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I've long had a personal rule to not criticize other well meaning white people who have some level of genetic consciousness, and I want to adhere to that rule in this column. My comments here aren't aimed at any particular individuals or groups but just at a general type of mind-set that some whites have that I think might be too narrow and harmful to our survival. The mind-set in question is one that posits the notion that the only good art (in the broadest sense of the word) was created in the past and is classical in nature. Such a mind-set seems overly conformist to me. In addition, this mind-set might turn off many white people who might otherwise come to understand the importance of genes and their larger collective form--race.

We should all understand that most whites today aren't about to go out and do the polka or listen to Lawrence Welk or act like they're living in the 1950's. Many would find such things to be unappealing and even stultifying. Yet, it seems that some who are trying to awaken whites to the very real possibility of our extinction, are trying to reach whites by preaching that these and similar things are what being white is all about. They may be part of the picture, but they're far from the whole picture. Of course, I realize that part of the motivation for such preaching is to strip white culture of alien elements by going back to a period before such alien elements were as wide spread as they seem to be now. However, when reduced to their basics, some of the supposed "alien" elements may not really be alien elements at all, but may be things that have just been suppressed by whites and have now reentered white culture from non-white sources.

Take dancing as an example. Where is it written that white dancing must be non-sensual and life denying? And, to sharpen this a bit, where is it written that sensual dancing is a black thing? Are we whites saying that whites aren't into sensual things that cause people to reproduce and that blacks are somehow more primitive because they are? If so, then we're on the wrong track as a people and for our survival. Life is all about reproducing. Reproducing is all about sensual things and sex. To deny these things and to believe that they are wrong or dirty or unholy is to deny life itself.

Are we whites, who, like other peoples, owe our existence to these "dirty" things, saying that such things are wrong? Are we saying that the very things that gave us life are evil? It's absurd. Where did such bizarre thoughts originate? We, as a people, didn't think this way in long ago Europe. What we know of that time indicates that we were sensual and had all types of rituals and events that celebrated life and procreation. We were a lusty, high breeding people. That's what led to us having large populations that expanded and conquered. We weren't blue nosed prigs. We produced critical masses of US so that we felt crowded and uncomfortable. Then, we started to move to find less crowded and more comfortable conditions. When we moved, we continued to reproduce at high levels. Thus were new colonies of US established. Those new colonies then eventually became crowded and uncomfortable and many of US moved on to start more new colonies. And so it went. We spread ourselves far and wide by having sex with each other and making more of US. We usually pushed out other less well adapted people as we struggled to dominate and make every land, our land. This is the way nature intends it to be.

Unfortunately, along the way to a populous white future, something horrible happened. Christianity came to Europe and suddenly things of the body were considered to be evil. Some of our smartest people were fooled and even became celibate priests and denied us their genes by not putting their genes in our gene pool. And, these celibate priests taught their flocks that the body was evil and that things of the flesh must be overcome.

Chances are, if modern birth control measures had existed back then, a combination of thinking that sensual things are evil, along with birth control, might have caused whites to have become extinct a long time ago, and none of us would now be alive. In fact, such life denying thinking now seem to have caught up with us as white populations all around the globe are dropping below replacement levels.

What is the purpose of life as set forth by nature? It is to produce more of itself. That's inherent in all living things. It is basic. If life doesn't do that, then life is a failure. And, what must life do when it is in existence? It must struggle to continue to exist and to have its genes replace all other genes. If it has intelligence and understanding, it must also struggle to be more than it is.

The basic law of life is that it exists to produce more of itself. Period. What we humans do with our lives in addition to reproducing is something that we decide (as directed by our genes), but let's not get confused and think that basic nature has some higher goal for us. We are bags of DNA just like all other life forms. We are nothing more than animated, self-reproducing dirt. Nature doesn't care if we are the ones to survive or if some other ones survive. If we struggle and best others, then we survive. If we don't struggle and don't best others, then we don't survive. Nature doesn't care. If we are the best strugglers and if things go right, then our genes will become the dominant genes on the planet. If we are not the best strugglers and if things don't go right, then our genes won't become the dominant genes on the planet. White people, black people, brown people, yellow people, red people, lizards, worms, cockroaches, whatever. Nature doesn't give a damn which survive.

The ones who should give a damn are the living things themselves. Most living things aren't capable of thinking these things and they work on blind instincts. We humans have been given big brains that can short circuit the purpose of some of our instincts for good or for bad. One of the bad ways we can short circuit our instincts is to fool nature by fulfilling our urge to mate, but by doing it in such ways that we do not produce more of ourselves. This is an incorrect and death affirming use of our brains and our bodies.

