by H. Millard (c) 2003

Brothers and sisters, I want to tell you about the God of What's Happening Right Now. Remember, unlike other Gods who aren't always PC, and who think that They can tell humans what is right or wrong, the God of What's Happening Right Now is always trendy and does what governments and society want.

If there is a God, would he be the God of What's Happening Right Now? Maybe. But, if so, He wouldn't be much of a God. In fact, such a God would be little more than a ventriloquist's dummy. Nevertheless, that's the God that seems to take over in many religions and churches once the founders and early leaders of these religions and churches die and are replaced with weaker souls who want to avoid conflict with the state or the larger society.

Joseph Smith"We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege. Let them worship how, where or what they may." Joseph Smith (1842), founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, whose members are more commonly known as Mormons.

Joseph Smith said the above to justify the fact that the revelations he claimed to have received from God were unpopular in society at large. As often happens with founders or leaders of churches and religions that deviate from whatever is happening in society at the moment, Smith was persecuted and, in his case, was eventually killed for his beliefs. Such persecution also happened with the Old Testament prophets, with Jesus, and with Muhammed as well as with many others.Matt Hale It's also happening today, primarily with pro-white religions and churches that teach that the races of man should be separate from each other.Look no further than what Matt Hale of the Creativity Movement is going through. First he was denied the right to practice law because of his beliefs, and now he's sitting in jail on what some believe are trumped up charges. Similar things have happened with many of the folks in the various Christian Identity churches. Is it any wonder that many white people of similar beliefs have gone underground to practice their religion and avoid persecution?

To escape further persecution and to practice their religion "according to the dictates of their own conscience," the Mormons moved away from civilization and settled in Utah. For a time, they held to the teachings revealed to them by Smith and were true to their religion.

An important part of these Mormon teachings was plural marriage--polygamy--whose revelation was allegedly received on July 12, 1843. This revelation was supposed to be everlasting, and if anyone rejected it, they would not be permitted into heaven: "For behold, I reveal unto you a new and everlasting covenant; and if ye abide not that covenant, then are ye damned; for no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter into my glory. . . ." Smith apparently had at least 27 wives and some historians claim that he had many more.

Wilford Woodruff"Everlasting," didn't last very long. Utah wanted to become a state and was taking a lot of heat from the politicians in Washington, D. C. over polygamy, which didn't comport with the law of the land. Of course, much of the law of the land was, and still is, little more than the religious views of the elites that have been turned into secular law. In 1890, as the pressure against the Mormons mounted, Wilford Woodruff, who was then president of the church, suddenly claimed that he received a new revelation saying that polygamy was no longer allowed. Hallelujah brothers and sisters, what a wonderful coincidence. The government of the United States doesn't want polygamy, and they're not going to let Utah be a state if polygamy is still legal in Utah, and now God has given us a new revelation that He's changed His mind and says he didn't really mean "everlasting," and golly you won't be "damned." God was just kidding. Gosh, He wants us to do whatever the men in Washington, D.C., whose religious faiths are different than ours, want.

Not all Mormons believed this new revelation was real and they split off from the main church and continued to practice polygamy. Their genetic, and sometimes just intellectual, descendants still do so today. And, also today, mostly in rural parts of Utah and Arizona, those Mormons who still hold to the original teachings of the church are being persecuted even though they're mostly just minding their own business and not bothering anyone. Sadly, many of those doing the persecution are Mormons who are members of the main stream Mormon Church of What's Happening Right Now that rejected the doctrine revealed through Joseph Smith in favor of the one revealed by Woodruff.

