"dark indian"

by H. Millard © 2007

"We are our genes and our genes are us, man," said Homeless Jack. 

"We can believe we are horses, but we're not.  We're humans. And, we're particular kinds of humans belonging to groups that we call races. We may not believe there are races, and we may believe that we are horses, but we'll be just as  wrong on both counts.  In other species, we use terms such as breeds or varieties which have the same meaning as race does in humans. These are collective terms that correctly lump like with like based on important factors that science recognizes as meaningful and which indicate a close genetic relationship.
"We are of a particular race because we share many of the genes with others who are much like us in major ways. Race is just a large extended family.
"As a rule of thumb, if others look like us (phenotype), they usually really are like us because their internal blueprint (genotype) is close to ours in important ways. Our outside is made by what is inside. We can reason to this conclusion of "looks like/is like," from knowing that the king of human senses is sight. 
"How do we know that sight is the king of our senses? Because sight is the primary motivating force in our mating urge.
"And, we know that mating is absolutely essential and basic to our survival and that survival is the most basic and first program within all life. We also know that true survival means that our genes survive. Thus, assuming that we are psychologically sound, we are programmed to think that those who are like Us (that is, who are like the perfect archetypes of Us) in important ways, are more attractive, than those who are unlike us in these ways, so that our genes will survive.
"This sight/mating/survival connection is particularly strong in males of our species as evidenced by the many men's magazines with pictures of nude women.  Males of our species are programmed to find nude females sexually attractive and are thus spurred on to mate primarily by visual clues.
"Of course, nature doesn't take us through all the steps of this process.  So, we don't consciously think: I want to survive. I survive by passing on my genes. I pass on my genes by mating. I need someone to mate with. Instead, we think, "What a babe!"
"It bears repeating and emphasizing that we tell like from unlike mostly by sight.  Nature made us this way and gave us this sense so we can survive and reproduce and make more like ourselves based largely on visual clues. If we mate with those who look like us, our children will look like us. And, if they look like us, our genes will have survived and we will have escaped death--at least on a genetic level. We will have transferred our essential selves to our children. We will put ourselves into new strong bodies before our old bodies wear out. We will have sent forth our seed and our eggs as our emissaries to exist beyond our particular bodies.
"Now, don't bring up animal and plant mimicry as a counter to what I'm telling you, man. That's not relevant here.
"What is relevant, though, is how we can be fooled into mating incorrectly by accepting false beliefs. Generally speaking, the very thing that makes humans "higher" than other life forms that we know about is our ability to think abstractly. Of course, like coins, this has two sides to it, and this thinking ability that we have can also be our undoing. We can override natural instincts with our brains. And, if we have internalized  false beliefs, we may make wrong decisions.  It is not news that we can  be manipulated to make certain choices.  Advertising relies on this. So does brainwashing and classical conditioning.  So does blending--of which I have written much.
"Don't get me wrong, man. I'm not saying that everything we see, truly is the way it appears to an uninformed viewer. Such thinking once led people to believe that the earth is flat because it appeared to be that way from their limited perspective. So, our eyes can lie, if we don't have the right perspective and knowledge. Still, trust your eyes when in doubt.
"In things relating to survival as a distinct people, which includes our mating choices, we really can pretty much rely on our eyes to tell us the truth. That's because, as I already said, survival is basic.  It is the primary thing all living things are programmed to do--survive.  And, as I've said before, we who now live are the survivors.  Our genes have survived while many others have not. That's the way nature works.  There is a distillation of genes from the gene mass down through the ages. Trillions upon trillions of forks in the trillions of roads, man. And, it never stops.
"Those who do not reproduce are dead ends.  Their genes will die off when their bodies wear out.  They will never know immortality in the flesh. Some may believe there's a heaven that some sort of internal soul or spirit, which they believe is the real us, goes to when the body dies, but no one can prove that, man. No one has ever proven that.  We can, however, prove that our genes, which are us, go on to our children and our children's children so long as they mate in the same genotype and phenotype. 
"When you look at someone's great-great grandchildren and you remark that they look like their great-great grandparent, there's a reason for the resemblance, man. The reason is that the great great grandparent has survived in the form of his or her genes in his or her descendent.  No, not in full consciousness, but survival doesn't require full consciousness as we know it. The more like the ancestor the descendents look and the more numerous they are, the stronger is the presence of the ancestor.
"If we mate outside our genotypes and phenotypes, then we do not survive.  As I've said many times, man, we need to join our 23 chromosomes with 23 similar chromosomes in order to survive fully. We know we've succeeded when our children look like us and we know that we've failed when they don't look like us.  And, when they look like us--in major ways--they'll often act like us.  Of course, there are differences in our children. They aren't our clones. And, remember, by looking like us, we don't mean down to the nth degree, man. They can look like us and still have many variations.  But if the major things are the same, we've succeeded.
