"Homeless Jack" - (c) 2004 by NNN
Homeless Jack and the sub-atomic particles

by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

Homeless Jack, the Prophet of God, blew through town again last week like a crazy whirlwind from out of the far places. He was as skinny as ever and his teeth hadn't gotten any better. His clothes were dirty and his gray hair was scraggly and wild looking. Thankfully, he didn't have any bits of food sticking in his beard. Despite his appearance, or maybe because of it, the sub-atomic particles seemed to be with him in a big way. You could see them circling his head like a fuzzy halo around a street light on a foggy morning. The thought crossed my mind that maybe he had been sleeping in a dumpster someplace where someone had discarded radioactive waste of some type.

"Man, I've been having more revelations," said Jack, speaking in that missing front tooth, slight whistling voice of his. "I was told to tell white people that there's a Savior coming to keep them from extinction, and that we need to prepare the way for him, because his birth isn't going to happen without our help. God alone can save our people, but He won't help if we won't help ourselves. God has told me that we must no longer worship Him in false religions created by men, because that's false worship. And, that pisses Him off. He said that our true religion begins in our genes. That is his where He lives--within us, in fullest glory. He's in our blood. He said look inward to find Him, and forget those fancy churches."

"Why white people, Jack? Shouldn't God be looking out for everyone?" I asked.

"Hell, man, I don't know. The Big Guy just tells me some things, not His whole damn plan. I'm just the friggin' messenger or something.

"I was down by the river and He sent a friggin' Angel to tell me these things. It scared the crap out of me at first. Right out there where the cement stops and the channel begins, this Angel just appeared. He was gigantic. Not fat. Just really, really tall. He stood there in the air all shimmering like and said that the only way to save our people is through right religion. Apparently knowing that I am a born cynic, the Angel told me that because of our inborn human psychology, correct revealed truths are the ONLY way to save white people from extinction. These truths have to be revealed and they have to be true. Then he told me that throughout history it has been religions alone that have transcended more than a few centuries to influence men, and that it was mainly religious leaders who caused various civilizations to change direction. Jesus came and changed the direction of a large part of the world. Mohammed came and changed the direction of a large part of the world. Others also did similar things. Get it? It wasn't politics or politicians. It wasn't the big shots of society. It wasn't the rich selfish ones. It was the outcasts who believed that they were hearing messages from God who changed human destiny. Of course, all those guys in the past were wrong--at least as people now interpret them--and I'm right, but that's another story. What white people have lacked is one who has come forth to change their thinking to the right path. Instead of a Savior and a true religion from God, they have been content to follow the religions of others. In the case of Christianity, many white people have wrongly believed that it is their religion. It isn't. It is not a religion of light and life and it is not from their blood. The Big Guy is all about life, man. He'd probably be hanging out at topless bars if he were in human form. He's not with the smarmy types with their phony reverential church voices. They're dead or dying. They have no life. They're afraid of life, because they're afraid of sex. Hell, the Big Guy made sex fun so we'd replicate. Any religion that opposes that is screwy and neurotic. I figure God is about transformation. He wants to transform lower matter and energies into higher matter and energies and he does it with us through sex. Blind evolution can take us in any number of directions, but now that we have big brains we have to take over and direct and will our evolution in the right direction.

"The Savior may even now be among the eggs and sperm of white people. I believe that there may have been other Saviors who were aborted or who were never born because some white people chose not to have children and died childless, useless lives. They were dead ends. I was told that each white person is to have as many children as possible to increase the odds that the Savior will be born and so that the white kind will cover the universe.

"We," said dirty, skinny, missing a tooth, Homeless Jack, "are the next evolutionary step for mankind. Every egg and every sperm should lead to a new white life, because we need vast numbers. I was told that whites need to get out of false death religions that keep down their birthrates and which teach that the flesh is bad and that all people are the same. I was told that white males are to start taking multiple wives in order to increase their offspring. I was told that whites have to be bold in asserting their peoplehood. I was told that they are to organize and to build a white sub-culture within the larger anti-white and non-white cultures of this planet until they can separate out. I was told that whites are to have their own exclusive institutions and their own exclusive organizations separate from the "diverse" institutions and organizations sanctioned by anti-white genocidal governments and evil men. I was told that whites are to separate out from non-whites in every way possible and to live in all white communities when possible, and to keep their distance from non-whites when this is not possible. When whites are unable to completely physically separate themselves from others, they are to join together and build centers of their new religion in the communities in which they live until such time as they can separate. And each believer is to teach others the truth to make them into believers. If there are too few of them in an area who believe, they are to build personal Temples in their homes bearing sacred symbols that they may gaze upon. If they do not have the space for room sized personal Temples, they are to build Temple boxes. If they do not have room for Temple boxes, it is good and sufficient to rely upon sacred symbols that are with them at all times.

