Satan & Canon vs. Jacob

by H. Millard © 2006

I've long been concerned that when ordinary citizens get involved in politics because they want America to get on the right track, they usually focus almost exclusively on the sexy  presidential campaigns and often start third party movements with a national personality as their focus.  So far, so good.  However, the third party candidate inevitably loses big and then leaves the scene.  Then the third party becomes an asterisk.  

Because of the non-parliamentary nature of the American political system, it's difficult to build viable third parties that actually ever get anyone elected.  Third parties are almost always hollow  bodies below the well known national presidential candidates they back.  When the head dies (politically) know the rest.
So, how can we really change America for the better with the system being what it is?  This is an important question in this day of unbridled illegal immigration.
For now, forget third parties and forget theoretical arguments and intellectual discussions as a way to win political power. Support the third parties and make the arguments and have the discussions if you want, but don't delude yourself into thinking you'll win anything right now as a result of these things and don't lose your focus on what is really important.  And, what is really important is getting anti-illegal immigration people into office where they can score points for America. 
We need ordinary people--plumbers, mechanics, salesmen, teachers, cops and you name it--to take the initiative, all on their own if necessary, to get the right people elected  in their own communities and in their own congressional districts. We need to build from the bottom up, not the top down. Sure, those who we help get elected may not pass our smell test on every other issue, but right now the clear and present danger is illegal immigration and the invasion of America.  Indeed, it's like we've all been thrown in a lifeboat that is rapidly sinking.  We can sit there and not cooperate because we don't like others in the boat for a variety of reasons, or we can save ourselves by bailing. To hell with sinking. Save the lifeboat and then worry about the other things. That's where we are in America right now.  We've got to start bailing.
We're in a political  battle for America that is every bit as real as a military battle. And, when you're in a military battle, you don't have time to discuss the fine points of matters such as whether this tank is more comfortable than this other tank. You just  use the tank you have for its primary purpose--being a tank. This means we need to support those in either major party who are on our side as far as illegal immigration goes even if they have other flaws.
Right now, good, decent, ordinary  American citizens are in the battle of their lives to save this nation.  And, that's not an overstatement.
The big "M" mission right now for  every U.S. citizen, in every small town and every large city, who is concerned about the future of this nation, should be to give the boot to amnestynuts and open borderscreeps from all levels of government--right down to the local dogcatcher--and replace them with people  who will protect the interests of U.S. citizens instead of furthering the interests of illegal aliens and their supporters.  It doesn't matter whether the politicians are Republicans or Democrats.  The important thing right now is their position on illegal immigration.
The attitude of citizens should be one of total focus on illegal immigration. If they see a strong candidate who will do something to protect our borders and help send illegal aliens back to their own nations, they shouldn't care if he or she steals candy from babies or trips old ladies trying to cross the street. And, even if they don't do these things, the amnestynuts will tell you their opponents do these things in order to confuse you. 
Citizens shouldn't care if their pro-America candidate has a plan or no plan for a new municipal stadium or promises or doesn't promise to fix the potholes in the streets. They shouldn't care what the pro-America candidate's religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or favorite TV program is.  They shouldn't give a damn about anything except that their candidate promises to stop illegal immigration and doesn't mince words about it.  That's what focusing on the mission means.
Sure, on an intellectual level, we are all concerned about other things, but there is always a hierarchy of issues in politics similar to Maslow's well known hierarchy of needs.  With Maslow, the base of the pyramid of his hierarchy--the things an individual must do first before he can move up the pyramid--is fulfilling physiological needs such as getting enough to eat.  Only when the individual has enough to eat can he move to the next level of the pyramid to fulfill other needs.
