by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

Crazy, wild, Homeless Jack snuck back into town last week and was on a talking binge. I mostly listened.

"Listen man, things are starting to happen faster and faster now. I figure a major change or realignment of the world, or something like that is going to happen. The other night I was sleeping in some bushes out by the freeway and I had this really vivid dream.

"I dreamed I had entered a cave and came upon a door that would not open.

"From behind the door I could hear the tortured cries of millions of people begging to be let out. As I stood there wondering if this were the door to Hell and whether I should even try to let the people out, an old man appeared and said, 'Be thankful that door only opens from the inside, otherwise your mind might be infected by those people. Those who are trapped in the Tunnels of Non-Being are trapped by their own minds. There are only two doors out of that vile place. You're looking at one of them.'

"Who are they?" I asked.

"They are soulless white people--the living dead. They are empty husks full of death instead of life."

"They sound like they're being tortured," I replied.

"They are. They are torturing themselves. They are tearing their skins off, plucking out their eyes, pulling out their hair, and trying to destroy their genes."


"They despise themselves and want to cease being as nature made them or, failing that, to simply cease being. They have forgotten what is most important."

"What is the stuff of which the door is made?" I asked.

"It is made of words. It is called the Door of Self-Hatred. To come through that door and leave the self-hatred, self-doubt and the mental illness of self and group rejection behind and to enter into the light, one must be mentally strong and be confident that one is right. Then, one can brave these words and move beyond them."

"What are the words that make up that door?"

"Racist, bigot, hater, prejudiced, extremist, xenophobe, anti-Semite."

"That's it?

"Yes, and a few other words in the same vein. These people have given up their freedom to BE and to exist, rather than risking being called these words. Now they seek non-being and self-destruction."

"You used the term 'most important.' What is most important?"

"It is the essence of who you are. Its core is genes.

"Upon hearing these things, I yelled to the people behind the door: 'They're only words. Face these words and pass through the door with your heads held high. These words are being used to keep you imprisoned until you die off. Come out with no fear. You have a right to think as you want, express your views, and to be true to who you really are. You have a right to be white. You don't owe any other races anything. You don't have to be less than you are lest you offend others. Haven't you heard that you are to multiply and inherit the Earth? To do this, you must first see that you and your genes are important.Your genes are you and you are them. They must not be denied. Respect them, preserve them, multiply them. Love yourselves for who and what you are.'

"No one tried to come out. Instead, some of the self-haters called back using the very words that were used to imprison them: 'You are a racist, a bigot, a hater. You are prejudiced and you are an extremist a xenophobe and an anti-Semite. Shame, shame on you. You do not deserve to be out in the light. You must apologize to all non-whites for being who you are and then you should kill yourself.'

"Then I noticed another door, and from it were emerging some of these neurotic soulless white people who would not exit through the first door. As they came out, each was embraced by a non-white person who filed in one by one from another cave. Then, the white person and the non-white person walked off arm in arm down a corridor with no light at the end.

"What's going on at that door?" I asked

"That's the other way to get out. It's called the Door to Extinction. Whites are released from the Tunnels of Non-being when they promise that they will not reproduce white and that they will be the last white people in their families. They then find their sense of being in their own short lives. They are allowed to emerge and to be happy for their life spans. When they die, they die for all time. They leave nothing of themselves behind. They are dead ends in their lines.

"It sounds like whites are being killed off similar to the way we kill off some insect pests," I said. " With insects, healthy insects are mated with sterile insects. This satisfies the mating urge of the healthy insects, but no offspring are produced and the insects soon die off. Here, the whites are being mated with genetically different humans so that their mating instincts are satisfied and yet they either produce no offspring, or offspring that are not white."

"You have understanding," said the old man.

"Then I woke up and realized that the Tunnels of Non-being are our everyday reality in a world gone mad. Gone are the days when we, as a people, as white people, faced the world and all that is in it with boldness and assurance that we could master any and all situations. Now, we have become meek and mewling sissies afraid of our own shadows and intentionally limiting ourselves in hundreds of ways lest we offend non-whites or be seen to actually have pride in who we are. We are trying to deny our genes--our very essential selves--and who we are. Instead of finding joy in our uniqueness and our shared peoplehood, we try to deny it and become like the mass of humanity.

"The truth of our existence, if only we would learn this, is that we are a strange, unusual and rare variation of humanity. We are people who bring the rare genes of white skin, blond hair and blue eyes to a world where brown skin, black hair and dark eyes are the norm. We bring, as a result of our genes, a different approach to the world and all that is in it. We are a different mixture of the things that make humans, human. We are unlike anything offered by other peoples. We are the sports of nature. We are the uncommon ones. We are the mutants.

"Because we are so different, we are often hated by those unlike us, unless we humble ourselves and seek to be less like Us and more like Them. Many of us do fall into this trap and seek to negate ourselves. We have forgotten, or maybe we never learned, that we are a new species aborning, but we may be nipped in the bud before we separate out from the mass of humanity by the weak minds of some of our people. Indeed, this is happening right before our eyes as many insane, feeble-minded and dispirited ones among our people are mixing themselves back into the batter of humanity instead of remaining apart to keep our unique genes from being blended away.

Instead of becoming ever more different from the conformist mass of humanity, we are being sucked back down into the oozing muck of a gene pool that does not want anyone to escape or to become different. The force that is pulling us back into the muck is being helped by the incorrect thinking of this age. This incorrect thinking holds that people are all the same and that race doesn't exist and if you think it does, then you must be an evil racist. We run from this word "racist" as though we've been set on fire. We even deny the existence of races and in doing this we fool our minds to deny genetic differences.

"We white ones are the different ones. We whites are one family, one tribe, one people. We have forgotten this and we wander in the Tunnels of Non-Being as a result. It is time we emerged. We must think white, act white, and try to become more white. We must try to wash out non-white genes from our beings through proper mating so that we are blonder, more blue eyed, fairer skinned and have more classical white features. Our destiny is to move higher, not lower, and higher means to move to the light and be more white. This is something each of us can do in our own lives without even telling others if we don't want to tell them. It's all about DOING the white things. How do we know if we're on the white path?

Look at the children. Are they as white or whiter than the parents? I mean, if one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue eyes, are the children brown eyed or blue eyed? Blue eyes are the ideal. If one parent has brown hair and the other blond hair, do the children have brown hair or blond hair? Blond hair is the ideal. See, there's nothing wrong with brown eyes and brown hair, but when I talk about an "ideal" I mean that this is the model or template of the ultimate white person and is something that is to be sought. These things: white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes are easily seen visible signs of whiteness. God gave us eyes to see these things and know us from not-us. There are many other signs both seen and unseen that are important, but these three things are the main ones that can be easily seen and are quintessentially white characteristics.

"Man, we have to stop the multiracial and multicultural genocidal maniacs who are trying to exterminate all white people."

"Jack, you keep coming back with new things like this. Where are you getting all these ideas?" I asked.

"I have a book full of revelations directly from God."

"Where'd you get it?"

"Found it."

"Can I have a copy?"

"I'll let you see my copy sometime. When I do, I expect you to send it out over the internet."

#  #  #


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