The Mormons also originally had a belief that non-whites couldn't hold the priesthood in the church. Since most Mormon men are priests of one type or another, this amounted to the church being an all white church. Then, What's Happening Right Now Mormon leaders announced a revelation on June 9, 1978 that got rid of that belief. And, it was also just "coincidentally" what the secular government in Washington, D.C., and the larger community, had been pushing in regard to race mixing. Today, as a result of this latest revelation, Mormons are actively recruiting non-whites to be members of the church. The effects of this can be seen in the rising crime rate in Utah as that state is now being flooded with non-white Third World immigrants who have heard the call of Mormon missionaries in their native Third World nations. It can also be seen in the darkening of the Mormon church as more non-whites join it.

polygamistsSo, the Mormon church--which was originally set up by Joseph Smith in such a way (intentionally or unintentionally) so that it became, in effect, an all white church and a white baby factory, due to polygamy and an all white priesthood--has now become captive to the What's Happening Right Now theology of our age. Critics suggest that as a result of these changes, and especially the one allowing non-whites to hold the priesthood, more members are now coming to the church from non-white converts in the Third World than are being born into white Mormon families.

Those who consider themselves as the true Mormons, and who still follow the teachings of Joseph Smith, probably wouldn't be surprised if the main stream Mormon Church of What's Happening Right Now soon had a new revelation saying that homosexual marriages are now what the big guy in the sky wants. "For behold, that stuff about men marrying women? Holy Cow, I was just kidding like I was when I said you should practice polygamy and only let white men be priests. Heck, men should marry men and women should marry women and no one should practice polygamy and non-whites should hold the priesthood." Interestingly, the government in the form of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court just said that homosexual marriages are okay in that state. Mitt RomneyThe present governor of Massachusetts is Mitt Romney--a member of the main stream Church of What's Happening Right Now Mormons. While Romney currently says that he's against homosexual marriages, it should be noted that the Church of What's Happening Right Now Mormons hasn't yet felt any real government or social pressure for a new revelation in this regard. If such pressure builds, get ready for a new revelation, and get ready for Romney and other main stream Mormons to fall in line with the latest What's Happening Right Now revelation.

Mel GibsonOf course, it's not just the main stream Mormons who seem to worship the God of What's Happening Right Now in this mad age in which we live. The Catholics are also in the same boat, and there are many Catholics who are splitting off from the main stream church as a result. Actor/director Mel Gibson is one of the most famous of these. Other non-Catholic Christian churches have also signed on to the What's Happening Right Now brand of theology. The reason that the Mormons are especially interesting is because the Mormon church was founded right here in America and most of its history is easy to see. Given the radical changes in the Mormon church, it's a wonder that all Mormons aren't getting philosophical whiplash.

There was a recent odd twist in another church that hints at the type of problems religious people can have when they try to respond to what government and society want at any moment. This doesn't quite fit with the prior examples, but it does present another instance of how things can get screwy when religious leaders jump on the What's Happening Right Now bandwagon.

Madrona Presbyterian Church - (c) 2003 by New Nation NewsWhat happened was that there was an all black Presbyterian church in Seattle that was doing just fine without white folks, thank you very much. Then, in 1953, this black Presbyterian church was "forced" to integrate with a nearby white Presbyterian church. I kid you not, "forced" is the revisionist word used in the spin now being spread to describe what happened. Back in 1953, however, it was considered forward thinking and anti-racist for whites to willingly integrate their church to end segregation. The new "forced" spin being put on this matter would be a little like now saying that Rosa Parks was "forced" by evil white racists to sit in the front of the bus with the white folks instead of in the back with the other black folks where she really wanted to be. Drag your knuckles, while you repeat after me: Segregation bad. Integration good.

