Homeland Security Color Code
by H. Millard (c) 2003
H. Millard

On December 21, the illegal alien friendly (if the illegal alien is Mexican) Department of Homeland Security raised the terrorist threat level from yellow to orange. Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge has asked that all citizens be on the alert for, and to report, suspicious activity.

Who should we report it to? The out to lunch bunch government types who have been letting our nation be invaded by millions of illegal aliens? What will they do? Why waste our time? The effete elites in our government have been sniffing that common citizens shouldn't do anything about illegal immigration and border laws because it's a federal matter. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if many citizens now said that protecting this nation against foreign terrorists is also a federal matter. I think many if not most citizens are saying "Do your job Ridge, close the borders instead of letting potential terrorists into our country."

Isn't Tom Ridge the guy who wants to give some sort of amnesty to illegal aliens and to allow them to keep coming into our country? Isn't he in that camp that says that local police and citizens shouldn't try to enforce our immigration laws and that this is the job of the federal government?

Citizens who are donating their time and money to protect our borders because the federal government won't do it are being left to spin in the wind by Ridge and his elite pals in government. This doesn't build a lot of confidence in the government in the minds of ordinary citizens who still believe that our laws should be enforced and not be ignored by government elites so their pals in industry can get cheap labor. Why should the rest of us now get involved in trying to report more suspicious activity? Many citizens have been reporting suspicious activity for years and have been ignored or insulted for doing so.

This isn't difficult. Either Ridge and the other feds start respecting citizens and working with them to stop the invasion of this nation, and start treating citizenship as something of value or they face the possibility that citizens are no longer going to be good little citizens when they are called on to be the eyes and ears for the government. In fact, my gut tells me that there appears to be a growing sentiment among citizens in this nation that the citizens are on one side and the government on the other side--it's a them vs. us, mindset, and the government elites have caused this sentiment, if in fact my gut is right. And, I often can trust my gut except when I got that stomach problem which was probably caused by filthy conditions and illegal alien criminals working in fast food joints.

Are we to be good citizens and report suspicious activity, or are we supposed to let the feds do it? How many times can the government insult good, decent citizens who are simply trying to report illegal aliens, and still have these citizens respect the government and report other suspicious activity of the type that the feds do want to hear about? Ridge has very little respect among many citizens who have heard what he recently had to say about legalizing illegal aliens. I've heard at least one citizen call him a clown since he made his stupid statement.

And, maybe, when citizens ignore Ridge's call to be his eyes and ears, these citizens will just use a variant of the same topsy turvy argument now being used by many feds and liberal police departments: "We don't want to report suspicious activity because we want to establish good relationships with those who are breaking our laws so they'll help us catch those who are breaking our laws."

The federal government, in the hands off way it has handled the Third World invasion of the U.S., has cheapened citizenship and stomped all over practical patriotism. In doing so, the government elites have ruined the desire of many citizens to do anything to help the feds. Many citizens have become narrow eyed cynics who just don't trust the feds anymore. No longer can the feds always expect to find fawning, open, apple cheeked citizens just waiting to do their citizen's duty. They've been disabused of their Tom Sawyer attitudes. And, these citizens can't be as easily manipulated with the latest simplistic neo-conservative cause du jour that is little more than an attempt to raise money while giving knee-jerk "patriots" busy work so they won't do any real thinking about the poor state of post-American America and why it is the way it is. Good, decent citizens are screaming to get our borders closed and for an end to unbridled Third World immigration both legal and illegal. Presidente Bush and Tom Ridge hear these citizens about as well as the elites of pre-revolutionary France heard the real concerns of their citizens, which is to say, not at all.

John F. Kennedy once said "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Back then, many citizens felt good about themselves and this nation and felt as if they owned this country (which they do). Now, thanks to the phony elites in government today and their screw ball approach to immigration, many citizens have become alienated from this nation. And, many citizens have very little desire to help the "them" that the government has become. Call it the Bush malaise. Unless Bush and his administration smarten up and start supporting citizens as they're supposed to be doing, and if the Democrats run a half decent candidate, Bush may be a one termer.

Close our borders Mr. Bush and Mr. Ridge, then you'll start having some credibility when you want citizens to be your eyes and ears. That may also help with getting citizens to begin thinking of themselves as citizens with duties and responsibilities again. Don't expect citizens to live up to their duties and responsibilities if you won't live up to yours.

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