In politics right now, today, I submit that the base of the pyramid of our political hierarchy of needs is illegal immigration.  We cannot move higher up the pyramid until we  close our borders, begin deporting illegal aliens, cut off services to illegal aliens, stop the anchor baby scam, and stop allowing businesses to hire illegal aliens instead of American citizens.  When we solve these things, we can start worrying about things further up the political pyramid.  And, we have to put aside all other differences and niceties to fulfill this most basic of our political needs in this nation.
Voters in San Diego recently satisfied this basic need by giving Brian Bilbray a seat in Congress.   Bilbray's entire campaign was very simple: stop illegal immigration. Period.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  The voters heard the message and they turned the election upside down so that Bilbray, who was many points behind his opponent until the last days of the election, won a seat in Congress this past month. Newly minted Congressman Bilbray has already been sworn in--it can work that fast--and he's already in Washington working to protect our borders. Had the voters been distracted because of scandals involving corruption and other side issues, San Diego would have sent an open borders advocate to Congress.  To their credit, the voters of San Diego focused on the primary mission in our political hierarchy of needs.
Now, it's the turn of the voters in Utah's Third Congressional District.
On Tuesday, June 27, there's a Republican primary in the Third District.  Only Republicans and those who are unaffiliated with any party can vote in the Republican primary.
Open borders advocate Chris Cannon is the Republican Congressman who has been endorsed by the open borders creeps in the Bush administration, including the king of the open borders,  Mexico Firster, George W. Bush.  Bush has called Cannon a loyal Republican who has stood shoulder to shoulder with Bush.  Bush thinks that's a plus.  Many ordinary Americans, including real Republicans, would probably say it's a clear indication of how bad Cannon really is on immigration.   If Bush, who knows this race is about illegal immigration, likes the guy, ordinary citizens and real Republicans might consider spitting when they hear his name.
Bush and Cannon are out of touch elites who won't do a job that ordinary Americans will do: protect this nation.  It's up to us to do this job.  So be it. Self-reliance is a virtue still held in high regard by many ordinary citizens. We'll do jobs that the elites won't do.
Cannon needs to be defeated to send a strong message to Washington that citizens are fed up with the open borders status quo. A win for Cannon is a greenlight for Bush to screw up this nation even more than he already has.  
Cannon's opponent is John Jacob.  Jacob has the support of real Republicans, conservatives, and those who want strong borders. Unfortunately he has an uphill battle to win against five term incumbent Cannon. But if the ordinary people of Utah want it, it can be done.
We're in the final days of the campaign, so Cannon is trying to confuse voters by claiming that he's also for strong borders, blah, blah, blah.  Don't buy it.  
What can ordinary citizens, who don't want to be an official part of any campaign, do to help defeat bad politicians with anti-American policies, in this or any other race?  Simple.  Do it yourself. If you live in the voting area in question, one way to help all on your own is to write your own  "Dear Neighbor" letters or flyers, photocopy them at the local copy shop  and then drop them on porches in your local neighborhood. We're all entitled to our opinions and we're all entitled to share those opinions with others.   In a built out area, one person can drop flyers on the porches of about 350 homes per day without too much difficulty.  If written right, such flyers can make a difference in local elections such as the one in Utah.
If Cannon does lose in Utah, that defeat would be heard loud and clear in the White House.  Count on it. If Cannon wins, watch Bush and the open border creeps gloat and sneer while saying it was a defeat for those who oppose open borders and a mandate for Bush's open border plans.
Have no doubt about it, Utah's Third District Republican primary could be won or lost on just a few votes. Literally.  The grassroots really can make a difference just by working up a little sweat to counter the  slick brochures and expensive ads  being pumped out by Cannon and his open borders pals. 
The election really isn't about Cannon or Jacob as people--it's about whether or not we'll start to protect this nation.  Cannon is for open borders and amnesty.  Jacob is not.  What more do you need to know?

 If Cannon wins on Tuesday it'll be bad news, but wars aren't won or lost on a single battle, and pro-American anti-illegal immigration activists will, if my guess is right, just move on to the next battle and the next and the next and the next.  Both the Republicans and Democrats better understand this, because the old days when they had a gentlemen's agreement to take immigration off the table are over.

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