"survived by his cat"

by H. Millard © 2007

"Rush Limbaugh, one of life's losers, died of natural causes this week." 

"Because he was childless and is only survived by his cat and the millions of dollars that he made as a radio talk show host, he might as well not have lived at all. He'll be forgotten before his body rots."
No, Limbaugh didn't really die this week. He's still alive, but at the same time, in a survival of the fittest sense, he died inside a long time ago.  He died when he decided to not have children.  Sure, he's still on the radio and he's still making money, but is that life?
Is that what it's all about, Mr. Limbaugh?
Are we just here to push a philosophy or our world views? Is there more?  Is there something much more basic that exists within all life?  Is there something real that is not dependent on things that we make or do as humans? What is the purpose and meaning of life, if there is a purpose and a meaning?
Some say our purpose is to serve God or do God's will.  Even if this is true, it can't be proven.  Believe if you will; because belief can give comfort and is important to our human psychology, but know that belief doesn't make something true. Believe, but hedge your bets with what you can prove.
Is there purpose and meaning that is independent of our beliefs and which is built into us?
The answer is yes.  The purpose and meaning of existence is to expand. From one, many--in the image of the one. In terms of life, this means that we are to multiply our genes and make more of them. We multiply our genes by having children in our image.  The more children we have in our image the more have we expanded. If you have children who look like you, then your genes have multiplied.  Evolutionary success means that your genes survive you.
 If you have no children (as is the case with Limbaugh), then you have failed in life no matter what else you have accomplished. If you mate outside your people, and your children thus do not end up with 46 chromosomes of your general genotype and phenotype, then you have failed. 
So far in his life, Limbaugh has failed the survival of the fittest test of existence. No matter how much he may think that he's a success, he's a failure in the larger and long term sense.  He's the end of his line. Kaput. The last of the Rush Limbaughs. Extinct. Self-genocide...the slow suicide of those who don't understand existence.  Remember, "fittest" means that one's genes survive. You can be a beautiful specimen--brilliant mind, great physique, extremely attractive--but if you have not passed on your genes, you are not fit.
Now, Limbaugh has a brother who has children, so Limbaugh may think that the Limbaugh genes will survive.  And, some of them will. But, they're not Rush's genes. We're all just a little different than our siblings. And, our children, who are the product of our genes and the mates we have selected, are also just a little different.  There are millions of possibilities in the great shuffle of life as we mate and have children. Even when our children have the major phenotype characteristics (our outward appearance) that we have: skin color, hair color and texture, eye color, body build, etc. they are slightly different from us.  We live within them to the degree that they are like us, but they are still just a little different genetically. We gave them 23 chromosomes that we carry, and our mates gave them 23.  The more our mates look like us, the more our children will be like us.
But Limbaugh's lack of understanding about the purpose and meaning of life--his, perhaps subconscious, anti-life attitude--often pops up not only in his oft stated desire to not have children, but also in his cavalier attitude about the deaths of all those who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As far as the U.S. military personnel who have died are concerned, Limbaugh dismisses them by saying that they're all volunteers.  And, then, apparently realizing how cold this sounds, he often follows up with some sop about how they're heroes who have died for our freedom and how he honors them.  Sure he does. Hey, Limbaugh, how many Limbaughs are dying in your pal George Bush's stupid, lying war? How may Bushes are dying? 
But I digress @#%$^#$.
To repeat:  We are given this gift of life so that we may make more people in our own image.  That is what nature and nature's God demands.  But, this expansion that I write of doesn't even begin with life.  It begins at the beginning and it exists throughout existence starting right at the sub-atomic level.  Creation is a spark that burns up the darkness of non-existence.  Each child born in our image is existence screaming out against non-existence. You don't have to accept these assertions on blind belief.  Just look at nature.  These words are written there and are plain to see by those with eyes to see. They're in every particle and wave that exists.
Duggar family 2005Turn now to a man and woman who understand life--Bob and Michelle Duggar of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Their story about just having their 17th child is all over the news this week.  They have been given life and they have passed it on.  They are the important people. They are expanding and multiplying. These are life's winners.
Those who don't reproduce are life's losers. They are not fit.  Remember, survival of the fittest doesn't mean that one can make millions of dollars or talk on the radio. It means the reproductive success of a particular genotype (our inner blueprint) and phenotype (our outward appearance, i.e. the manifestation of our inner blueprint) in a given environment. The more genes you pass on, the more fit you are. The fewer genes you pass on, the less fit you are.
The way things are going right now, the Duggar genes will dance all over the grave of the Rush Limbaugh genes.  The Duggars have chosen life and being.  Limbaugh has chosen death and non-being.
Of course, Limbaugh can have a change of heart.  Males can reproduce very late in life.  One would guess that he has pretty good genes that should be put into the gene pool and that his lack of wanting children is more a result of conditioning than a result of a defective genetic program. Of course, I could be wrong.  But, if  Limbaugh does decide to have children, he should have no problem attracting 20's something females to bear the next generation of Rush Limbaughs.
Hey, Limbaugh, imagine the consternation among liberals if there were 17 more Rush Limbaughs running around the place with half their brains tied behind their backs.
Meanwhile, some of the usual anti-life and anti-white scumbags have been calling the Duggars names and expressing outrage because, in their view,  we have too many people on the planet. Or, is it because they don't like white people and in their view we have too many white people?  Such people can do us all a favor by not having any children of their own. Bye, bye. Don't let the morgue door hit you on your way out of existence.
In addition, some self-indulgent white yuppies--you know the type: expensive haircuts, sweaters tied over their shoulders, metal frame glasses--are saying that those who have too many (white) children put a burden on society. Nonsense. Society should praise the breeders for being the saviors of our people.  God bless the Duggars and let them have many more children.  They are showing the way to survive on this dark planet.  If they keep it up, all white people may be related to the Duggars in the future. 
And, all of us Duggars of the next century may look in our history books at a footnote about a forgotten radio personality of the twenty-first century named Rush Limbaugh who was the last of his line. Yup.  No more Limbaughs. Just old faded photos.  All gone. Got Darwined out of existence. Didn't know how to survive.

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