by H. Millard © 2005

It was an age of ignorance, superstition, social chaos, genocide, and repression.

It was a time when our people could not think, speak, or write freely, nor could they read or study certain books or events.

It was a time when our people were made defenseless and were murdered in their homes and in the streets.

It was a time when our people could not choose who they wanted to associate with or not associate with.

It was a time when our people were manipulated into committing their own genocide.

It was a time when our people had their spirits tamped down by those in power.

It was a time when our people had to worship false gods and accept foolish ideas.

It was a time when our people were forced apart and isolated from each other and were told that they weren't really a distinct people at all.

It was a time when our people's natural gene directed ways and beliefs were insulted and trampled on.

The evil time spoken of--the Dark Age--is now.

And, of all the evils of this or any other Dark Age, this is the most evil thing of all and the mother of all other evils: Our minds have been enslaved.

We have been made dull so we will remain docile and not demand the true--get out of our way, we're going to be ourselves and we're charging forward no matter who doesn't like it--freedom, that is our right simply because we were born and we exist.

Why do we calmly accept the repression? Why do we accept the authority of other men who are no better than us and who have no more right by birth that we ourselves have? Why do we make ourselves lesser beings? I'll tell you why. The false teachings and propaganda that bombards us have made us as stupid as beef cattle who think life is wonderful because they have all the hay they can eat and who never question why they must stay where they are and why they must rely on others to take care of them and why, from time to time, some of their number are herded away to the other side of the barn, never to return.

As with beef cattle, could it be that many of us falsely think that all is wonderful and that those who are condescendingly taking care of us, as though we're little children, have our best interests at heart? Are we that foolish? We are. Our cattle pens are in our minds. We're fat and happy and we don't want to move beyond the flimsy constraints that are holding us back. So, we live out our lives munching on hay until that inevitable day when we're taken to the other side of the barn, never to return. And, this is life? This is why we were born? Is that all there is?

White people are the beef cattle in this Dark Age. We are the repressed ones. If you are a white person and if you have a slightly higher than normal consciousness, you already know this. If you have just a little more consciousness, you can't help but want to awaken others to the truth even though this is often a thankless and difficult struggle and even though you feel as though you're dealing with people who are so beaten down that they'll never look up from munching on their hay.

But, there's more. This inner voice that is telling more and more whites to awaken others is like a religious calling. Those who can't treat it as such, and who can't see themselves as genetic missionaries and teachers, will soon drop out of this "movement" because of the frustration of trying to awaken people who don't even know they're asleep. Our "sinners" are our people with low consciousness.

Our people have a myth of freedom, but not the reality. We live in a tyrannical and totalitarian age. We think we have individual and group freedom. We are wrong. The freedom we have is very narrow and its boundaries are arbitrarily set by other men according to their wishes, not ours.

One of the clearest examples today about this lack of freedom that is born of the stultification of the human mind comes to us from the Holocaust worshippers.

As far as this present column goes, it doesn't matter whether the Holocaust, as usually packaged, was true or not. We can accept the fact that many Jews died in the Second World War. We can also accept the fact that many Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, and you name it, also died.

That's what happens in wars--people die--and that's a waste of life, no matter who dies. This thought leads to a slight digression. At this point, it would be too easy to say that all wars are bad. However, they're not. Wars that are truly and honestly fought to protect our genes and prevent our genocide can never be bad--at least not from our perspective--and we must take these things from our perspective.

Back to the point. What is important here, as we talk about true freedom, is the fact that people are being arrested and thrown in jail by evil people and evil governments for even questioning the Holocaust. You don't think we're living in a Dark Age? What do you call being thrown in jail for asking questions about an alleged historical event?

If you can't understand that it is evil to persecute and jail people for simply questioning and investigating the Holocaust, or any other event or subject, then you may be in the throes of cognitive dissonance.

Never fear, there is help for those who have cognitive dissonance. Try this. Simply substitute some terms and situations. For example, you know that people were once thrown in jail for denying that the earth is the center of the solar system. What is your reaction to that? Do you see that as evil? Can you see that central earth denial is really no different than Holocaust denial? At the heart of both situations is nothing more nor less than freedom to think and share our thoughts with others. When we discuss freedom, as we are doing here, it doesn't matter whether something is true or not. It doesn't matter if the earth is the center of the solar system or not. It doesn't matter if the Holocaust happened or not. What matters is having the freedom to let our minds go where they will and to share our thoughts about these things with others without fear that some other people will persecute us for using our minds and saying what we think.

What do we see in the world today? A lack of freedom. Speak out about the Holocaust in less than reverential terms in Germany, Canada or France and you'll be arrested and thrown in jail. This is evil. Those who do this are anti-human and they are no better than those in the past who arrested people for denying that the earth is the center of the solar system.

Call it eternal recurrence of stupidity and tyranny. Must we now wait a couple of hundred years before we all realize that repression of the human mind and spirit is as wrong today with respect to our present sacred cows as it was in the past with the old sacred cows?

Not if enough good, decent people speak out and demand freedom, and not if good, decent people replace evil so-called leaders who are repressing them.

Live long and multiply right.

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