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"pure light"

"I'm going to tell you a little more about my religion, man," said Homeless Jack. "What I'm about to tell you, in my own words, are religious truths. They were revealed to Arman and I believe them. Those of us who follow Arman's truths demand the same respect for our truths as is afforded to any other so-called religious truths in the world today. These truths guide us through our lives. Unlike false religions, they are all encompassing. There is no separation in our religion between government and religion or other parts of life. This thing that we sometimes call Armanism or Strugglism or by some other names is also a philosophy that covers all aspects of our lives. I think everyone should believe the religious aspects of this, but those who don't can still follow the philosophical aspects. No one has to join anything to believe. They just have to have right blood, right belief and right action and be guided by Arman's teachings. It's better when people gather in groups with a minimum number of ten, but individual believers are just as much believers as those in groups. Each person relates directly to the Ultimate.

"Our religious beliefs start right at the beginning of existence. Our material universe came into being as the One behind the light began the struggle to Be in our universe and as He started the spinning. If we had seen this beginning we would have seen it start as a tiny point of light in the dark. We would have seen this tiny light start spinning and get brighter and stronger. We would have seen all matter come about as a result of this spinning. It would have looked like a giant storm or spiral or swastika or wheel, depending on the time it was viewed and the angle. It was like a giant cornucopia. Everything came forth from it. Everything returns to it to be transformed and sent forth again. We would have seen galaxies being born and being destroyed from out of the spinning. We would have seen living things come into existence and die off in the spinning. The spinning is in the smallest and the largest things in existence. It is the furnace of creation and destruction and it maintains all that is. The One behind the light is evolving everything in our universe including Himself as He exists in our universe.

"Okay, so that's the big picture. Switch now to man. The same principles found in the far reaches of space apply. Those with the Essence are born into this religion whether they know it or not. It's inside them. It's written in their genetic code. One cannot come to this faith except by being born to it, anymore than a palm tree can come to being an oak tree without being born an oak tree. This religion is as much a part of us as all our other physical characteristics both seen and unseen. It is one with our genotype and our phenotype. Arman received revelations that put in words what is written inside and throughout nature so he could tell us the truth. We are a part of this spinning and this evolution. The spinning is inside us and all around us. It is in our genes and every cell of our bodies. It has a frequency and a correspondence with the larger spinning. Those who can be Armen--those born with the particular genes that make our people a distinct people--are also born with Essence. Essence has many aspects. It is something like soul, but it is also something like a radio receiver and broadcast station. It exists only because of our genes and it cannot exist without them.

"We have a number of possible destinies. If we do nothing, if we believe nothing, if we know nothing, we will have a destiny put on us by forces and energies that may be unknown to us and we will be the slaves of the accidents of existence. If, on the other hand, we understand the nature of reality as taught by Arman, then we can begin moving toward our highest possible destiny. This highest destiny can only be achieved by rejecting the evil cults of multiculturalism and multiracialism, among other evils. Those concepts are abominations. They are anti-life, anti-evolution, anti-Higher Power. They are sent to destroy. They are genocidal and they are an affront to God. We must always think in terms of Ourselves Alone and reject all that takes us away from this. We must separate, multiply and move higher; not blend in, subtract and move lower.

"Because this knowledge is revealed, no further proof of why these evil cults should be rejected is needed. However, those who do not yet understand how true Arman's teachings are, should still reject these evil cults based on what they can learn by studying true science. Arman's teachings are there, but in other terms. True science always affirms the teachings and there is nothing that Arman teaches that is not in accord with true science. God is the First Scientist and the Chief Engineer. And, even if you do not call Him God, and even if you to not think about Him as a human sort of entity, and prefer the word "nature," or some sort of expression such as "the way things are," that's fine, even though you will probably miss part of the picture by leaving out the aspects of Divine Will and Divine Consciousness that inure to the term God. We often think of God as a sort of Will-o'-the- wisp who is in everything and is everywhere but who can't be found and who is always just out of reach unless He wants to be seen and known. And, when this is the case, He selects those He wishes to select. He selected Arman.

"Arman says that all people who share our genotype and phenotype should come to the teachings by whatever means gets them there. Even if they think they are non-believers, they are believers if they understand, through whatever means, about the real truths of existence. These real truths of existence are Arman's religion, man. They are one.

"Arman says that we need to be in the right conditions for the right genetic switches to be thrown. This means that in ideal conditions we would live only among our own people, only use goods manufactured by our own people, only eat food raised by our own people, only wear clothes made by our own people. It's a total immersion that is required to have the most switches thrown. It's a matter of controlling the external and internal environments so that we absorb the things that help us evolve. You may remember that I told you that Arman says our normal life span is anywhere from about 1200 to 1500 years and that many of the genetic switches, which act like our genetic switch for puberty, don't even kick in until a time long after our present short life spans are over. Thus, today, we die as mere children even if we live a hundred years. Only with the right blood, the right beliefs and the right actions will we reach our normal life span. There's no other way."

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