"after the neocons"

by H. Millard © 2006

Neocon apologists and other loathsome creatures have now slimed out from under the rocks to give their less than bright postmortems as to why the neocons lost the  House and the Senate to the Democrats. You heard their usual lies, so I won't go into details.  It was just blah, blah, blah.  

At his November 8, press conference, neocon George Bush said that he was surprised at the Republican losses.  Surprised!  If that's true, it's just further proof that this guy really is living in a bubble of some type. 
Most people are fed up with the phony Iraq war that has led to the deaths of many thousands of people. Neocon Bush and the Republicans are rightly blamed for this mess.
We're talking about human lives.  Real flesh and blood.  Real life that is no more.  Real kids.  Real mothers and fathers.  Real uncles and aunts and cousins.  Real friends.  Dead.  No more.  Gone.  Never to return. People understand that.  People don't like that.
You can't disrespect our principles by starting a war for no reason and hope to win elections.  When you're the guys in charge, you're supposed to be serious and sober adults. You're not supposed to be a bunch of  preppie frat boys out on a lark.
People are also fed up with the neocons' attempt to destroy this nation by flooding it with Third Worlders. The depth of this feeling would also surprise Mr. Bush if he understood it, but he doesn't. This guy is really out of touch.
For the most part, the American people aren't yellow dog party loyalists.  Most people really don't care if  the Republican or  Democrat party is in power.  Most realize that there isn't any real difference between the two parties. 
Both parties generally try to appeal to the same middle of the bell curve voters and that's one of the major reasons the two parties are so alike. Both do it with the same pitches.  Both spend millions of dollars to deceive people into electing shallow, self-serving people who have few principles and who simply want to get into office to fulfill their own ego driven needs for power and prestige.
Maybe this is a good place to once again point out that the American political system is a sham.  We really need to go to more of a European parliamentary system where smaller parties have a chance of getting their candidates in office so that the government can reflect the will of the governed and so that we have a whole slew of parties based on ideas and principles; instead of on just trying to fashion slogans to get power.  Power without purpose is meaningless.  
Right now we're hearing some radio talk show hosts telling us that the GOP lost because it abandoned its conservative principles.  Of course, the radio talk show hosts want listeners to believe these talk show hosts still have such conservative principles.  In the case of some big time hosts, this is mostly just baloney. Many of these hosts, that I've heard, are really neocons.  And, despite the handle, most neocons are not conservatives at all. At least not in the Ronald Reagan or Pat Buchanan sense.  They're PC phonies.  This means that they're in the pocket of Zionists. This means that they don't have any real bedrock principles that mean much to those of us in this country. This means they don't give a damn how many of our kids are killed for no reason.
What most neocons don't understand, because they're mostly not deep thinkers, is that a proper worldview is far upstream from any political parties or nations.  It begins with a proper view of, and please excuse the mildly hippy dippy sound of this--existence--and with a proper respect for life.  If you don't have this right, then you'll make many mistakes. There is a way that things are.  It is not subjective and it doesn't depend on belief.  It just is.  If one understands it, one can use it.  If one doesn't, one is often as confused as the neocons.
And, in time, one's wrong view of the way things are will inevitably lead to other things such as losing elections.  That time has come for Bush and those who follow him.  Their shallowness is plain to see.  Unless the Republican Party gets back to what is real and genuine and avoids the falsity that it has become so much a part of, it will continue to lose.

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