by H. Millard (c) 2003

Sarsaparilla swilling, spat wearing, blue eyed, red blooded all American boys just itching to go to war to protect America. Sitting there bursting with pride as the parade goes by. Puffing up their chests to impress the girls. Jones is the most common surname. Springtime in America. Life is great. The future seems rosy.

Few see the evil that is creeping in a little at a time. So, they go to war against their very own people in Europe and don't even stop to think that they're killing their own genotype. It's us against us, but these brainwashed dupes--these "Americans"--these true believers in an artificial peoplehood--wrongly think it is us against them.

Camp Zachary TaylorIf they're still alive today, and if they have a modicum of intelligence and awareness, they may now see the truth. They went over there where their ancestors had come from and they dehumanized their own people as "Huns" or as "barbarians" and they killed off millions of their own people. They put phony nationalism ahead of natural geneism. They let artificial political beliefs overpower genetic truths. And, as they killed their close cousins who they did not see as kin because their minds were so fogged with propagandistic false beliefs, they thought they were making the world a safer or a better place.

In fact, what they did was make their own genocide more possible and they made the world easier to conquer by those who are genetically different. So, these all-American boys killed off millions of their own people--men, women, and children--a large breeding stock of people just like them. Why is anyone now surprised that the population of Europe is falling?

Midwest family - 1910The America these all-American boys wanted to "protect," even though it wasn't under attack by their European cousins, even if they didn't say this--because they didn't need to say this--was European-American America. Throughout the nation, in all the small towns, the streets were full of white faces. The stores were full of white faces. The schools were full of white faces. This was America. Yet, these dupes didn't make the connection that the people they were killing in Europe looked just like them.

When you fought for America, you fought for those white faces. You risked your life so others just like you could live. The problem was that you had lost the ability to tell who was like you and who wasn't. By killing them, you were killing us. Because "them" was "us." You removed their European genes from the gene pool. And some of the genes you removed were the best, because it is usually the case that the soldiers of various armies are the fittest among the population.

"The Hun" - (c) 2003 by NNNMoney grubbing, cynical elites pumped you full of propaganda about freedom and American goodness to get your blood riled up, and they tried to tell you "They" were different. So, white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired European boys living in America went over there and killed white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired European boys. You thought you were different. You didn't think that you were a genetic European. Why, you weren't a European. You were an American. You knew a fellow American by looking at him. He looked like you and you looked like him. He spoke like you and you spoke like him. He felt a certain way about most things and you felt the same way. You didn't form the conscious thought that the reason he looked like you and the reason he spoke like you and the reason he felt the same way as you, was because you were genetic cousins. That didn't occur to you.

You were clones a few steps removed, but you weren't conscious of this. But, your genes knew. They felt the affinity on a genetic level. They seeped this genetic knowledge into your subconscious mind. You were virtually identical to all other European-Americans on a genetic level and to all other Europeans still in Europe. If such a thing were physically possible you could have taken out almost all of your genes and switched them with all the genes in any other European-American or European and you'd be pretty much the same person as you always were. You were one tribe. You were a genuine people. Such thoughts didn't cross your mind. But that's the way it really was and still is.

soda fountain 1933America, for all practical purposes, was a nation of one major genotype--it was a new Europe. Melting pot? Nonsense. The only things that were melted away among the Europeans who came here were artificial national differences. An American was a plain-wrap European. But, you didn't think about this. You began to forget who you really, essentially, were. You thought that you were different from who you really were. You thought that you were something called an American. You forgot that what you really were was a European living in America.

You looked at your European cousins as foreigners at the same time you looked at genetically different people in America as being the same as you. You forgot what was essential and important. You substituted arrogant man made transitory notions for nature's eternal truths. You forgot that the God you said you worshipped was a God of nature and the natural, and that his truths are within you. You believed the lies of other men who told you that genes don't matter and that race doesn't exist and that what is important is that we are all Americans.

Then, our age of modern mass transportation and screwball ideas really started taking hold. Suddenly, millions of non-Europeans started pouring into America. The old natural genetic glue--which was real, even though few spoke of it--was discarded as being racist. It's substitute--which is a very weak glue--is the dopey notion that all people are just the same and that anyone who can crawl into the country is the same as anyone else who lives here. "Why, we're a nation of immigrants." How did such a strange idea take hold?

Easy. First came the legitimate idea that all people in America are equal under the law. This then mutated into the idea that all people are equal. Equal came to mean, "exactly the same." Exactly the same came to mean, no differences. Years of false thinking and false teachings about genes and race and what it means to be a "people" seeped into the minds of the less than bright. Soon, it was common to hear people say "Don't put no hyphen in my name, boy. I'm just an American."

"Heinz 57"Soon, people were getting their or their ancestors' countries of origin mixed up in their minds so they thought that nations were the same as genes. Confused, but not knowing it, they would say, "I'm a Heinz 57 variety. Why, I'm part English, French, Irish, German and Italian. I'm just a great big mix." Then, not being educated or aware enough to understand that Europeans from all European nations are virtually the same genetic people different only in superficial things, these people started believing that anyone who wasn't descended from Europeans who now claimed to be an American was the same as those who were.

The major error in thinking that had crept into our collective consciousness--when thinking of human beings--was to know when people were like us or when they were different from us. We began to believe that so long as this person was an "American" he was just like us. We couldn't tell this from that. Our powers of discernment were subjugated to false ways of thinking. Collectively, we had lost the ability to discriminate between us and not us. We often didn't see those who truly are like us as being like us, and we often saw those who were unlike us as being like us.

America once meant white America. We were essentially one people because most Americans were Europeans. Today, however, we lack a common dominant genotype, a common world view, a common language, a common faith. We have become Babel to the tenth power. We do not just have a confusion of tongues. We also have a confusion of genes and all other things. We are no longer one people. Our God has become the false god Diversity. A diverse America is not the America that our people founded. This false land America is becoming the graveyard of our people. People unlike us are killing us in the streets, in our homes, and in our bedrooms.

And, because of all the false thinking, many of us are psychologically unable to even protect ourselves by joining together with others like us lest we be called names.

Today, we have wrongly fragmented the totality of our existence into various pigeon holes so that we act as though our genes, our religion, and our social institutions are different. Because of the false thinking that has brought us to this fragmentation, European descended people have become alienated from what is real and genuine in themselves individually and collectively. In truth, genes, religion and social institutions should be unified and part of one whole. Until we can unify these things, we will continue to be alienated and we will continue to be headed for our extinction as a distinct people. As a result of the false thinking, we have also become decrepit and full of death as a people. We must seek a renewal and a new spring. We must throw off the things of old age and become a young, vibrant, expanding people again.

European childrenWe do this by birthing as many children like us as possible and by teaching them nature's truths. We do this by submitting to the Will of a true higher power, a true God--not a false God who allows mixing and genocide. Any God and any religion that teaches that we are to mix, and thus accomplish our own genocide, is false. How can it ever be right, or holy, or God's will, to die off as a people? European descended people are one genetic people no matter where we live or what language we speak. Now, we must throw off thousands of years of false thinking, false teachings, and false religion, and unify our genes, our religion, and our social institutions so that we become complete as individuals and as a group of individuals.

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