Martian colony
(Euro Armanicus)
by H. Millard (c) 2004
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"I read this news report, man, about a long hidden Torah being given to a synagogue in New York by a guy who got it from his father," said Homeless Jack.

"What caught my attention was this statement by the guy ' [My father lived under a Soviet regime] that made it dangerous to show that you were a practicing Jew.'

"The guy's happy that he's in the U.S. and he said ' We can walk in the streets here with the Torah, and we don't have to be afraid of anybody.'

"Well, whoopdee damn do. It may be safe for Jews and for others in government approved religions and cults, but go tell that to the Branch Davidians who were burned to death by our government at Waco. Go tell that to Randy Weaver who was attacked by our government at Ruby Ridge. Go tell that to the real Mormons who are being persecuted in Arizona and Utah right now. Go tell that to Matt Hale who is sitting in prison. Go tell that to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of others who are repressed in this nation because of their religious beliefs.

"True religious freedom means that we can all worship as we want and not fear the government or thugs who the government lets attack others. Sure, there are reasonable limits. You can't go out and kill people and say God said you should do that, but that's not what we're talking about here, man. We're talking about people who believe things that people in government don't want others to believe. Of course, these people in government want you to believe that our laws are secular. What a bunch of baloney. Many of our laws--especially those dealing with so-called morality and social matters--are based directly or indirectly on particular religious beliefs. These aren't ultimate laws from God or nature, man. They are just mere notions of some people that are imposed on other people.

"What about white people who believe that an important and essential part of their religion is white separation from other races? Why must they hide their beliefs? Why must they live in fear? Why aren't they allowed to openly practice their faith? Why are they persecuted? Why are the real Mormons being persecuted for polygamy?

"Take a look at my religion that I got from Arman as an example. You've seen it, man, I let you publish The Guide which contains the instructions from God or nature on how we're supposed to live. It says that whites have to remain separate and that one of our highest duties is to have as many white children as possible. I'm telling you, man, this is a religion of life. And, if there is a savior of white people, it's probably Arman. Most of the revelations the guy's received about humans are about how whites should live so that they will not only survive on this planet of the apes, but how they can fulfill their highest destiny and eventually become a new higher species. I sometimes call the next step for us--the new species that we have the potential to become and which God wants us to become--Euro Armanicus--but I'm not sure if Arman uses that or any other term or word to describe this next man. Arman says the revelations tell us that we must not look at ourselves as a finished and perfect product, but that we must keep struggling higher and higher and getting ever closer to ultimate reality. Do you really think that those who believe as I do can practice their religion? In fact, we could say of our present Dark Ages, with just a few minor changes, what that guy with the Torah said about Russia, ' We're living under Blender regimes that make it dangerous to show that we are practicing white people.'

"I'm not easily led and I have inborn streaks of cynicism, individualism and non-conformity, but I've opened my mind and I believe the stuff Arman says. I'll tell you right now that Arman's religion is my religion.

"Arman says that God (or nature) says that we are forbidden to dishonor God, our ancestors, our descendants and our people by breeding outside the race. If you do that, you'll kill your ancestors who live within you and you'll move away from God. By so doing, you doom your ancestors and yourself to non-existence. There is no heaven for you in the sky or in the Essence when you do that. There is only nothingness. See, Arman's religion isn't based on silly and empty rituals and stories like all the false religions and those silly cults--even the ones with millions and millions of people. Arman's religion is based on God's revelations. Arman says we can't even hope to understand any of this unless we have the right genes. Without the right genes we can't have the right Essence. It is our Essence that allows us to connect to God. Without right Essence we're like radios without the right parts. Without right Belief, we're like people who don't know how to turn on a radio. Without right Action, we're like people who are too lazy to turn on the radio. When we have all three: Right Essence, Right Belief and Right Action, we can start receiving.

"We are all half-clones of our fathers and half-clones of our mothers and all their descendents back in their lines for many generations--sometimes for all generations. It takes two white halves for the chain to not be broken. We are color coded so we know what is most likely in the package.

"You want eternal life? Teach your children the truth so they will breed pure. So long as they do so, you'll continue to live within them. If they break the chain, you're dead. If they live in accordance with what Arman says God wants, then they will start becoming the next type of human--Euro Armanicus. If they don't believe, and if they're tricked into mating with the others, then they will be pulled back down the evolutionary ladder to eventual nothingness. The way up is through the flesh, man.

"When we get our own country, man, Arman's religion is going to be the only religion there and if anyone doesn't like it, they can leave."

"Jack," I said, "you just went on and on about religious freedom and then you said that when we get our own country there won't be any religious freedom...."

"There's no contradiction there, man, I'm talking about when we get our own country for our own people who believe as we do. I'm not talking about the screwy Blender countries that now exist that think they're supposed to be all the same. I'm talking about a country just for our people for all eternity. There are plenty of other countries where anyone can practice multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. God wants us to have a pure land where we can be ourselves and where we can prosper. Our country is just a larger version of our homes and our religious centers."

"Hell, if I didn't know better, I'd think you're a Zionist from the 1930's and that you're talking about establishing Israel. Also, you keep talking about 'God or nature'. Which is it?

Orthodox Jews"The Zionists had it right about Jews having their own land," said Jack. "They wanted a place where Jews could be themselves and prosper. Then, they fell into the whole Blender nonsense that they were preaching for everyone else. Now Israel is becoming a blended country like all other countries. Look, I don't mind distinct peoples--self-identified peoples--having their own nations. In fact, I think that's good. Let the Jews have Israel. Let others have their own nations for their own people. Where has God said that we have to have all peoples mashed together? It's absurd and it leads to genocide. In fact, God has said just the opposite. God wants people to be with their own kind. Period. If there were a Devil, he'd be a Blender.

"And, you want to know why I speak of "God or nature"? Look, man, our concept of God is different than what most people think, so I sometimes use God and nature sort of interchangeably, but it's more complex than that."

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