Aztec human sacrifice
by H. Millard (c) 2004
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Popular Los Angeles radio talk-show hosts John and Ken have come up with a concept that they call the Political Human Sacrifice. The idea is to try to defeat a California Republican Congressman who listeners think is soft on illegal immigration. They're currently taking a poll of listeners to see who the sacrifice should be. As of this writing, it appears that it may be Congressman David Drier. The reason they're going after a Republican is that the Congressmen being considered are each in heavily Republican districts where Democrats almost never win anything. Thus, if a Democrat suddenly wins against the Republican in the sacrifice district chosen, and if the win can be attributed to the political human sacrifice campaign, the message is clear and unequivocal that the Republicans in the district are so fed up with illegal immigration that they're willing to sacrifice one of their own to send a message.

John and Ken figure that if they can help defeat a squishy Republican, that other Republican politicians may suddenly develop some back bone on the issue of illegal immigration and we may thereafter see some action in stopping the invaders who are taking over California. As it is now, most of the Republican politicos in the state are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Frankly, if immigration reformers really want to see illegal immigration stopped, we need a Political Human Sacrifice on the national level. And, who better to make a political human sacrifice of than the guy who is most responsible for the current invasion of our nation by an estimated ten to fourteen million illegal aliens--President Bush.

Now, those who consider that the immigration issue is the most important of all issues probably wouldn't be able to muster enough votes on their own on a national level to unseat President Bush--who could, in an eyeblink, put an end to illegal immigration if he wanted to. But, combine their votes with the anti-war votes, the votes of those who are aghast that Bush has made the Republican Party the party of ever bigger, ever more intrusive government, the votes of those who are horrified that Bush has turned a budget surplus into a massive deficit, the votes of those who have lost jobs while Bush has been in office, the votes of those who can't afford health insurance while Bush squanders our money in his meaningless war in Iraq, and there's a chance that Bush can be a Political Human Sacrifice and that immigration reformers would be able to take some credit for his defeat if they ramp this up.

If immigration reformers understand that there's an anti-Bush parade coming by and jump in the front of the already moving line so that they look like they're leading it, they may be able to have some real impact in the years to come. Not many Republicans running for office will want to remain squishy on immigration if immigration reformers have anything at all to do with Bush's defeat.

Would Kerry be any better than Bush on immigration? Probably not. We're not talking better, folks, we're talking political human sacrifice to send a strong message to politicians. And, could Kerry be any worse than Bush? Bush has a family link to being squishy on illegal immigration. The next George Bush on the scene is the present President's Bush's mestizo half-Mexican nephew George P. Bush, who the first President Bush once called "one of those little brown ones." This is the same George P. Bush who recently went to Mexico and disrespected American law enforcement to Mexicans. The Bush family is so pro-Mexican that it's disgusting. Want a clue about this? Remember all the phony baloney talk about how the French and the Germans were so bad because they didn't support Bush's war on Iraq? Well, have you ever heard a single word from Bush or his shills about how bad Mexico is because that nation doesn't support Bush's war? Yes, dear friends, Mexico opposes Bush's war. So, why haven't Bush and his I.Q. challenged Stepford people given us Freedom Tacos? Why do Bush and his big mouth radio and TV shills only bash the French and Germans? You know why. These are shallow people. They are phony baloney bag of wind hypocrites who have no principles. These are the people who will send your kids to die in Iraq but who will send their own freshly scrubbed kids to the GOP convention--as did Bush--so his kids and his nephews and other relatives can smile and joke and party and help get votes for Bush, so he can send even more working class kids to die in his next phony war--maybe in Iran or Syria. And, did you see Bush's twin daughters talking to the audience about how, now that they've graduated from college, they don't know what to do with their lives? Here's an idea, girls. Enlist in the military and go to Iraq. If the lives of working class Americans are worth putting on the line and if our kids are really protecting America from marching hordes of Iraqis who want to kill us all because they hate our freedom, then the Bush kids should be helping hold them back.

Bush is way too cozy with the Mexicans for our own good and he constantly disrespects American citizens over illegal immigration. When immigration reformers talk about a porous border, what does Bush do? He sends border patrol agents to patrol the friggin' Canadian border instead of the Mexican border. That's just flipping us all off. When the Border Patrol was running illegal alien sweeps a few miles from the border recently, the Bush administration told them to stop it and just go hang out at the border. What a bunch of crap. Illegal immigration isn't a crime just at the border; it's similar to an ongoing trespass and it continues to be a crime no matter where in the nation the illegal alien criminals hide. If someone breaks into your house and manages to get to a back bedroom, you don't say he's now okay because you didn't stop him when he first snuck in. That's what Bush is saying.

Still not convinced that immigration reformers should hold their noses and vote for Kerry? Remember, Bush has been terrible on many other issues as well. It's time we sent a message that we're not going to take it any more. We need to tell the Republican elites that they're not going to get rank and file Republican votes just because they say they're Republicans. We need to show loyalty to ideas, not to men and not to political labels. A lousy Republican is no better than a lousy Democrat.

My guess is that, like me, most immigration reformers are Republicans. Bush has given the bird to all of us for far too long and he's tried to manipulate us with empty messages about patriotism and religion. The cold hearted political calculation being made by Bush and his neocon pals is that they believe they can snub us on immigration and then win us back with sweet nothings about prayer in schools or some such nonsense. Their propaganda is insulting and childish and it shows that they think we're stupid and easily manipulated. "Hey, we're letting our nation be invaded by millions of illegal aliens who are screwing up this country, but we won't let those lefties burn the flag and we're for prayer in schools and mom and apple pie."

It's time for immigration reformers to move boldly and throw the bums out of office. It's time to hold our noses and vote for Kerry. And, if Kerry wins in November, immigration reformers need to immediately take credit for Bush's loss and point out that had Bush done right by immigration reform, he might have won.

And to those who constantly listen to that phony bag of wind Rush Limbaugh and figure that he represents the rank and file of the Republican party or conservatives, think again. The guy is little more than an elite shill for the neocons and he's turned his radio program into a three hour Bush infomercial. And, have you ever heard him talk about illegal immigration? He won't touch the issue because Bush won't touch the issue.

If you don't think that making Bush a Political Human Sacrifice will send a shot across the bow of an increasingly out of touch Republican establishment, then you don't understand politics. Yes, as a Republican, it's going to be as tough for me to vote for Kerry as it will be for many others and I would love to see Pat Buchanan or Tom Tancredo as President, but it's not going to happen this election. It's time to stop wishing and time to start doing something that will have a real effect--make President Bush a Political Human Sacrifice in 2004.

So we get stuck with Kerry for four years. Big deal. We need to take a longer view of history. Four years from now, we may be able to come up with a principled Presidential candidate in the GOP to take on Kerry if he screws things up as badly as Bush is now doing.

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