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A brown guy named Gregory Rodriquez penned a column that appeared in the Los Angles Times this past week under the title Pouty White People.

The real message of the column, although it is somewhat hidden under a mountain of words about aging whites who have lost vigor and who expect things to be handed to them, is that whites are getting pouty because they are being replaced in California by non-whites. And, why are whites being replaced? Rodriquez never really gets to the ultimate reason: Whites are contracting as a people instead of expanding.

After the column appeared, gobs of out of touch white people wrote letters to newspapers and to various web sites whining about illegal immigration, I.Q. differences between the races, lying elected officials, white achievements, the lack of gratitude to whites shown by browns, the poor condition of our streets, sending blacks back to Africa and just about everything else under the sun. There were also the expected letters from the usual Stepfordized aracial whites who wrote, in their own apple-cheeked Aunt Bea way, to tell readers that the problem, don't you know, isn't about race, but about legal vs. illegal aliens. Oh really? Suppose we make all the brown illegal aliens legal. Will that then satisfy these brain pithed aracials? Anyway, most of the whites who wrote sure did sound pouty.

I didn't see any letters that indicated that the writers knew that the real problem for whites in California, and all around the world for that matter, is that whites are simply not having enough white children and that this is leaving a white human vacuum that is being filled by non-whites. Nature abhors a vacuum, not only in the non-living realm of physics, but also in the realm of living things. Non-white people are filling the vacuum left by whites like water running into an empty hole.

"POUTY?! Did you say whites are pouty?! You're damn right we're getting pouty! We're pouty and we're not going to take it any more," scream the letter writers even if they don't use those exact words. "That is, we're not going to take it any more if we can figure out exactly what it is that we're not going to take any more of. In the meantime, we'll just vent with unfocused poutiness. Damn potholes. Friggin' commies. Get off my damn lawn!"

Most of the letter writers were looking in all the wrong places for the source of the poutiness. They should have been looking at themselves. Whites have become a decrepit old-age people full of death and contraction instead of life and expansion. We have become Winter. But, maybe things are changing a little and maybe we, as a distinct people, are on the cusp of starting to understand. Maybe this brown guy's column, and even the unfocused response to it, is an indication that the idea that whites are in danger of extinction is starting to effervesce in the collective white unconscious and take form, and that's what this guy sensed. Maybe this guy's column will even awaken a few more silent whites and cause them to start to understand that the poutiness and the feelings of simmering anger that they have are subconscious genetic signals about the looming extinction of white people. Maybe we will become Spring once more.

Our genes send us messages through our personal subconscious minds. If enough of us get these messages they become part of our white collective unconscious. These messages are, by definition, below the threshold of our conscious minds. Even though these messages are not often seen in full frontal view, they are still there. Here's what white genes would probably sound like if we could hear them directly: "Hey out there, you sacks of genes, don't you get it? Your most important obligation in life is to make more of us genes. You live to carry and spread us. Why the hell do you think you're even alive? You're dying off. Don't you know that you can't survive as a people unless you make more people like you and populate the whole damn planet with our kind of genes, which add up to your kind of people? There are no walls or oceans or other barriers, either natural or man made, that will hold back the swarms of non-white genes. They're like locusts. The only way to hold them back is for there to be more of us and fewer of them. You need to go forth and multiply, you dummies.

You need to fill all lands with your kind, so there's no room for their kind. Haven't you ever heard that two physical objects can't occupy the same space at the same time? Put your kind in the fast food restaurants and the other kinds won't be there. Put your kind in every nook and cranny and the others won't be able to put their kind there. Put out the "Occupied" sign. While the non-whites are making more of themselves and are expanding, you yuppie scum white dummies are more concerned with material wealth than having children. Not only are you having fewer of your kind, you're also using your medical science to keep more of their kind alive around the planet which allows them to breed even more to come and kill you off. Are, you stupid? You're contracting and shrinking instead of expanding and growing. Instead of birthing your own children who will have your genes and give you immortality, many of you are adopting non-white kids as though you're adopting pets. You're becoming the old age race. Whiten up you dummies or your collective goose is cooked. Hey, we're talking Dodo, here. Sex has been made pleasurable so you'll have lots of it so you can transform lifeless minerals into more people full of white genes."

