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Symbiosis: In nature, a close relationship between two or more differing types of organisms where both derive benefits

I recently scratched the surface of the illegal alien problem in a medium size American city (about 100,000 population) and found what could be described as a fairly cohesive symbiotic relationship that has developed between illegal aliens, some business interests and some charities.
The name of the city isn't important. My guess is that a very similar symbiosis probably exists in every city in this nation with a large illegal alien population.  I submit, that thinking of illegal  immigration as a symbiosis might give us some added insights into the true nature of illegal immigration and it might help us drag some of the hidden elements out into the bright light of day so they can be seen clearly and addressed. 
The real problem with the illegal alien symbiosis that I spotted is that while a few people benefit from it, many more are parasitized by the relationship.  Those who are parasitized are the good, decent citizens of this nation who just want to live in a First World nation and to pursue the American dream as their ancestors did.
Now, let me be clear that there's not much new in what I learned, except, perhaps, that the relationship that has evolved around illegal aliens--at least in this one city--is more cohesive and structured (in an almost organic way) than the way many people think about it. 
You might want to scratch the surface in cities near where you live. My guess is you'll find a similar symbiotic relationship. You can start by obtaining public records on the local charities, and by getting copies of your city or town's Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant reports  (HUD CDBG). Start scratching at your city or town hall. These reports will give you some good information on charities in your community.  And, they'll also give you the demographic breakdown of who gets your tax money.
In the city I looked at, which, according to the U.S. Census, has about a thirty percent Hispanic population, some of the charities report that anywhere from ninety to one-hundred percent of their clients are Hispanic.  And, none of the charities ask for the citizenship status of their clients.  Now, don't get the verb "charity" mixed up with the noun "charity."  The former is often a virtue, while the latter is a business that often makes big money for the charity bosses.  

In this city, the symbiosis is fraying the traditional American social fabric and harming middle class citizens who are now fleeing to places that are safer and where the schools are still full of citizen students.

This city has about fourteen percent of its land zoned for industrial uses.  In my opinion, this is about twice what is healthy for  the particular city in question if it wants to be First World and middle class. As a frame of reference, a nearby tony city only has two percent of its land zoned for industrial uses, while an also nearby slum city has nineteen percent zoned this way. There are corelations to be found here.
The symbiosis is simple and easy to see. The industrialists want cheap labor. Illegal aliens supply that labor, but they don't make enough money selling their labor on the cheap to live a First World existence in the city. If the illegal aliens move away because they can't afford to live in the city, the industrial businesses will lose their cheap labor. But, if the industrialists pay a living wage so the illegals can stay in the city, the industrialists will have leaner bottom lines. How is the conundrum solved?  Enter the third major benefiting symbiant, the charities, which are a growth business in this city.

To make ends meet, many suspected illegal aliens turn to these charities which supply everything from free medical and dental care, to free lunches, to free bags of groceries, to free money to help pay the rent and utilities, to free day care. Thus, the charities are helping provide the ersatz living wages and benefits packages to illegal aliens that ultimately benefit the out of town industrialists. Why offer illegal aliens medical and dental plans when they can get medical and dental care for free?

How do the charities benefit from the symbiotic relationship?  They can only grow if their client rolls grow. Illegal alien warm bodies showing up at the charities fill the bill. Then, the charity bosses can ask for more money to fund their activities. And, they do ask for more money. In fact, many of these charities are getting tax payer funds while most of their clients are suspected illegal aliens.

Then, because the industrialists can't hire all the new illegal aliens who are drawn by the easy living in the city, many of the latter look for day jobs on street corners to supplement the charity handouts.
Others who benefit from illegal aliens in this city are the slumlords who charge high rents for their downscale apartments and who are able to get the high rents because they look the other way and allow as many as a dozen illegal aliens to live in small one bedroom apartments and share the rent. 

Who wins in this symbiosis? The illegal aliens, the out of town industrialists, and the charity bosses.

Who loses? The middle class citizens of the city.

This is a formula for driving a city down to Third World levels. And, that's what we're seeing all across this nation.

Today, many U.S. cities are lawless.  They are in the control of symbiotic elements that are working against good, decent middle class citizens. Think Chicago in Al Capone's day or Tombstone in the old west. When cities become lawless like this, and the establishment (business and charity interests)  benefits, it's difficult for ordinary citizens to fight back.
It is the establishment symbiants who are enabling the illegal symbiants. Remember, also, the establishment symbiants are often seen as pillars of their communities.  The charity bosses are usually portrayed as kind and compassionate people and are often written up in the local newspapers for their charity work.  Don't buy it.  Look at the salaries the charity bosses are receiving by laundering your tax money and passing it on in services and goods to illegal aliens.  We're not talking Mother Teresa, here.  We're talking about people who make anywhere from $ 60,000 to $ 200,000 per year for their "charity" work in the city I looked at, and maybe also in your city as well.
Stop the symbiosis and illegal aliens will head back to their own countries. 

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