"In our current Dark Age, due to mass communication that lets people all around the planet see other places to live that may be more desirable than where they do live, and due to the fast, mass transportation that is available to take them there, we're seeing a major alien gene invasion of white nations by non-white peoples.
"This is the biggest threat to the existence of white people that has ever faced us, man.  This isn't about cousins from France invading England and cousins from Sweden invading Ireland and similar things.  On this dark planet, we are the few.  We've now become a little like the American Indians, man, who were invaded by whites and who had their  gene pool watered down so that they were almost totally destroyed. The difference is that in this present genetic cowboy and Indians game, we're not the cowboys.  That's one of the reasons I often talk about the American Indian experience in this regard. It can be instructive for our own survival.
"And, speaking of American Indians, the Cherokees are back in the news, man. 
"Remember, how I told you that the Cherokees are trying to expel the descendents of their former black slaves who have been living with the Cherokees ever since the slaves moved with the Cherokees a century ago when the Cherokees were sent to live in Oklahoma, and who are now saying that they are Cherokees even though they are black?
"Well, the news now is that the Cherokees are starting cultural organizations outside of Oklahoma in states where many Cherokees live. And, at some of their meetings in these different states some black people are showing up and saying that they're Cherokees and they're complaining that they're being mistreated by the red Cherokees because they're black.
"If you think in terms of genes--and you should--this sounds pretty goofy.  Indians are red and have various racial characteristics, but these people showing up and claiming to be Cherokees mostly don't have such racial characteristics and are black.  Hmmmm.  They say that they're Cherokees because they grew up among the Cherokees and are descended from the black slaves that the Cherokees used to own. Some also claim they are descended from mixed marriages so they have some Cherokee blood.
"Man, I lived in the woods once, but I don't claim to be a tree.  Look, our basic identity comes from our genes.  If you're black you're not red or white or yellow or brown. You're black. You are what you look to be.  If you look Indian, you're probably an Indian.  If you look black, you're probably black.
But, it's not just blacks involved in the Cherokee gene pool, man. Back in the 1800's the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation was a guy named John Ross whose father was a white guy from Scotland and whose mother was only one-quarter Cherokee and three-quarters white.  What the hell kind of Indian is that?
"Look, man, if you take a blueprint for a car and you rip it in half and then you paste it back together and make that car you'll still end up with the same car. But if you take blueprints for two different makes of cars and do this, you may end up with a VW taillight on a Chevy rear end. It'll still be a car, but it won't be like either of the original blueprints. That's the way it is with chromosomes man. Again, humans have 46 chromosomes. The 46 are ripped in half for mating so that the male gives 23 as his part of the blueprint and the female gives 23 as her part. When you add them together, and at that very moment that they are added together, you have made a new human being with the full complement of 46 chromosomes. If the male and female are from the same blueprint, the resulting child will be the same make as them.
"Anyway, perhaps the Cherokees are starting to think as Arman teaches, man.  They seem to want to distill themselves back to what they were before all the blending happened to them. Maybe they know that this can be done by mating their Indian chromosomes with other Indian chromosomes until non-Cherokee genes are bred out of their gene pool, man. Maybe, they're starting to realize that they need a proper sense of identity if they want to survive as a distinct people and get to use those special extra wide Indian shoes that Nike is producing just because Indians--real Indians--generally have wider feet than other people.
"What, you mean that different races have different features such as foot widths?  Yup. Must make the blenders so mad they'll spit, but that's reality for you. Genes-R-Us, man.
"If the Cherokees, or any other distinct peoples who have mixed their genes with very different others, want to regain who they truly are, they have to go through a process that can be thought of as being a little like distillation.  They have to start mating closer to their pre-mixing genotype. How can anyone know who has their pre-mixing genotype?   By using their sight to tell like from unlike.
"Anyway, if the Cherokees breed right, they'll find that their children will be as their ancestors and that their ancestors will emerge again with each new birth, and will eventually replace those who are not truly of their people. Their children and their grandchildren will have brought them back from the brink of extinction and will cause the Cherokees to be full Cherokees once again. 
"And, of course, the same thing can be done by all other peoples as well so long as there are enough of their old genotypes still in existence and so long as they have the will to distill themselves back to who they were before the others came.
"Live long and multiply right. May your 23 chromosomes join with 23 like chromosomes as often as possible so that your family becomes a tribe and then a nation."

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