Chief Opie Edwards - (c) 2004 by NNN
by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

"Larry King"The Democrat goof ball presidential candidates had a so-called debate the other night that was moderated by Larry King. It was all very predictable and each of the candidates mouthed the expected drivel in the expected ways to the expected audience reactions. Yawn. It'd be nice to have something new and vital in politics in this country instead of the same stupid things repeated over and over again by half-dead candidates who just want to get on the public payroll and be bigshots.

One answer by John Edwards caught my attention for its stupidity. The question was also stupid and was premised incorrectly. The question was "Since immigration is considered a net plus [Says who?] for the country, why shouldn't the federal government share in the cost of immigration for California and for New York and for the other states that bear those costs?"

Mayberry LawmanHere's Edward's answer: "I grew up in a small, rural community in North Carolina that's now half Latino [Wait a while and it'll be all Latino as the white folks flee the crime and other social problems]. And the families who came to my hometown came there for the same reason my family came there, because they wanted to build a better life for their kids and their families. [All living things try to go to where they are comfortable. So what?] They are making an enormous contribution to that small town and that community. [Exactly what is their enormous contribution?] And the right thing to do for these families who are working hard, being responsible, [How responsible is it to break our laws and sneak into this country?] raising their kids--it's really a pretty basic thing--the right thing to do is to let them become American citizens, to have the right to earn citizenship. [Why?] It's just that simple."

Well, golly gosh shucks, Opie, ain't you just swell, though? Gosh, some of your best friends are....

Imagine, for a minute, that Edwards and those who use his arguments are American Indians in the past. Picture them in feathers and animal skins standing before their tribe as people from Europe start moving into their communities:

Chief Opie Edwards - (c) 2004 by NNNWannabe Chief Opie Edwards, a Cliché Speaker of some renown in the tribe, speaks: "I grew up in a small, rural village by the great mountains that's now half white. And the white families who came to my village came there for the same reason my tribe came there, because they wanted to build a better life for their kids and their families. They are making an enormous contribution to that small village and that community. And the right thing to do for these white families who are working hard, being responsible, raising their kids--it's really a pretty basic thing--the right thing to do is to let them become members of our tribe, to have the right to earn tribal status. It's just that simple."

Mayberry IndianMeanwhile, in the back of the tent a few brighter Indians from the higher end of the intelligence bell curve are saying that the white people aren't the same as Indians and that what's going on is that the white people are replacing the Indians. They tell the others that as years go by there will be fewer and fewer Indians and more and more white people and that it will be genocide for the Indians and that many Indian tribes will disappear and entire family lines will cease to exist.

"All people bleed red blood."But, those in the back are shouted down by the low I.Q. Cliché believers. The Indians who say the whites should be put back on their ships and sent back to Europe are called racists and xenophobes and Indian supremacists. Unsupported cliché upon unsupported cliché is heaped upon them. "We're a tribe of immigrants." "All people bleed red blood." "Don't judge a man by the color of his skin." "We're all children of the Great Spirit." "There is only one race, the human race." "They're only coming to have better lives for themselves and their children." "They're only coming to work."

Mayberry IndianSo, the whites move in. Interbreeding is common. Soon, fewer and fewer babies born in the village have any Indian facial features or characteristic hair type or skin color or bone structure or musculature or any of the hundreds of thousands of other genetic differences both seen and unseen that makes a distinct people a distinct people. Male children born to Indians--who almost never have to shave--who mated with whites, are growing up to have European beards that require daily shaving. Children are being born in the village with blue eyes. The Indians are being blended away. They are being homogenized. They are losing their Indian essence. As time goes on, there are fewer and fewer pure Indian mating choices available in the village. What had started as a trickle of genocide became a mighty river of extinction as more and more Indians bred themselves away. Each succeeding generation of Indians became less Indian. Wannabe Chief Opie Edwards eventually went the way of all flesh. His descendents now have blue eyes and blond hair and all his blood has been washed out of their lines. Wannabe Chief Opie Edwards has ceased to exist in the flesh and in the gene pool. His genes are gone; they are extinct. He has no immortality. His descendents are his descendents in name only.

"Teepee Genocide"It is axiomatic that bedroom genocide is the natural result when races mix. Furthermore, when there is a larger population breeding with a smaller population, the smaller population will die off by being absorbed into the larger population. The Indians were the smaller population in America. They died off a little at a time and their villages were taken over and turned into towns and cities full of white people. Visit modern cities in post-American America and you'll often see monuments here and there telling you that the monument marks the site of an Indian village. Will we one day find similar monuments marking the sites of white towns and cities?

Juan EdwardsWhat Wannabe Chief Opie Edwards and those with similar screwy views failed to understand is that genes matter. People are not fungible. White people aren't just another Indian tribe who could breed with Opie's tribe and produce more Indians. They were a completely different tribe. Their genes were different. Since there were more white people around, there were also more of their white genes in the gene pool. Eventually, the white genes swamped the Indian genes and destroyed them. Dark colored eyes were soon replaced with light colored eyes. Straight black hair was soon replaced with other colors and types of hair. Red skin was replaced with white skin.

Being an Indian wasn't a matter of belief, or of customs, but of genetics. Opie and his tribe forgot this. Now, they're gone. Without Indian genes, the present inhabitants of Opie's village aren't Indians no matter how many feathers some may wear.

Is it too hard to understand that we are our genes? With different genes we are not us. And, what about immortality? If we pass on our genes, aren't we living on through those genes? When we say a child has his father's eyes or his mother's nose, aren't we saying that the father and mother live on in that child to some degree? Can it be that our clans are our clones? We know that we can clone animals and that the clone is identical to the original. Of course, the clone lacks the experiences and things of the mind that are imprinted on the original, so the clone is actually the same but different. Isn't breeding true with those like us, nature's way of cloning us?

Edwards tombstoneThe only form of immortality that we can demonstrate is the immortality that we have when we pass on our genes to our children through mating with those as much like us as reasonable. The closer our children look like us, the greater is our immortality. Those who look to immortality in some sort of afterlife have no proof of such an afterlife. It's all based on superstition and blind belief. No facts. Not one. Zero. Nada. Yet, many of these people are willing to bet their immortality on these superstitions and beliefs while forgetting the only known immortality vehicle we know is real--genes. These are the ones who deny nature and who believe that humans are somehow better than other animals and that we are not our flesh but are really spirit.

There's no harm in hoping for such an immortality to be found in spirit except when it stops one from seeking the true and proven immortality that one gets when one preserves and passes on one's genes where they will combine with genes of those like us who share our genes.

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