"It is time for a new faith. It is time for a new, enlightened, and aware people growing from the rotting corpses of the old white people who are so brainwashed that they are smiling as their extinction looms. It is time for a new consciousness based on the truth that the most important thing we can do to survive is to increase our birthrate. It is time to reject those who say things such as 'I've decided not to have children.' Such people are self-indulgent, purposeless dead ends. It is time to reject those among us who enable our genocide by saying things such as 'Don't put a hyphen in my name, I'm just an American,' or who are holding us back from being what we, by nature, truly are--a distinct people. It is time to separate ourselves from whites who preach our destruction through mixing. It is time for genetic self-determination. It is time for a new species of man grown out of the old via separation.

"Whites are alone on this brown planet whether some of them understand this or not. Whites will not survive on the good intentions of others, but on their own struggle to survive. Existence is a struggle and one must love the struggle."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Just what it says. If you're unhappy about having to struggle, you don't get it. There is an eternal struggle between being and non-being, between light and dark. The struggle is going on everywhere at all times. It happens on a cosmic scale and on a sub-atomic scale. Good is being and light. Evil is non-being and dark.

"Jack, are you starting a new religion?" I asked.

"Call it a religion if you want or call it whatever you want to call it. It is the right way. And, it's not me who is starting it. I'm just a messenger or conduit. These things, and more, came to me from revelations and they are the will of that which I guess we can call God, but that term may not give the true picture. Let no man, nor governments of men, challenge it. I'm going to live my life according to these things because I believe they really are from God."

"And, what if people just say you're nuts?" I asked.

"I expect that. I also expect persecution. It doesn't bother me. Nothing really bothers me since I've seen the truth. It's all part of the struggle. The struggle is eternal."

"Why you, Jack?"

"I don't know. It may be that one does have to be crazy to be able to tune into these revelations. I've got a theory about this, but it's just a theory. I think the force that we call God, or some aspect of God, is all around us all the time, sort of like radio waves, but that one has to have all the right parts and be able to tune into the right frequency to get the revelations. Sometimes I can even see them. For some reason, that I don't fully understand, I have the right parts and am tuning into the right frequency and things are coming in as clearly as though I had just tuned into a powerful radio station. Since others may not be able to tune in, it's my job to tell them what I'm receiving. I call this thing or things--these right parts--Essence. Only our people have this type of Essence. It is born into us, so long as we are born pure. I think it is activated by right belief and right action. The less pure we are, the weaker is the Essence. I've also discovered that I can't tune in if non-whites are close by. Their physical presence seems to block or scramble the waves, or whatever they are."

"Maybe it's sort of like you're picking up something from the sub-atomic particles," I offered, as a way to humor him.

"Yeah, maybe. Anyway, for whatever reason, I receive these things."

"Geez, Jack, about half the schizophrenics walking the streets would probably say the same thing. Haven't you heard that most religions are trying to eliminate things from their teachings that cause humans to not like each other?"

"This is different. I can't really explain it, but it's not the same as schizophrenia, and I know many people who are schizophrenics out on the streets. Then again, how does that old saying go? Isn't it something like, "Who God touches, he first makes insane? And, besides, God ain't no pansy. Do you think He's going to conform to what a bunch of humans are doing to screw up what He wants? Hell, He's the big guy in the sky. He's the boss. What He wants and what a bunch of humans want in order to satisfy their own wishes ain't necessarily the same."

"So, how is anyone to know who is, and who isn't, sane, and who has the truth?"

"I don't know. It ain't my job to make everyone believe. I'm just supposed to tell what I was told to tell. I guess people will just have to believe. Faith is powerful. If they've got the right blood, the right belief, and the right actions, they'll know. And, if they keep the symbols with them all the time and look upon them often, they'll believe, and they'll have the right frequency."

"What are you actually doing about the revelations?" I asked.

"I'm looking for a bunch of wives, spreading the word and the symbols, and I'm trying to keep the dark forces from killing me. And, God willing, I will survive. Or, God willing, I won't survive."

"Kill you? Why would anyone want to kill you? You're starting to sound paranoid, now."

"My revelations have the power to completely change the world. They're a new departure. The evildoers have been trying to stop white people from hearing the truth. You know, in some countries people get arrested if they display a swastika or even salute in a certain way or read the wrong book. You know why? It's because these things have the power to revitalize white people and get them back on the right path away from evil and moving toward the light again. The right symbols and right words are religiously powerful. Some of the symbols that are banned, are religious symbols. Banning the type of swastika revealed to me is like banning symbols of other religions. It can't be allowed. Believers must have this symbol. It helps open the Essence and helps them tune in.

Jack, now you're sounding like you have delusions of grandeur as well as being paranoid and schizophrenic. Look, the business with the swastika and the rest was just to make sure Nazism is stamped out. We all know that."

"No we don't. That's what they want you to believe. The universe is a strange place. There are ancient forces of good and light behind what you think of as a purely political and social ideology and symbols. It's a magical universe...well, actually, our physics just hasn't figured it out yet. The forces of evil and darkness know that symbols and words have power, so they don't want people to use them or even to see them. They're after me to shut me up. Here, look at this." Jack then held out his hand. He was wearing a silver signet ring bearing a sort of rounded swastika with what looked like flames around it. "This is a powerful symbol," said Jack. "Even looking at it can transform some people who have the right genes so that they reject the dark and accept the light. It's the engine of creation and destruction. It is a circle on its way to becoming. It is the Cornucopia of God. It sucks everything in and reshuffles matter and sends it back out."

