by H. Millard © 2007

"You want to know the true meaning of Thanksgiving, man?  It was about us expanding. Yes, us--Europeans--White people--the indigenous peoples of Europe--Aryans. Now, don't get all twitchy over that last word that the White haters want you to think means something that it doesn't mean. It simply means non-Jewish white people of European descent. 

"So, why were we expanding? Simple.  We had a high birth rate and a lot of our kids lived to be adults. This made a lot of us and we were feeling crowded and this caused us to go forth and seek comfort elsewhere.
"In a sense, it was a golden time for us because we didn't have birth control or abortions on demand and our lands were full of our own people and not others.  We also didn't have the mewling, smarmy introspection and self-doubts of so many Whites today. We multiplied ourselves the way we're supposed to multiply ourselves--the more kids the better. We were like maggots, man, and that's a compliment. We have to become like maggots again if we're to survive. Look in a garbage can, man, and you'll see more life there that you'll ever find on a pristine lawn.
"We were spring and life itself. Most of our population was young and rambunctious. The world was our oyster. Today, we are winter and death. As a people, we have become old and timid and contracting. Where are our kids?  We don't have enough. Look at our statistics, Whites are an aging population.  That means contraction, man. And, this is the natural result of our present low birth rate that we should be working hard to reverse.  But we're not going to reverse it unless we shake off the false ideas and the brainwashing and start yelling out to the universe that we exist and by damn we're going to expand and we don't care who doesn't like it. We need to renew ourselves and love the struggle to be the best and be on top.
"We have to come up with new mores and new ways.  To hell with the old marriage form.  We need polygamy and whatever else will work to help us make more of ourselves.  Two kids per family?  Man, that's obscene.  There should be a dozen kids per family.
"It's not that we were better back at the time of the first Thanksgiving, it's just that we were too busy with living and surviving to worry about yuppie sorts of things. We just lived.  We were forced to be direct and real.  We didn't plan our families as we so stupidly do today--we just had kids.
"Back then we weren't walking on eggs and trying to be less than we are because we don't want to insult those who can't keep up with us.  We weren't full of self-doubts about who and what we are, as we are today.  And, back then we weren't afraid of phrases such as  "not one of us." It was just common sense.  You could tell us from not us with your eyes, just as you can now, even if you don't want to admit it. We were/are different from all other peoples as they are different from us. That's nature.
"Don't like the sound of that? Tough. Take it up with God. That's who is thanked on Thanksgiving.  And, whether or not there is a God I leave to you and your personal feelings about the subject.  But, if there is a God and if He made us, then we not only have a right to remain us as He made us but we have a sacred duty to remain us. And, if there isn't a God, then nature made us and everything else and that still gives us the right to remain us just because we are us. 
"We Whites have to open our minds and get back in touch with who and what we are and deprogram ourselves from the phony crap of this age.  We need to stop running away from who and what we are. We need to shake off the stupid brainwashing that has us thinking that if we are who and what we are that we're some kind of haters. That's bull. We have to stay true to ourselves and be ourselves.  You know that most of our people don't hate anyone.  So, stop acting as though you're afraid to even order white paint at the store lest someone call you a racist.
"Racist just means that one believes there are races of man.  Big deal.  It's the truth. But, look man, I'm not naive, I realize that those who hate white people use the term racist as a synonym for hate.  Okay, so use some other term, but don't forget that there are different races of man and that a race of humans is like a breed of dogs.  We are who we are because of our genes. That's nature for you. Not very PC, but the truth is the truth. 
"So, back in the days of the first Thanksgiving, we White people had high birthrates and this caused us to expand outward.  No kudos for that, man.  Insects do the same thing. All life does the same thing. When a life form has a high birthrate and when more of its kind survive into adulthood,  it expands.  When it has a low birthrate or a high mortality rate so that its numbers are low, it contracts. And if the life that is expanding is better adapted to a new land than the ones already there, well, the expansionists win.
"We came to the New World. Those here before us had failed to fill the land with their kind, so we took over and filled it with our kind.  And, if we don't wake up, other kinds are going to supplant us in this land.
"Don't give me that crap about first in has a right to the place.  That's nonsense.  Indians have no more right to America than Arabs have a right to what is now Israel.  No one has a right to anything just because they were first.  Yup, might does make right.  That's nature and existence for you.  All the teary eyed neurotics in the world won't change it. Existence is all about struggling to be and to be more.  And, the struggle doesn't start with humans or even other life forms.  It starts from the very nature of existence.    Get in the struggle and struggle always or to hell with you.
"And, this brings me to this multicultural and multiracial crap that we're being asked to swallow.  It is crap.  We're being asked to step aside and let others eat our lunch and to even commit our own genocide by blending in with them.  Well, to hell with that.  We should struggle to be the best we can be and others can struggle to be the best they can be. That's the way nature works.
"I was in a supermarket looking at turkeys the other day, and the first thing I saw was this old White lady with a little dog in a sort of purse contraption and she had it in her shopping basket and she was talking to it as though it was her child. I bet this woman never married and never had any children of her own, so now she's busy mothering a dog.  What a waste of genes.
"Then, there was this old White couple that came in and they had two little kids who must have been their grandkids and they had them in the shopping cart and were pushing them around and they were all goo goo and baby talk and full of pride about their grandkids. And, the grandkids were Asians.  Didn't look a thing like the grandparents.  And, I thought to myself, 'You old people look like you're going to die soon. And, when you die, that's it for you.  You'll turn into fertilizer.  You haven't even left your genes behind.  You're just about extinct.  Genocide is your fate.
"Sometimes, when I see people like these who don't understand nature or natural laws and simple things about genes and survival, man, I think Whites dying off is just the way it's going to be. 
"Then, I remember that not all Whites are like the people in the supermarket.  Many Whites are going to die off, man, they'll not join their 23 chromosomes with 23 like chromosomes or they won't have any kids at all or maybe they'll abort their kids, but we're going to survive, God willing, we're going to survive. 
"Let them hate us, man.  These people who don't understand what we understand are no longer our people, anyway.  We're on our way to becoming a new people born out of the old, man.  It's time we stopped trying to please those who look like us but who are on a different wavelength.  It's time we make a greater effort to establish our own subculture and our own society separate from those who don't see things as we see them. 
"We are the new Pilgrims, man, and we're setting off for a new shore where we will be the few. It is a shore found in consciousness and in our genes.  And we give our thanks to whatever power or force there is that is leading us away from those who are self-destructive and so evil that they do not honor or respect who and what they are.
"We were once part of them, but no more. We are now Ourselves Alone."

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