Another post-American white kid died in Iraq today. There was no reason for his death. He wasn't protecting his genes. He wasn't protecting his family. He wasn't protecting his home. He wasn't even protecting his now bastardized and declining nation--even though his head may have been filled with neocon propaganda to make him think that he was. He died for a lie told by sociopathic neocon politicians and their running dog shills. His life, so precious, so rare, so irreplaceable, was cut short before he really lived at all. Now, he's gone forever as though he had never existed.

So, one more white man is dead. The numbnut aracial slack jaws may say, "Why even mention that he was white? Why not just say that another 'man' is dead? Why bring race into this?" I'll tell you why. It's because whites are endangered on this brown planet and most whites aren't even aware of this and they need to be awakened to this fact. Also, as white people we should have a hierarchy of caring so that whites come first. We need to be able to distinguish between us and not us. None of us are morally obligated to care about everyone and everything as though they are all the same and as though they all mean the same to us. Sane people care more about those who are genetically closest to them. Every white who dies is a loss for all whites. Some of us clearly see this. Some others aren't yet awake enough to see it, but they may awaken and be saved from an aracial oblivion if we help raise their consciousness. Of course, there are some--the brain-pithed aracials--who are beyond help, and who will never awaken. They are an ignorant group who know little about race and the genes that create race but that doesn't stop them from constantly bemoaning "racism" (which few of them can even properly define). These are the disgusting ones who don't care that it was a white who died. They don't feel the invisible genetic connection that mentally healthy people feel. In their twisted and genocidal minds, a dead white person can easily be replaced with a live non-white person. No sweat off their brow. One person is the same as any other person in the perverse and evil view of these latter day flat-worlders.

Nathaniel E. Detample, 19, KIAIn truth, the death of this white man--barely more than a kid--was far more than the death of just one person. He was only 19 years old and had never been married and had no children. Photos of him show a happy young white man who would fit into and blend with just about any white family as though he had been born into that family--that's the way it is when you're all closely related--as whites are. We are one white people no matter what nations in Europe our ancestors came from. We are all cousins so long as our lines have bred true and so long as evil miscegenation has not occurred to screw up our genes along the way.

The death of this young white soldier was the death of a potential white family that might have turned into an entire white branch or line. His death was the death of many who will now never be born. His death may have robbed us of a leader to lead us out of the multicultural and multiracial madness of our age. His death lessened us as a people and robbed us of his genes and all the genes of those who would have been descended from him. His parents weep for him and feel the deepest sorrow, but all white people should weep for him. It is also our loss. Most of us never met him, but most of us instinctually know much about him simply because he shared our genes. It's as though we were separated at birth. We have a pretty good idea of the type of person he was without having to know much more about him than that he was white.

I recently took a look at a Web site devoted to the genealogy of just one family that branched off from the European tree back in the 1600's with the arrival of a man and a woman from Europe. That's it. One man. One woman. Simple laborers. Not much more than peasants. The only ones of their line and with their family name on a new shore. After they arrived, they started having children, and more children, and even more children. Some children died, some survived. Many of those who survived also had many children. It was their way. They believed in going forth and multiplying. That's something that we need to regain by righteous struggle against the mental corruption and false beliefs that the evil ones have given us. According to the Website, the descendents of that man and woman add up to more than a million individuals. Suppose that man or that woman had been sent by a false leader to go fight in a foreign war that was meaningless. Further suppose that he or she had been killed when he or she was 19 years old and before he or she had children. The million people who eventually were to be born, had he or she lived, would never have existed. And, I wouldn't be writing these words. Check any of our white families and you'll find similar facts. We're here and we're white because of those in our lines who lived to breed and who bred right. How many more of us would there be today had many of those who came before us not died young without bearing children? How many more white friends would we now have, had the past been a little different so that the one who would have been the ancestor of these now never to be born white friends lived to have children and to give them existence in this day?

White life should be precious to us because it is who we are and because we are a rare form of human life. We need to protect it, preserve it, improve it, and multiply it. There aren't enough of us to waste any of us. None of us is expendable. None of us is cannon fodder for the rich elites. All of us are valuable, even the least of us. And, when we send our best to fight--and they usually are the best, because they have to be physically fit and with no major medical or mental problems--we risk losing the best genes of our people while we maintain the genes of those who are not as fit and who we don't send to fight.

Cindy SheehanJump now to the news this week of a grieving mother, whose son was killed in George Bush's Iraq war, who is camped out near Bush's dude ranch in protest of her son's death. Here's what Bush told the press the other day, "I sympathize with [her]. She feels strongly about her position. And she has every right in the world to say what she believes. This is America. She has a right to her position."

Her "position"?! How dehumanizing. How sociopathic. How lacking in compassion. Bush explains his 'position'A living person has apparently been reduced to an inanimate "position" in Bush's mind. No wonder he can sleep at night while young people are dying for no reason. They're not young people--they're "positions." Someone should ask Mr. Bush why he and the other neocons haven't bothered to send their own "positions" to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of letting their "positions" hang out at bars and colleges all safe and sound while the "positions" of average people are being sent to die for no reason.

I don't know this grieving mother who is camped out near Bush's dude ranch, and I don't presume to know what's in her mind, but if it were me camped out there I'd be saying that it's not a "position" that I feel strongly about, but the meaningless death of my child. A son or daughter is not a position. A son or daughter is flesh and blood. A son or daughter is a parent's posterity. A son or daughter is a child. A son or a daughter is a link to the future. Sons and daughters are new buds on the family tree and they may result in great branches. Through our children and our children's children we are given immortality here on earth so long as they breed true; but even if they remain childless, their lives still have meaning to us as their parents. They are not positions.

As white people, we need to come to a new understanding that risking one's life in wars not aimed at protecting, preserving, improving or multiplying our genes is absurd. In our mad and evil age, nations have become artificial constructs and are no longer based on genes, yet these blended artificial nations often demand that citizens risk their lives--risk their genes--on the whim of the false leaders of these faux nations. The real and genuine is thus sacrificed for the false and artificial.

The real war on earth isn't in Iraq or Afghanistan and it isn't against different systems or ideologies or religions. The real war is everywhere and it's against genes that are trying to destroy and supplant our genes. The real war--the gene war--is the only one worth risking one's life over because, ultimately, it's the only war that matters.

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