As I looked at the ring, the room suddenly seemed to be full of tiny particles shooting around and through everything like millions of tiny tracer bullets. There were trails of light everywhere. They crisscrossed in every direction and went through everything as though there was nothing solid in the room. I put my hand out and I could see thousands of these particles pass through it. The mostly empty room was actually alive with, and full of these particles. In a way, the trails looked like thread weaving everything together. About three feet above Jack's ring a bunch of these particles seemed to start swirling around and looked like a spiral galaxy...or a rounded arm swastika or a miniature tornado or hurricane. It was as though this image had been projected up from the ring, or perhaps the particles were captured by the ring and made to form this image. I don't really know. Maybe it was just a trick of my mind, but it was as though I was actually seeing the subatomic particles.

"You see them, don't you?" asked Jack with a slight smile. "Now who's schizophrenic? God is making you as crazy as I am so you can see."

I closed my eyes for a second, and when I opened them, everything was back to normal. For a moment I wondered if Jack had somehow slipped drugs into my coffee.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Hide me," said Jack.

"What...? There's no place to hide here. Crawl out the basement window and disappear." Jack did so, and I opened the door and there were two black guys there in suits who looked like feds and who identified themselves as such.

"Can we come in and talk to you?" asked the shorter of the two in that forceful command tone of voice used by cops to make you think that it isn't really a question and that you have no choice but to agree.

I was just about to let them in, when something seemed to snap inside of me. This was my home, my separate place, my external personal...Temple...yes, that's what it was...my home was now my Temple. I did not want it defiled. "No. You can't come in. What do you want?" I asked

"Have you seen this man?" he said, as he held out an old dirty photo of someone who could have been Jack, but maybe not. It looked as though it was from a high school yearbook.

Being a law abiding citizen, I was about to tell them that Jack had just left. But then an inner voice told me that I was on Jack's side and these guys weren't on our side and could never be. They weren't part of our people. "Hmmm. I don't think I recognize that person." I said. "What'd he do?"

"He's a racist."

"Right. What did he DO?" I asked again.

"He's a racist."

"I'm sorry. Is that a crime? Isn't that what someone thinks or believes? I was asking what he actually did to cause you to look for him. Did he commit a crime?"

"We just want to talk to him, that's all. If you do see him, try to keep your distance. We believe he's mentally unbalanced and may be a danger to himself and others. Here's my card. If he comes here, we'd appreciate a call."

"Okay," I replied. With that, they left and I closed the door. As I looked out through my window blinds, I could see them walking back to their car parked a couple of doors up the street. On the back of the car, someone, probably Jack, had painted that strange rounded arm swastika in white paint. When the feds saw it, they turned around to look back toward my place. I closed the blinds. Something had happened to me while Jack was at my place. I was changed somehow in some subtle way. It was as though I had just awakened from a sleep that I had been in for most of my life. Things now seemed very clear. I could see the underlying unity of all things and I could see the separateness of all things. I realized that there really was a struggle going on in the universe between light and dark, but that it was different than the struggle talked about in some religions. Things that some believe are evil, are actually good and things that some believe are good are actually evil. I could just sense it. We are born wearing our uniforms and we are on the side we are on because that's the way God, or the subatomic particles, or a higher force, or nature, or whatever, is ordering the universe. Our goal and our purpose is to survive and move ever higher and make more of us than them so that light dominates and so we can share the consciousness of the source of all. Then again, maybe I caught some sort of contact craziness from Jack. I should have asked him for an objective miracle for proof. So, I imagined him glowing and I imagined sub-atomic particles. Where's the real proof?

I went into the basement to make sure crazy, Homeless Jack had closed the window. The odd thing was that it was closed and locked from the inside with a padlock, and there was no other way Jack could have gotten out. But he had. I figure he must have slipped out the back door when I wasn't looking. Next to the window was a piece of paper upon which Jack had written: "I hope you can now see clearly. We cannot find God or our destiny unless we separate out and start the process of becoming a new species truly separate from other human types and incapable of mating with them. We must spread our genes and our Essence by having as many white children as possible, as quickly as possible. God wants these things, and we must obey and carry out His will. There is no other way. Having pure children is God's first law for us. That, and the other things I have received are what God commands. That's the end of the argument. There are none who can argue against God. You're either on the side of God and light or you're on the side of evil and dark. Carry God's symbols with you always. As above, so below. Struggle always and love the struggle. Leave the religions of the humans and accept the religion of God. Leave the death religions of the others. They are not in your blood. Right blood is the foundation, right belief is the key, right action is the way. With these three, and God willing, you shall prevail. Make your choice."

If you run into Jack sometime, don't be afraid of him. He may be crazy, but just humor him. He really thinks he's having revelations. Of course we, being modern people, know that revelations are not to be believed in their own age just as prophets are without honor in their own land. We should get our religious truths from dead prophets and the corporate types in our modern religions because the ever existent God has, for some reason, been silent for a very long time and he doesn't talk to us anymore. Right? Maybe not. Ask Jack.

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