Frank Moran - a 'great white hope'
(The Flyswatter and Heart Punches)
by H. Millard (c) 2003
H. Millard

Earlier this year, an experienced black heavyweight boxer took a punch to the side of his body near his heart and died a few minutes later. It was just the first round. His opponent was white.

Brad Rone, right, and Billy Zumbrun square off in the first roundObservers noted that the punch that stopped the black boxer's heart forever wasn't even a very hard punch. So, why did he die? The official cause of death was given as cardiac arrest. That may be true, but the answer is too simple.

As I've written in other columns, boxing is a sport that largely gives blacks an advantage over whites. This is so, because boxing is based on an unwritten false assumption that the races of man are the same. This lie leads to the false belief that all the races of man also have the same weaknesses and the same strengths. As in many areas of life in our mad world today, most people are afraid to point out simple truths about the differences between the races lest they be called names. However, just denying or ignoring the truth doesn't make it not true. The truth is simple: the races of man are very different from each other in many ways. Until white boxers understand this, they'll keep losing fights and simply think that their opponents were better fighters or trained harder.

Big HornLook at it this way. Suppose we had head butting contests in which two white people would run at each other and butt heads. Other things being equal, it would probably be a fair match. One would lose and one would win. End of story. Now suppose that to the world of head butting came Big Horn sheep. No matter how much the white person (or black, or red, or yellow or brown person) trained, he would never win against the Big Horn sheep. It's a little like that in boxing. Once, the sport was segregated and this meant that racial advantages or disadvantages weren't a factor. Then, when the sport was integrated, blacks came to dominate the sport and whites faded. Why? Because, whites were doing a lesser version of butting heads with Big Horn sheep.

boxingWhite weaknesses in boxing, as compared to blacks, are weaker chins, slower reflexes, easier bleeding, and shorter arms. And, this is in a sport that favors strong chins, fast reflexes, non-bleeding and longer arms. Black weaknesses involve the heart and neck areas, and these are areas that aren't hit very often in boxing as it is presently practiced.

Traditional boxingTraditional boxing wisdom holds that a solid right cross to the chin is the most likely punch to end a fight with a knockout. Unfortunately, traditional boxing wisdom, like many of the things we have been conditioned to believe, is based on the usually unspoken belief that all people are really white people under their different paint jobs. Yes, a right cross to the chin of a white boxer is the most likely punch to end a fight with a knockout. However, a right cross to the chin of a black fighter may not have the same effect.

boxingGenerations of white fighters, trained in traditional boxing techniques, go into the ring against black fighters as though they're going into the ring against white fighters. Once in the ring, they try to knock out the black boxers by hitting them on the point of the chin. Oftentimes, the white fighters end up losing fights after landing some devastating blows that would have finished off a white opponent. So, the losing white fighters go back to the gym and train some more to use the same old losing techniques. Then, they may get in the ring with other whites and may knock them out left and right and figure they're ready for the main card again. Soon, they may go up against a black boxer and lose after doing the very same things that saw them win against white fighters.

In boxing, faster black reflexes translate into faster hands and feet. What does this really mean? Ever try to catch a healthy fly with your bare hands? It's difficult to do because the fly has more hard wiring from its eye to its brain to its wings. Flies can react so much faster than humans that it almost seems as though they can read our minds. Black reflexes aren't that good, but black boxers can often react just a tiny bit faster than white boxers and beat whites to the punch.

If you want to defeat a fly, you need a fly swatter.

boxingA white boxer--up against a black boxer with longer arms and, say, no record of being knocked out-- might find he can win if he protects his chin by tucking it into his chest and then covering up his face and head with his gloves while trying to get inside the black fighter's arms. This will leave the black fighter flailing away helplessly behind the white fighter's back while the white fighter can land piston like punches with his shorter arms to the black fighter's chest area and over the black fighter's arms to the side of the black fighter's jaw and neck near the ear.