Even though most whites probably don't get the message as just stated, some whites are getting it on a different level. They just feel uncomfortable where they live and they're reacting by moving away to mostly white areas. That's the way things work with all creatures, even humans. We don't usually intellectualize things and say, "Gosh, we're heading for extinction and this makes us pouty." Instead, we just feel uncomfortable and act to become comfortable again. We may rationalize and say that we feel crowded or something along those lines, but its really our genes that are talking. So, we move to areas that are (temporarily) white and we stay there for a time because we feel comfortable with our own kind. Then, the inevitable happens as non-whites start moving in to the white communities because they find that they are often more comfortable, in some ways, in the types of communities that are full of whites. And, why shouldn't they be more comfortable there? White communities are mostly free of violent crime and are generally nice places to live. White genes tell whites to make their habitats that way. Then, more and more non-whites move in and the communities become uncomfortable for the whites. So, the whites move out again. You already know that this is how it works. You've seen it in cities all across America. We have now reached a point, however, where there aren't many places left to which whites can flee.

The truth of our time bears repeating: We whites are leaving a white human vacuum and nature is filling it with non-white humans. When we whites were a high breeding race--before birth control--we expanded all over the planet. When we came to America, we took over from the Indians because our race was expanding and theirs wasn't. Oh sure, we had levels of technology and organization that helped us take over, but the main things we brought was the vigor that is only found in a youthful expanding race coupled with our natural gene given gifts. Now we're an aged contracting race and we feel pouty about it but don't really know why.

One can imagine that the Indians were pretty pouty about whites forcing them out, but they didn't really know what to do with a larger, expanding population of Others. Because they were confused as to who and what they were, many Indians bred with the whites and destroyed their genetic lines. Others tried to fight off the whites and were killed outright. What the Indians should have done is remain separate from the whites and breed like crazy. They didn't understand that it is expanding life that closes the gaps and leaves no room for Others. Arrows, bullets and blending in, didn't work. And, it's worth noting in passing that the white reaction to the Indians was actually more aracial and less "racist" than it is usually portrayed today.

Then, as now, most whites apparently believed that non-white peoples were really just white people with different paint jobs. If these non-whites are savages, according to this mindset, then they just need to be around white people to let the inner white people shine through their non-white skin. This type of false and anti-scientifc logic led to the practice of forcing Indians to dress like white people and act white. The modern, but vastly expanded version of this type of thinking is our present day attempt to blend all non-white people with white people through school and social integration. However, the twist today is that there is now some knowledge of genes and the fact that they make us as we are (even though the blenders often try to deny this scientific fact). So, it's no longer good enough to just send non-whites to sit near whites and hope white ways will rub off on them.

Now the so-called multi-racialists are trying to convince whites to mate with non-whites. One of their unspoken motivations for this is to have white genes replace non-white genes and "improve" the non-whites and make them more like whites from the blueprint on up. Yes, some of these multi-racialists know that higher black crime rates and social dysfunction really are an aspect of black genes (but they'll deny this). And, yes, they know that just as they're now breeding the aggressiveness out of Killer Bees by mating them with another type of bee, they can do a similar thing with humans. Of course, many multi-racialists want more than this. They want all humans to blend together into the Tan Everyman. This, of course, will mean the extinction of all distinct peoples, and especially of that rarest human type--white people.

Whites may yet wake up and struggle and fight to preserve themselves from non-white genes, but only if they really understand that they are not the same as non-whites. If whites wrongly believe that race doesn't exist and that all people are basically the same, then they won't struggle and fight to preserve themselves and they'll become extinct.

Yes, whites are an old and decrepit people right now. The median age of whites is generally higher than other peoples. We have the old folks and they have the kids. It doesn't have to remain that way, though. Whites can reinvent themselves and start breeding like they used to. They can throw away those birth control pills. They can adjust their thinking to understand that it isn't the one who dies with the most toys who is the winner; the winner is the one who dies with the most children. If whites can renew themselves and once again begin multiplying their kind, then the old days of white expansion will replace the present days of white contraction. It's no more complicated than that. Before white expansion can happen, however, whites need to rid themselves of incorrect thought patterns, false morality, and screwy world views so that whites will honor life for the miracle that it is, and not think having children is a burden and that having children keeps the white adults from enjoying life. Enjoying life? The intentionally childless aren't really alive. By intentionally not having children, they have failed to perform their basic purpose--produce more like themselves. White people are all walking sacks of white genes, and we need to multiply these genes as much as physically possible. We can do that by doing what comes naturally. White children are the future of white people.

We need to have so many white children that it will be people like Rodriquez who will start feeling pouty and decide to move to Mexico or other non-white lands. Call it brown flight. In fact, we need to have so many children that when browns do move to Mexico or other lands, they'll find our genes heading their way to take over those lands.

We need to have a society where we reward and honor whites for having children and where we look down on the intentionally childless. That's a sure cure for white poutiness.

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