(Intelligence and Consciousness are evolving)
by H. Millard © 2005

 "Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, " this week a scientist said that his research suggests that the human brain has evolved from when we first became human. Of course, I already knew that from Arman's teachings, but it's nice to see science catching up with reality.

Bruce Lahn"Anyway, Bruce Lahn, a University of Chicago geneticist, investigated the changes in the microcephalin and ASPM genes among certain populations of humans and found variants. Both of these genes relate to brain size. If these genes malfunction, babies are usually born with very small brains. If they work a little better than normal, babies are presumably born with bigger brains. And, generally speaking, bigger brains in humans means higher intelligence and Arman says this also means higher consciousness.

"So, do you want to know more? Here's a rough and really simplified timeline that gives an indication of why this is important. Scientists now say that modern humans came into being about 200,000 years ago. After that, not much happened in an evolutionary sense for thousands of years, at least as reflected in what humans left behind. Then, about 37,000 years ago, a variation came into existence in the microcephalin gene, and voila, man had a leap forward and he started making tools, and developing art and music. Man went along that way for thousands of years, then about 5,800 years ago another variation arose, but this time it was in the ASPM gene, and voila, man had another leap forward and this time he started developing written languages, agriculture and cities. That's about where many people believe we are today--in that thousands of years period between the genetic changes that let us leap forward some more.

"I said that's where most people think we are. Not all. According to Arman, there are those among us who have even more variants in genes related to brain size, intelligence and consciousness, and these are the ones who have leapt out of the herd of humanity and who have an instinctive sense about existence. These are the ones who will pass on these gene variants if they mate wisely, have enough children who also mate wisely and if they eventually dominate the gene pool as did those with the variants in the past. These are the ones with the potential to become the next step for man.

"According to Arman, one sign of this higher intelligence and higher consciousness is that the person with this variant is a born racialist. I mean, that's my way of explaining what Arman says. He usually puts it in terms of just instinctually knowing many things that others don't know.

"What?" I asked.

"Stay with me, man," said Jack. "Look, those of us who follow Arman's teachings are sometimes victims of haters and bigots who call us various names and who attempt to destroy us and our faith. These haters and bigots are often given a pass in our corrupt society because too many people think it is acceptable to call others names because of their religious beliefs. The current all purpose smear and hate term is "racist" and the real haters and bigots use it against anyone they don't agree with. This term doesn't describe us at all. We believe that the races of man are different from each other, so maybe it's partly correct in a shorthand way to say that we are racialists, or that part of what we believe is racialist in nature, but that term is too small to fully describe our religious and philosophical views that begin on a much larger scale and go down to a much smaller scale. Our beliefs about race begin in the far reaches of space and right in every cell of our bodies. In a sense, we are more concerned with all the individual genes and the way they combine and express themselves and which lead up to that final product, a person of this or that race. So, as Arman has said, maybe a better name for this part of our belief system than racialist would be geneist.

"We see humans as a product of the processes of existence that are sorted out by the eternal spinning. But, we also understand that because we can think about these things and question what we can observe and learn--because our brains have developed to where we are today--we are at the point where we can will our own mutation and evolution. If we wanted, and if we could ignore the revelations received by Arman, we might say it's just easier to go blindly along and not even thing about our improvement. But why should we do that? Why do we have brains if not to think about everything and to act upon what we learn? Are we just lumps of dirt to be walked on? We are in charge of ourselves and we must learn to love the struggle and be full participants in it. We must grab the wheel of the vessel of our evolution and steer it the way we want to go.

"Arman has made it clear that his teachings are not about hate of anyone or anything. We would no more hate people because of their race than we hate dogs because they are this or that breed. We see the differences and we recognize the differences, but, in a way, we're kind of passionless about them. We focus our eyes on our own people and our struggle to improve. That's why Arman talks about "Ourselves Alone." Even though we know the genes of other humans want to destroy us, we don't hate them, as the term hate is normally used, anymore than we hate germs or sharks. We just recognize the truth and struggle to not only not let them destroy us, but to also prevail over them. It's really pretty dispassionate and lacking in hate. We see the competition that God has set up among all things and we're active participants in it with our understanding of Arman's teachings.

"Okay, back to this stuff about this scientist and what he says he has discovered about these gene variants and our brains. As those of us who follow Arman's teachings already knew, there are apparently what scientists euphemistically call "geographic differences" in the frequency of these gene variants. What's that bloodless expression "geographic differences" really mean in this case? Just that the big brain variants are found less frequently in people from sub-Saharan Africa.

"No doubt as a result of the temper of the times in which we live--our present Dark Ages--several scientists were quick to say that the gene variants don't indicate that one population is smarter than another. No, of course they don't. Why, all humans are exactly the same, right? Isn't that what our eyes tell us? Isn't that what I.Q. tests tell us? Isn't that what crime and social dysfunction statistics tell us? Why, we all bleed red blood. What more proof does anyone need to know that we're all the same?

"What? You say mice and dogs and cats and you name it also bleed red blood. Don't want to be called a racist? Well, just plaster on a mindless PTA smile and nod your head in slack-jawed agreement when someone says something really stupid like we all bleed red blood or that these gene variants and similar ones don't indicate that one population is smarter than another.
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