Once the black congregation was "forced" to integrate with the white congregation in the formerly all white congregation's church building, the black church building was sold and the money was apparently supposed to be used for the new combined black/white congregation. Instead, the money was used to build another church building further away, which then became virtually all white and the new home of whites who were fleeing their former all white congregation that had been integrated. Soon, the integrated congregation became all black again and was as poor as a church mouse. Had the church been a government institution such as schools, the problem (at least it's a problem to blenders) of natural self-segregation caused by people gravitating to people like themselves-- their own kind--probably would have been solved by busing in church members. Not being chained to the pews, the whites fled. Of course, the reality was that the whites were just going to where they felt comfortable, as is their right in our society. Black churchAnyone who has seen typical black church services and typical white church services would realize that the differences are often so great that blacks might not feel comfortable in white church services and whites might not feel comfortable in black church services. Yes, indeed, there are genetic differences manifested even in the way people worship. Blacks often like to sing, dance, and yell when they worship. Whites, by contrast, at least in most Christian denominations, like to whisper and sit still while looking as though their shoes are too tight and as though they just sucked on a lemon.

Information about the black, then black/white, then black again congregation apparently all started to come to light a few years ago when Executive Presbyter Boyd Stockdale, started investigating why the black folks, in the formerly black church that had become the black and white church and then the black church again, were hostile toward him. He concluded that there was resentment because of the past and that it was white racism that had ruined the congregation. Here's how Stockdale characterized this to a local newspaper: "They [earlier church leaders] were just trying to integrate a segregated church, because Martin Luther King said it was a good thing. This just shows that we sometimes do racist things, even when we think we're doing something anti-racist."

Tsk, tsk. The What's Happening Right Now church leaders in the past apparently had believed the What's Happening Right Now dream that blacks and whites just wanted to be together and that if barriers were removed they would be. In this regard, it helps to remember that it's an article of faith among many white people that blacks and all other non-white people are just white people with different paint jobs and that almost all whites have a subconscious racism and just don't like those non-white paint jobs, but that once whites mix with blacks and other non-whites they'll see the inner whiteness of the blacks and non-whites. It just didn't work. When free will (another religious concept) entered the picture, many whites just left the integrated congregation.

To atone for their past "sin" of racism, which they once thought was anti-racism, the white Presbyterians are now donating time and money to fix up the now all black, but formerly black and white, and prior to that the all white, church building so the blacks can have their own all black church building and congregation just as they had prior to 1953. Is your head spinning a little?

Why should whites care about any of the above? The answer is that religion can be important to the survival or destruction of an entire people or a subgroup of the larger group. If the religion has correct beliefs, it can be tremendous force for good. If it has incorrect beliefs, it can be a tremendous force for destruction. Religions can outlast nations, governments, and political movements. They can supply identity to their adherents. They can provide unity and fellowship. They can provide adherents with emotional strength. They can give believers unassailable truths based on revelations, and they can, in hundreds of other ways, fill the basic needs of the adherents. And, all of these things should be considered by whites with a higher level of genetic consciousness on this mad planet that seems hell bent in wiping out the white race.

Without getting into lengthy logical and religious arguments at this point, let it be said that some whites believe that all things, including religious revelations, must be examined for the effect they will have on white people. Those who believe this, hold that anything that has the effect of harming or diminishing or limiting the number of white people in the world or that will cause white people to mix and mate with non-whites is evil and must be rejected. On the other hand, these people believe that anything that has the effect of increasing or expanding the number of white people in the world or which has the effect of making whites "more" white, is good.

Ultimately, such a view is a religious belief even if some of those who espouse it, are unable or unwilling to completely vocalize why this is so. And, as a religious belief it is as valid and as worthy of protection by the laws of man as any other religious belief. As a religious belief, it should be no different than any other religious belief in the eyes of the government, which is supposed to take a content neutral approach to such beliefs. Those who truly have this belief should feel no compunction in spreading it to others of good will. Anyone who tries to spread this religious belief who is attacked by others, should report it to the authorities as a possible hate crime. In other words, if it is a hate crime to attack someone for a belief in Christianity or Judaism, then it is also a hate crime to attack someone who believes as set forth above.

There is a principle in law that says that if you sit on your rights, you lose your rights. Whites who wish to spread pro-white religious teachings should stop being defensive and apologetic for believing as they do, and if they are attacked or are discriminated against because of their beliefs they should report such incidents to the proper authorities.

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