what that means, right?"

WorldNetDaily recently reported that comedian Jackie Mason told a radio audience, "[T]he whole Muslim religion is preaching and teaching hate, terrorism and murder...." There you have it, the scoop on Islam. Of course, what WorldNetDaily "forgot" to tell readers is the fact that Mason is Jewish and was even ordained as a rabbi. "Hey, what's that got to do with anything? There you go again with that anti-Semitism. Why are you bringing Mason's religion into this?" Ahhh, because it may be relevant and because he brought up religion and because he's knocking a religion to which he doesn't belong. "Sounds like anti-Semitism to me." (Ho hum, yawn)

We live in insane double standard times, dear friends. It is a time when many people, who once believed that true conservatives are more principled than liberals and don't have double standards, are waking up to the truth. This doesn't bode well for Bush's reelection. Quick evidence of this double standard can easily be heard on the neocon Rush Limbaugh Program. Take a listen and you may hear Limbaugh, who constantly attacks liberals and Democrats, actually praising some liberal Democrats--such as former New York mayor Ed Koch--as being okay with him. Why? Because these Limbaugh favored liberal Democrats support President Bush's war in Iraq. What Limbaugh "forgets" to tell listeners is that the liberal Democrats he praises are almost always Jewish. Why do you suppose Limbaugh didn't think that fact was important? "Damn, there you go again with that anti-Semitism. Don't you remember 9-11? We had to attack Iraq. It was America that was attacked."

If you can't catch Limbaugh's daily Bush propaganda show, you can turn on your TV and hear Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel saying very similar things. Limbaugh and Hannity and some other neocons seem to have turned their programs into infomercials for the Bush administration. The propaganda is so heavy and so transparent that they should issue barf bags to the few in their audience with more than two digit I.Q.s. Someone needs to tell these guys that they're turning off a lot of genuine conservatives and Republicans with this double standard nonsense.

By the time you read this, more than 914 Americans will have been killed in Iraq for no good reason. Of course, Limbaugh is quick to tell his audience that they were all volunteers. Right. Our soldiers volunteered to die? Nonsense. They volunteered for the military. Dying is a risk one always faces in the military, but dying in a meaningless war wasn't part of the deal that most thought they were making with the government. Implicit in the volunteerism of most is the belief that our leaders won't send them in harm's way without good reason. But, what is the real basis for the volunteerism? As I've written before, many of our military people have been manipulated into joining the service for a variety of reasons in our decaying culture. Some needed jobs to replace the ones that were stolen by illegal aliens or to replace jobs shipped overseas by Bush policies. Some wanted an education that they couldn't afford to buy with their family resources; unlike the children of the elites' like Bush, who didn't have to go in the military to get an education. Some believed the neocon propaganda that Iraq was about to invade the U.S. And then there's the little matter of the secret draft that is sending thousands of "volunteer" National Guard members to kill and be killed in Iraq. When you look at the death statistics of Americans killed in Iraq you see hundreds of very young people and some who are in their forties and fifties. These older ones are usually members of the National Guard. They're your local teachers and cops and mechanics who certainly didn't volunteer to go to Iraq. They thought that if they ever had to fight they'd be defending their own home towns from some invading enemy. That's what National Guard means. It doesn't mean being ripped from your home town and being thrown into a desert thousands of miles away where you are part of an invasion and occupation force that is attacking wedding parties, torturing prisoners, and killing kids.

My guess is that few of our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen volunteered to kill and be killed for no good reason. And, there is no good reason for what is going on in Iraq. None. Zero. Zip. You don't have to be a leftist or a liberal to know this. True conservatives and others who are traditionally considered to be on the right know the truth. And, the truth is the truth no matter who says it. If John Kerry speaks the truth, it's still the truth. If George Bush speaks the truth, it's still the truth. The problem is that Bush has not been speaking the truth. Need we remind readers that the rationale for attacking Iraq was weapons of mass destruction? Smart people aren't buying Bush's excuse that he got bum intelligence. It's his job to get good intelligence. He has the responsibility. You can always delegate authority but you can never delegate responsibility. If Bush had spent more time in the real military instead of running someone's political campaign on our dime, he might have learned that. Most honest, bright people also understand that it was the United States that attacked Iraq. It was not Iraq that attacked the United States. If I could figure out and write columns, as I did, long before we attacked Iraq, pointing out that it didn't make any sense to think that Iraq was a danger, then you'd think the President should have been able to also figure it out with all the resources at his disposal. But he didn't. Now the sands of Iraq are soaked with human blood. In my book, that makes Bush unfit to be President. Human lives have been thrown away as though they were nothing more than garbage. I don't care if you're on the right, in the middle, or on the left, you have to understand that life is precious. You don't throw it away for nothing, and you don't take other people's children and send them to a war that doesn't have to be fought. And, that's exactly what is happening in Iraq. If the war truly is important to America, then Bush and his elite pals should send their children to Iraq. It's not going to happen, dear friends.

Many of our surviving military people in Iraq will return alive but dead inside and they'll be full of disillusionment and will have emotional problems and will join the many Vietnam vets who wander aimlessly from homeless shelter to homeless shelter. Count on it.

And, someday, some of the Bushies or their propagandists on radio and TV, may be driving down the street in their fine brand new luxury cars, maybe on the way to their country clubs or expensive homes, and they may come to a stop light where a painfully thin squeegee man with hollow eyes may come up to wash their car windows and beg for a buck. The odds are good that the squeegee man may have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, or maybe even Iran. Maybe some of his war scars will be visible, or maybe his scars will be in his mind and can't be seen, but scarred he is. And, if you were watching the scene you'd probably see the people in the car lock their doors and speed through the intersection. You might even hear people inside the car saying something like: "What's wrong with that filthy bum? Why doesn't he get a job?"

Welcome to post-American America, dear friends.

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