Consider now the preaching that black music is something that true white people don't like. Well, maybe some so-called black music doesn't strike us right, but some does, and when it does, it means that it really isn't black music at all, but something more basic that cuts across racial lines. A series of musical notes aren't black or white or any other color. We either like their sound or we don't, and it doesn't matter who or what makes them. To deny that we like certain sounds because we're not black and because blacks make the sounds, would be a little like saying that we don't like the sounds of a flute, because we're not flutes.

All cultures absorb and adapt things from other cultures just as all cultures absorb and adapt things from nature. It's a natural thing and relates back to what I've written about a will to comfort being the prime motivator of all living things. We find some things to be more "comfortable" to us. Comfortable in terms of music means that the music sounds good to our ear. It doesn't really matter which race or culture makes the music, if it sounds good to us, it may actually be as natural to us as it is to other races or cultures, even though they may have provided it at this time in history. In other words, we have to be careful about rejecting things as alien when they may not be alien.

What is black music? Is it gospel? It was once said that this was black music. Is it the blues? This was once said to be black music. Is it rock and roll? This was once said to be black music. Jazz? Same thing. Rap? Ditto. So what exactly is black music? Clearly there is no one form of black music. There is just music. Black culture has absorbed and picked up various bits and pieces from other cultures just as has white culture done the same thing. After all, if a particular sound is pleasing to the ear of any people, they will generally begin incorporating it into their own culture. So far, so good. The problem comes in when people believe that genes should be accepted just as we accept some other things. This is an error of thinking that needs to be avoided. That way, lies genocide and extinction.

In trying to save white people from extinction, some whites seem to think that white culture is what whites did a long time ago, and that whites should avoid modern culture and get back to a fictional Golden Age of white culture. Thus, they'll only promote art from the past. Some also rail against what they call degenerate black or Jewish art.

Personally, I reject much of this type of thinking. White people should be experimenting with art in all its forms and not be bound to the tastes of earlier days and not be afraid to experiment lest someone think that what they have created isn't white enough. Furthermore, to try to adhere to what some think is a white standard is often to try to adhere to a false standard that isn't white at all but which is really a secular version of a Christian based standard. Indeed, even as some whites rail against Jewish art and thinking, they embrace the Jewish cult of Christianity and its secular progeny and manifestations in various aspects of European culture, including art.

The whole idea of art is creativity and freedom. A painter, for example, who is artificially bound (meaning he or she accepts the demands of society or culture to conform to certain artistic norms or certain forms of expression) is not a real artist at all, but a draftsman, and he or she might as well just be mindlessly copying the alphabet on a black board. Such artists lack the authentic life force that, in true artists, struggles to burst out and find expression on the canvas, on the page, or in whatever form the art takes. This authentic life force has a basic human element that is probably common to all humans and it also has a basic race element that is common to people of that race. Both are authentic and both are needed. The paintings, music and other forms of art that some think are black paintings, music and other forms of art, may actually not be that at all, but may be part of the basic human element that is also within whites and all other people as well. These are the things that we must not reject as being unwhite.

True art is as exuberant and spontaneous as life itself. By not letting their inner basic human and basic racial selves emerge, some so-called artists become like forgers who are often capable of copying authentic art in the smallest detail, but who are incapable of creating such original art themselves. They just don't feel it.

Don't get me wrong. Whites should be trying to strip away the veneer of false things that overlay us all and which cause our natural gene expressed natures to be distorted as these gene expressed natures work their way through the dirty glass of discordant and alien elements, but at the same time, we should not be limiting our expressions based on what has gone before. In other words, we need to find what is natural and authentic within us. Who ARE we? What is authentic and unique to US? We need to look at the world through a white child's eyes and we need to strip away a couple of thousand years of false thinking.

How would we white people BE, if we were all alone with no other peoples? Well, as we look back at history, we realize that we would BE many different ways depending on when and where we lived in our then almost exclusively white world of Europe. Unfortunately, we can't really look back far enough to fully understand, because our European culture has been distorted for almost two thousand years by Christianity, which is alien to us. Christianity is one of the three desert religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We are not a desert people at all. We were formed in the forests and mists of northern Europe. Forest murmurs vibrate in our blood.

We also have to remember that we are afloat in a river of time. Everything is moving. The past is the past. That is not where we're going. We've already been there. We're going into the future and we'll get there as a people only by being smarter than others and by understanding the nature of reality; not by trying to deny it. We need to break out of the mold, not conform to false ideas of who we are. But, at the same time, we must not jettison what is authentic. We must move into the future as white people true to who and what we really are in our innermost selves--in that most important part of us--our Essence. Unlike some multiracialists who say that we are all better off because of diversity, most thinking white people know this is false and that white people have all the diversity they need right within their own race. As conscious white people, we should be encouraging our own people to find creative expression as white people, and we shouldn't scare off some whites by causing them to think that white consciousness is all about doing the polka and acting as though they're living in a Leave it to Beaver show. However, if they do want to polka, and if they do want to act as though they're in a Leave it to Beaver show, then let them. We're a diverse people.

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