"Rabbit puncher"Rabbit punches are illegal, but these are sharp blows to the rear of the neck, and this is not what is being described here. To get in close, the white fighter is going to have to take some punches, so it's better to get in fast and stay in close if possible. Of course, the black fighter, wanting to get the advantage of his longer arms and speed, might try to tie up the white fighter so the referee will tell them to break. However, if the white fighter can remain in a zone just outside where he is tied up and still be within his opponent's arms, he'll be better off. This is much easier said than done, but at least it's an approach that might be aimed for.

boxingThe best punches by the white fighter will often be combinations built around quick jabs to the chest area or to the neck followed by immediate left and right hooks over the jabs to the neck area. The key is to throw the hooks without thinking. They have to be automatic to have the fly swatter effect. Jab, jab, jab, right hook. Jab jab, right hook. Jab, jab, right hook, left hook. Jab, hook. These punches must be thrown without waiting for an opening, because there usually isn't enough reaction time for the eye to see the opening, send a signal to the brain and then have the signal go to the arm to throw a punch. The black hands are quicker than the white eye in this case. If done correctly, the power of the right hooks to the neck area will be increased because the black may be moving to that side to avoid the left jabs.

boxingOne thing the white fighter can usually count on is that his opponent, who also received traditional boxing training, will be looking for openings to throw punches and will count on his faster reaction time to allow him to see the opening and throw the punch. Such openings usually occur when the white fighter throws a punch. A good black boxer will react fast to follow the white punch with one of his own in order to get the punch in before the white covers up again. The usual target of the black's punch will be the white's chin which is now open because the white's arm is extended in a punch. The white fighter should not wait for this black counter punch but just assume its coming and throw his hook where the opening will be. As with the white fighter, the black fighter is also open when he punches. However, unlike the black fighter who is aiming for the white's chin, the white fighter will be aiming for the neck below the ear with his hook. Some of these hooks will hit, and the black fighter won't even see them coming. This is the flyswatter.

neck chopI saw a film clip on TV a couple of years ago in which a black guy tore off his shirt (apparently to show his muscles and intimidate his opponent) and ran across a street to attack a white guy. The white guy just stood there and when the black was right in front of him, the white guy hit the black with a karate chop to the side of the neck. The black guy's legs got rubbery and he just collapsed in the street. That was a flyswatter.

A white boxer needs to always remember that neck and heart are black weaknesses. Many police departments have now outlawed the common bar choke hold because too many blacks (but not whites) were dying when pressure was applied to their necks. Don't be surprised if restrictions against jabbing with nightsticks to the torso come into play soon.

Nathaniel JonesIn a much publicized incident in Cincinnati this month, a 350-400 pound black man died after an altercation with police officers who were trying to get him to comply with their orders. Because most of the police officers were white, there is the usual outcry from the black community about white racism and police brutality. I saw the video and I also heard a liberal TV lawyer yelling how horrible it was that the police were beating the man on the head. Actually, it wasn't the blows to the head that created the problem. The man appears to have died because his heart stopped after being hit in the area near his heart. Not everyone (and not every black) dies when hit in this area, and it usually just incapacitates most people who are hit there. Authorities say that the man who died had an enlarged heart and this contributed to his death. As far as I know, no one has said anything about blacks, as a race, being weaker in this area. To say such a thing would be the equivalent of saying that blacks and whites are different and this would be, oh, you know, racist. Right?

In the video clip, the officers appear to be using their nightsticks in two ways. The first way is by striking with the side of the nightsticks. Such blows might be expected to raise some welts and cause a broad band of pain, but these blows are more hurtful than harmful when used against fleshy parts of the body. The second way the nightsticks were being used was to deliver blows with the end of the nightsticks. Although this probably can't be proved, my guess is that these latter blows were what caused the black guy to go into cardiac arrest.

In defense of the officers, who critics said "beat" the black guy, Roger Webster, president of the police union, described the officers' use of nightsticks in the following way: "It's a jab maneuver into the side of the torso. It's not a beating." A "jab...into the side of the torso"? Sort of like a punch thrown into the side of the torso near the heart by a boxer? Sort of like the relatively soft punch that killed the black boxer mentioned at the start of this column? Certainly, these jabs weren't intended to kill anyone and probably wouldn't have, had the black guy been a white guy. Yes, the police just like boxers and most other people in our society are all laboring under the false premise that all the races of man are the same.

boxing white and blackWhat about boxing non-whites who aren't black or blacks who have a lot of white genes? Skin color is still a guide. Two rules of thumb might be: 1. The darker the skin the stronger the chin; the lighter the skin the weaker the chin. 2. If he's dark the neck and heart, attack; but if he's light, it's the chin you fight.

Frank Moran - a 'great white hope'In sports and in all areas of life, we need to understand that genes matter. Even if the evil, genocidal blenders have their way and destroy all distinct races and cause all people to carry genes of all races, there will still be genetic differences that should be taken into account.

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