Whoopee ti yi yo, bring em on  little dogies
by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

Despite present polls, I figure that President George W. Bush may have some trouble getting reelected.

I base this opinion on common sense, my political instincts, and various things I'm hearing on the streets. Here's an example of just one conversation I had recently with a blue collar worker who said he was a life long Republican conservative who had voted for Bush in the last election.

Now, let's be clear. This guy isn't an elite or intellectual or establishment type. He's like most of us. He works hard and wants the best for his family. He is a salt of the earth citizen of the type who helped build this nation. He's a Viet Nam veteran. He speaks plainly and directly. I don't know if his views are as widespread as he thinks, but I don't think I would have heard him, or others like him, talk about Reagan this way. And, this may spell trouble for Bush.

The relevant part of the conversation went something like this: "President Puke is disgusting."
"Why are you even worrying about Clinton?" I asked."He's not in office anymore."
"Clinton? I'm not talking about Clinton. I'm talking about Bush," was the reply.

"You know," said the guy, "tenderfoot Bush, who lives on a dude ranch down in Texas that he wants you to think is a real ranch, spent his formative years in the most expensive and prestigious prep schools and colleges in New England. His father wasn't born with oil under his fingernails. He was born in Massachusetts, and the nut doesn't fall very far from the tree. These Bushniks are really Massachusetts liberals pretending they're conservative Texas cowboys and oil men like James Dean in that old movie. They are liberals. It's in their blood. They only pretend to be conservatives when it suits them. They mumble a few conservative words here and there and then do liberal things. "We come in peace"They're like that movie where the space aliens would say 'We come in peace,' just before they killed everyone in sight. The words of the Bush administration are disconnected from their actions. I think they figure conservatives are mostly people of words, so they believe that if Bush and his shills say one thing and then do the opposite, the conservatives will forget what they've done and accept their words as reality. Count me out of that scam.

"The truth is that this big spending, war mongering, deficit building, job exporting, illegal alien importing, government expanding, bill of rights shrinking, minority pandering, nation destroying group of preppies are just as liberal as John Kerry who they have the balls to disparage as a Massachusetts liberal. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Then, these elites try to fool blue collar citizens, who often call themselves conservatives for lack of a better title, into thinking these liberal elites are conservatives. They do this by throwing them meaningless crumbs that they think will cause the common people to bond with them. 'Hey, pardner, we're for prayer in public places,' they say. 'Hey, we sure do like them there ten commandments.' 'We sure gotta stop them liberals from ruining America.' It's a bunch of insulting crap and it doesn't mean anything. These are the guys in charge right now, and they're the ones who are ruining America. They are liberal scum.

"Then, the phony conservative media shills, with bigger mouths than brains, who infest certain TV networks and radio talk programs act like carnival barkers and go out and praise Bush for everything as though he's a new Ronald Reagan. He isn't. Not even close. Bush is from Mars. Reagan is from Earth. 'It doesn't matter that no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq,' say these jerks. 'Why, that Saddam feller was a danger to the U.S. Don't ask why, that would be un-American. Just trust us. Hey, stay the course.' Well, I don't trust them. They're a bunch of highly paid crooks, and their standard phrases are driving me nuts. If I hear 'stay the course,' from one of these dimwits one more time, I'm going to Bush...I mean, I'm going to puke.

"Now I'm hearing the latest standard line from the Bush media shills saying that it is liberals and Bush haters who are against Bush and that these haters just have a blind hatred and it doesn't have anything to do with what Bush is doing. They'd just hate him no matter what. What a crock! I can only speak for myself, but I'm not a liberal and I never was a Bush hater, but I'm starting to feel real disgust for him every time I hear about another teenage soldier killed in Iraq and every time I hear more about his phony amnesty program for illegal aliens and the other screwy things this guy is doing. I have a trade and I'm fairly close to retirement, so I'm somewhat protected from illegal aliens stealing my job, but my company has started hiring helpers who I suspect are illegal aliens and they're pairing up these helpers with journeymen so the helpers can learn the trade. When I'm gone, I don't think a young American citizen will be replacing me. It'll be one of these guys who I think is an illegal alien. Of course, by then, Bush will have passed his amnesty so these job stealing illegals will then be legal. That doesn't make them right in my book. What about young Americans who want to get into the trade? They're going to be out of luck. I can see it coming."

"So, you're going to vote for a Democrat?" I asked.

No (lessor evil)"Probably not. They're not much better than Bush. If they run someone who will stop this Iraq nonsense and who will stop illegal immigration--hell, who will stop all Third World immigration--then I'd not only vote for him, but I'd walk precincts for him and do whatever I could do to help him win. I'm a Republican because of Reagan, but I don't have any loyalty to the phonies in the party. If the Republicans are right, I'm with them. If the Democrats are right, I'm with them. It used to be that the Republicans were right more often than the Democrats, but that's all changed with Bush. Now the Republicans are just as wrong as the Democrats. If I don't find a candidate who will stop immigration and the war, then I may not vote. And, if I don't vote it will be the first time I've sat out an election."

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